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XITRIX/iTorrent: Torrent client for iOS 9.3+ - GitHub

XITRIX/iTorrent: Torrent client for iOS 9.3+ – GitHub

iPhone Screenshots
iPad Screenshots
Latest stable build: (GitHub Release)
Latest dev build: (AppCenter)
It is an ordinary torrent client for iOS with Files app support.
What can this app do:
Download in the background
Sequential download (use VLC to watch films while loading)
Add torrent files from Share menu (Safari and other apps)
Add magnet links directly from Safari
Store files in Files app (iOS 11+)
File sharing directly from app
Download torrent by link
Download torrent by magnet
Send notification on torrent downloaded
WebDav Server
Select files to download or not
Change UI to dark theme
RSS Feed???
Now iTorrent supports the following languages:
If you are fluent in the languages not listed above and want to help with translation, you are welcome!
To build that project you need to have Cocoapods installed
cd terminal to project’s folder “cd /home/user/iTorrent”
Build pods “pod install”
Open. xcworkspace and build it
Libraries used
Donate for donuts
Important information
This app using Firebase Analytics and so it collects next information from your device:
The country of your internet provider
Time of app’s working session
All this data presents as statistic, and cannot be used to get someone’s personal information
Also this app using Firebase Crashlytics, which collects the next information when application crashes:
Model of your device (IPhone X or IPad Pro (10. 5 inch) for example)
Device orientation
Free space on RAM and ROM
IOS version
Time of crash
Detailed log of the thread where the stuck happens
All this information is using for bug fixing and improving the quality of this app
More information you can find on Firebase website
Copyright (c) 2019 XITRIX (Vinogradov Daniil)
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the “Software”), to deal
in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:
The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all
copies or substantial portions of the Software.
15 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites: Working (October 2021)

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15 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites: Working (October 2021)

If you are a frequent torrent user you might have come across several BitTorrent websites that use P2P file sharing technology.
But what if you want to access results from all these torrent websites at a single place or torrent website?
That is where the term torrent search engine sites come into play.
What Is A Torrent Search Engine?
Similar to other search engines such as Yahoo or Google, a torrent search engine provides search results but from BitTorrent websites only at one place.
They are used to cover a wide range of torrent websites to download the torrent files and magnet links by the user.
In simple words, if you want to download a particular torrent file that is not available on your favorite torrent website then torrent search engines can expand your search, for better results from other torrent websites.
Note: Torrent search engines do not host original torrent files but shares torrent results from other torrents websites
Now the question arises which utorrent Torrent search engine is good to use?.
Well, there is no certain answer regarding that so you need to find which one is best suited for you.
Related- Is Torrenting Legal?
How To Choose A Good Torrent Search Engine?
Always look for a torrent search engine that provides results from torrenting sites that verifies torrent files and thus are safe.
Also, Before downloading torrent files look for torrents that have good health. which means good numbers of seeders, peers, and leechers.
Choose a site that provides good downloading speed and carries fewer adverts.
In addition to the above-mentioned measures, you should always use a VPN to avoid getting tracked and additionally used adblockers to avoid excessive ads.
Also, after downloading the torrent file always scan it with a good antivirus before using it.
Best Torrent Search Engine Sites To Download Torrents
Here are the best torrent search engines that you can use to search and download torrent files.
We have tested every torrent search engine sites to find them working and safe.
NOTE: Techworm does not condone using torrents to illegally obtain content. Using the following torrent websites for illegal purposes is done entirely at your own risk. Techworm takes no responsibility for any legal problems you encounter.
Best Features
verified torrents; peer-to-peer file sharing
Types of Content
movies, music, TV shows, games, software
Available Worldwide
The first on the list of the top torrent search engines is “”
Despite having a different name and address, this website also manages to surpass its predecessor.
At this time, it has over 61 million torrent files indexed in it, which is quite high in number. we can also say that it is one of the most powerful search engines for torrents that you can rely on.
Instead of searching for a particular torrent file name and title, the search engine’s homepage offers a quick look into the most popular and verified torrents.
Simple and clean UI,
movies, music videos, TV shows
XTORX is one of the best torrent search engines available today.
Why best? well, you can experience it by yourself. It has the simplest UI (User interface) among all.
By considering its simplicity, never mistake it to judge XTORX as a less powerful torrent search engine. This is absolutely not true.
All you need is to type the torrent name in the search bar and the results will be instantly displayed. The saddest part is you won’t be able to apply filters on the search.
But still, this torrent search engine is good to go for many users. If you found it appealing then we recommend you to use this as your best and first option.
3. Snowfl
Magnet links supported; availability of seeder and leecher ratios
movies, music, games, software
Targeted by individual ISPs.
Snowfl is the next reliable torrent search engine that simply gets the job done. This website has a very minimal interface and it’s fairly easy to navigate.
Talking about its working. Once you search for torrent in the website search bar, a list of results will pop up in front of you.
That list with the names contains the seeder and leecher ratios or even file sizes. This information is enough to let you decide which torrent to choose or which not.
4. Veoble
dark theme, image and torrent search, ability to filter torrents based on language
movies, music, TV shows, images, ebooks
Looking very similar to the Google search bar, the website Veoble follows a different approach than other best torrent search engines.
This black-colored website is gaining popularity at a very fast pace. It has both image and torrent search options, which provides it an edge over the other torrent search engines.
The biggest strength of this torrent search engine is that it provides you with very helpful ways to filter the search results. Yes, it’s true. You can include or exclude different torrent websites or even filter them based on language. At last, you can also look over the most relevant sites or the newest ones.
Maybe this is the reason why this website is gaining so much popularity. Worth considering it though.
5. TorrentSeeker
easy to navigate UI, content is obtained from popular torrent repositories.
Movies, TV Series, Music, Applications, Games.
Available in the entire world.
Torrent seeker is one of the best-designed torrent search engines in the market available today. The layout is almost perfect. It’s fancy and simple to use at the same time.
It attracts many people, and maybe this is the strongest reason why we have mentioned it in the list of 10 Best Torrent Search Engines.
The best part despite being simple is that it relies on all popular torrent repositories. Moving a few steps ahead. TorrentSeeker also shows the niche-based websites in it. Which is a great feature in itself.
So we recommend you give it a try. Maybe, this is what you are in search of.
6. Toorgle
fast loading speeds, Toorgle can crawl over 450 torrent sites
movies, music, TV shows, games, software, ebooks
Banned in several countries and regions
Google-inspired BitTorrent search engine called Toorgle is also on our list. This search engine is just like Torrentz2.
In terms of design, you might find it a bit outdated, but we can’t deny the fact that this makes a website more lightweight and fluid.
Also, the Toorgle can crawl over 450 torrent sites which are capable enough to find what you want. For a better experience try it by yourself.
7. Zooqle
well-developed UI, humongous collection of movies
movies, TV shows
Banned in certain countries
The specialty of Zooqle is that when you open the website. At first glance, you might feel that you are on some social media website. As it has a small search bar and the rest of the part is covered with images.
But that’s an illusion. Zooqle offers the most popular categories on the front page, where you can experience popular movies, TV shows, and music. Clicking on any of these images will bring a deep overview of the title which is a quite different but nice experience to have.
Not only that you can also browse for different torrents and download files, even using magnet links with your favorite torrent client. It’s as simple as that.
8. YTS
humungous selection of movies from different genres, well-developed interface
If you heavily rely on torrents for downloading movie torrents then YTS will definitely impress you. This popular movie torrent search engine has a humungous selection of movies from different genres.
YTS boasts a very well-developed interface that makes the process of searching for movies a breeze. Furthermore, YTS allows users to download movies in different resolutions based on their preferences. A user can also place a request for different sorts of content.
Overall YTS is a perfect website for movie freaks.
9. AIO Search
availability of tutorials for beginners, fairly fast loading speed
targeted by individual ISPs
When talking about user experience, there is absolutely no competition of this search engine. Once you are in you will see a lot of tutorials on how to use it. Which is a very nice feature for the first-timers.
Aside from the search bar you can also include or exclude the torrents you want in your search results. It’s a fairly fast website where it takes almost a second to showcase the relevant results.
It is also worth noting that AIO Search isn’t only used when searching for torrents. You can also use it to search for images, videos, subtitles, and even streaming websites as well.
10. Torrentz2
UI similar to that of TorrentZ
Torrentz2 was an alternative to the Torrentz search engine it has a similar interface to the original torrentz site and mentions itself as a working replacement of the same.
Later was also shut down by the authorities. However, you can still access several clones of this torrent search engine website.
The site indexes over 61 million torrent files from more than 90 torrent sites.
11. Solid Torrents
If you are a person who prefers uncomplicated things that simply get the job done then Solid Torrents might be the best torrent aggregator for you.
fast response time, simple and clean UI
available worldwide
The home page of Solid Torrents consists of a prominent search bar at the top coupled with different categories of torrents like music, ebooks, videos, and much more.
There are occasional advertisements on this website but they aren’t intruding. In comparison to other torrent search engines on the list, Solid Torrents is very fast and is available worldwide.
Overall, Solid Torrents is a simple yet feature-rich torrent search engine using which you can search various public torrent indexes in real-time.
12. TorrentDownload
Despite being a torrent search engine, TorrentDownload resembles and functions like a torrent website. You can effortlessly find millions of torrents on TorrentDownload.
millions of verified torrents; peer-to-peer file sharing
available in the entire world
Well, TorrentDownload relies on Torrentz2, RARBG, and LimeTorrents for offering verified torrents to its users.
The homepage of TorrentDownload displays the dedicated sections for Latest Torrents and Top Torrents.
13. Torrent Paradise
Torrent Paradise is another simple torrent search engine. This advertisement-free torrent aggregator allows first-time torrent users to download torrent files with ease.
Magnet links supported; search index size of over 1, 047, 000+ torrents
Torrent Paradise boasts a search index size of over 1, 047, 000+ torrents and similar to Solid Torrents it is available worldwide.
Search filters on Torrent Paradise like name, health, and size make the process of searching and downloading verified torrents a breeze.
14. TorrentZeta
The next best torrent search engine on the list is TorrentZeta. This torrent search engine covers all popular torrent websites.
covers all popular torrent websites; peer-to-peer file sharing
Banned in certain countries and regions
It is worth noting that, TorrentZeta is blocked by certain ISPs across the globe. However, you can access TorrentZeta using a VPN service.
TorrentZeta is one of the numerous useful clones of the original Torrentz.
15. AcademicTorrents
Completely legal and free to use
ebooks, audiobooks, and research papers
Available everywhere
Last on the list is ideal for anyone who wants to download research papers, datasets, notes, and lectures, etc. In a nutshell, the torrent search engine is purely an
academic website and you can’t find movies, music, and games on it.
Since the search engine is developed as a joint project between the University of Michigan and the University of Texas it’s completely legal and free to use.
Is The Torrent Search Engine blocked?
Some of these torrent search engines may be down for you or may not be accessible from your location or countries may be facing an ISP level ban.
In such cases, users are suggested to use a VPN (a virtual private network) or proxy for the same.
The Best VPN Service
First of all, we all must be familiar with the fact that due to anti-piracy groups, torrents websites disappear over time and you might need to keep looking for new torrent sites and search engines again and again.
You can even use proxy or mirror sites to unblock torrent websites.
So this is the reason why we are providing you with the list of 15 Best Torrent Search Engine To Download Free Torrents.
ALSO READ: How To Unblock Torrent Sites
How To Download Torrent Files?
First visit a torrent site of your choice. Search for the torrent file you are looking for. Next to download files using a torrent client, simply download the torrent file from any torrent site and open it in a torrent client such as bittorrent or utorrent.
You can find torrent clients for windows and mac from the link provided below
Torrent clients For Windows PC
Torrent clients For Mac
Also Read:
The Pirate Bay Alternatives
Demonoid Alternatives
10 Best Torrent Sites To Download E-Books For Free
10 Best Anime Torrent Websites
10 Best Music Torrent Sites
Is Torrenting Legal?
One of the most common questions associated with downloading Torrent content “Is Torrenting Legal? ”.
In principle Torrenting is legal. However, if you are downloading and redistributing copyrighted content then it’s an illegal activity.
In fact, the copyright holder may even take legal actions against you. This comes under the category of pirated content.
That said, if you are sharing non-copyrighted content then Torrenting is completely legal.
So these were some of the best torrent search engines that you can use to download torrents.
Do share any of your personal recommendations in the comments section below.
LIVE: 17 Best torrent sites (updates every 3 mins) - VPN Testing

LIVE: 17 Best torrent sites (updates every 3 mins) – VPN Testing

List of working torrent sites
Torrenting sites logos
What is the best torrent site at this moment?
The amount of monthly traffic can be used to determine site popularity – It can imply the size of the library or its community of seeders and leechers. Although those types of metrics are important, there are many others that we considered.
Check out the following document which updates itself every 3 minutes.
A quick and short answer to your question: “What are the best torrent sites? ”
The Pirate Bay, RARBG and 1337X:
Table keeps loading? Use “Ctrl+D” to refresh & bookmark the page.
If this doesn’t help, delete the cookies and once again refresh the page.
You can also access it directly by Google spreadsheet here
However, if you are looking for an in-depth analysis, keep reading!
Metrics definitions
Popularity among certain regions – We use analytics software like Similarweb and ahref to determine which country is the most avid user of a particular torrenting website.
Banned in the following countries – Some countries have restricted access to certain torrent sites.
Library size – The number of libraries on the torrent sites, sites with huge libraries, and diverse categories tends to be more valuable for the end-user.
Library type – The type of files that tend to be most prominent for a particular site. For instance, popular sites like The Pirate Bay or RARBG have massive libraries housing torrents from all categories. Some sites house contents from specific categories such as eBooks, or movies only.
Ad Intrusion – Pop-ups can be a nuisance when using torrent sites. If you have to go through a myriad of ads just to access a file, it’s time to move and find top torrent sites that don’t do that. Lucky for you, we have over 17 different options for you to choose from.
Year established – the year a torrent site was established. This can be used as a way to gauge the site’s reliability. The more resilient the site, the more trustworthy they tend to be. For instance, sites that have been up for five to ten years or more can be considered slightly more secure.
Content format – this includes some of the most popular content that the torrent sites are featuring on their page.
1. The Pirate Bay
TBP founded in 2003 in Sweden by Piratbyrån. Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent sites and is available in more than 30 languages. The site is entirely hosted on a virtual machine as opposed to physical servers. It receives over 6 million monthly users on its main site. However, if we tally the number of users using its other mirror sites, it is estimated to be around 20-60 million users monthly. It is loaded with millions of files from almost all categories. The large community ensures that there is at least one seeder on almost all its torrents despite the age of the file.
The Pirate Bay also has a very clean user interface and other helpful features such as tags to show whether torrents come from trusted sites and which ones could pose a security risk. Another huge advantage is the absence of ad intrusion and other pop-ups that click themselves.
Popular among the following country: United States
Banned in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Iran, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, United Kingdom.
Mirror torrent sites:,,
Community forum: (30, 722 members)
Library size: 3, 200, 000+
Intrusive ads: NO
Main Advantages
+ Contains over 3. 2 million torrents
+ It is the most popular torrent site and tracker in the world
+ Its virtual hosting makes it immune to shutdowns and blocks
+ Has features such as VIP/Trusted tags that show the legitimacy and safety of the torrents.
RARBG has a massive directory and library of torrents that are updated often. Just like pirate bay, it has a very active community that provides high-quality torrents and seeders. It was established in 2008 and has amassed a huge number of users, almost 40 million users monthly. It offers a highly personalized experience and displays both news and top categories on the homepage.
Although there is ad intrusion on the site, it is maintained at a minimum.
Banned in the following countries: Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Indonesia, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Belgium, India, Greece.
Community forum: None
Library size: 800, 000+
Intrusive ads: NO (Yet some annoying redirects)
Important: if the above mirror networks do not work, you’re discouraged from searching for others since there are a lot of phishing scams using sites that have a similar interface as RARBG.
Main advantages
+ Has a very active community that regularly updated files and lots of seeding
+ Contains a wide selection of both new and old torrents. Has over 800, 000 torrents
+ Customized list of the top 10 categories including movies, TV series, and music.
3. 1337X
1337X was created in 2007 and has a reputation for being a great torrent site for movies, TV shows, music, and occasionally games. However, it may miss some of the older titles. It has other interesting additional features such as the capability to search for award-nominated films. And no wonder they are able to develop a highly customized site – according to SimilarWeb, it gets around 54 million visitors per month. Even though they have the ability to earn large sums of cash through ads, surprisingly there’s little to no ad intrusion on the site.
Popular among the following country: Sri Lanka
Banned in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom
Mirror torrent sites:,,,,, l33tx, l337 torrent, l33t torrent
Library size: 2, 300, 000+
+ The new user interface makes the site comfortable and easy to navigate
+ Contains an extensive library with over 2. 3 million torrents.
4. Torrentz2
The original Torrentz was created in 2003 by an individual called Flippy. In 2012 it was considered as the 2nd most popular torrent site for downloading movies, TV shows, music, applications, and games. While due to numerous shutdowns it’s no longer that large, it still gets around 10-20 million users monthly. It is one of the best torrenting websites for music since it has the largest music library compared to other popular torrent sites.
However, it has huge two huge downsides. The download speeds are low ranging between 1 and 3 MB/s, and the ad intrusion can be very irritating.
Popular among the following country: India
Banned in the following countries: None
Library size: 61, 109, 283+
+ Contains an extensive library that contains over 61 million torrents
+ The interface clean
+ It maintains a very low profile.
5. YTS
It was established in 2011 and its most popular content format is movies, both old and new. Although its content is limited, its positioning makes it still attracts about 75 million users per month.
The most outstanding aspect of it is regularly tracking and updating torrents with high-quality HD movies that are usually small in size. This way, quality movies are optimized for fast downloads and to fit on most devices. Further, this torrent site is one of the only few sites that contain classic movies in HD.
Banned in the following country: Ireland
Library size: 7, 100+
Intrusive ads: YES
+ Contain a great collection of both classic and hard-to-find movies in high quality.
+ It is a perfect site for users with limited bandwidth and storage space
+ Has an interactive easy to browse the internet.
Founded in 2015 and contains a very wide collection of high-quality TV series or movies. Although it does not contain a very huge library, it supports instant download and focuses on new TV shows and new releases in HD as well as a large collection of classics. It attracts around 20 million users monthly and has a decent seeder/leecher ratio.
Banned in the following countries: Australia, Ireland, UK
Community forum: Library size: 152, 000+
+ Contains a large variety of TV shows with over 150, 000 torrents
+ Episodes are updated daily
+ Has an easy to use interface.
7. Zooqle
Zooqle was created in 2013 and contains a great collection of movies, music, TV shows, games, software, applications, and books. It is especially famous for game torrents with a great library of games for both consoles and PC. Zooqle has a very interactive user-friendly platform that offers users extra features such as the capacity to subscribe to different titles and get notified when new torrents become available. Unfortunately, the ad intrusion on the site can become annoying.
Library size: 4, 931, 149+
+ Possess a large collection of verified torrents. Over 4. 9 million torrents
+ Contains a great balance of the entertainment category and software
+ Can be an interesting torrenting site for new users.
8. Lime Torrents
Lime torrents was established in 2009 and hosts different categories such as movies, TV shows, music, applications, games, and anime. It is regularly updated and a very good option for new releases. It has a smooth, easy to use interface and relatively popular attracting about 20 million users across the main and mirror sites.
The seeder/leecher ration especially on new content is quite good. Yet this is not the same case for older torrents. There’s not as much ad intrusion as Zooqle but still can get pretty distracting.
Banned in the following countries: Australia, France, UK
Mirror torrent sites:,,,,
Library size: 14, 405, 413+
+ Has a very neat, user-friendly interface
+ Most torrents hosted on the site come from bigger, better trackers increasing availability
+ Contains a large library of over 14 million torrents.
This is not a torrent site in the traditional sense since it tracks all torrents from some of the most popular sites like Pirate Bay and RARBG. The amount of data being processed increases the chances of getting most of the torrent files you’re looking for.
The download speed, seeder/leecher ratio, and other relevant metrics are similar to the ones you’d find on the specific site that is pulling data from. It has a simple minimalistic design that just seems to work. It has minimal ad intrusion and attracts about 5 million users monthly. The most unique feature is the graphical representation on its homepage showing what’s trending. It does not have mirror sites.
Library size: Unknown
+ Shows trending torrents
+ Clean interface
+ Has not been targeted for shutdowns.
10. Torrent Downloads
TorrentDownloads has definitely the most classics themes of all torrent sites. The site was established in 2007 and used to be popular a few years back but this has decreased due to the rise in other popular sites such as The Pirate Bay and RARBG. It attracts around 5 million visits per month thanks to its large library and a lot of options even for old and obscure titles.
It has been targeted by numerous bans in many regions. Sadly, it has a massive problem with ad intrusion.
Popular among the following country: Thailand
Banned in the following country: United Kingdom
Mirror torrent sites:,,,
Library size: 16, 102, 000+
+ Extensive and well-organized library with over 16 million torrents
+ Clean interface that is easy to navigate.
11. IPTorrents
This is one of the biggest private torrenting sites. Members make donations to the site regularly and unlike the other public sites, IPTorrents is a great alternative torrent site when you want to avoid ads.
Main advantages:
+ A large collection that is regularly updated
+ No ad Intrusion.
12. Bibliotik
This is the largest private torrenting site used for downloading eBooks. It has a large portfolio of books ranging from academic materials for undergraduates to other obscure franchises. Its large collection of books attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site each month. The site has not been taking in new members for a while now.
Mirror torrent sites: None
+ A large collection of books and other print media
13. iDope
Was created in 2016 and is a search engine that offers direct magnetic links to torrents. The popular content format includes movies, TV series, games, and music. It has about 18 million torrents and features a very clean easy to navigate user interface. It also has a special mobile phone version that makes the site easily accessible to smartphones and other mobile devices.
Popular among the following country: India
Library size: 18, 305, 000+
+ Has a special mobile version that is easy to use with smartphones
+ An interactive user interface that is easy to navigate
+ Contains an extensive library of over 18 million torrents.
14. YourBittorrent
Although founded in 2009, it started operation in 2003 as a partnership but there was a split because the different founders had different plans for the site. This split resulted in the creation of YourBittorrent. The torrent site hosts movies, TV series, music, anime, games, software, and eBooks and supports instant downloads.
Banned in the following countries: Portugal, United Kingdom
Library size: 1, 050, 000+
Main advantage
+ Contains over 1 million torrents
15. Demonoid
This is one of the most resilient torrent sites that has been active since it was launched in 2003, the same as The Pirate Bay. Although its library is not very large, it still gets around 10 million visits monthly. It contains numerous files for movies, TV series, music, eBooks, applications, and games. However, it has more TV series and movies more than any other file.
Popular among the following country: Australia
Banned in the following countries: the United Kingdom and Ukraine
Community forum: (Invitation code required)
Library size: 195, 549+
+ Contains over 190, 000 torrents
16. Torlock
Was created in 2010 and it is mainly used for anime and eBooks. Nevertheless, it also has a large collection of movies, TV series, music, games, and applications as well. Some of the content hosted on Torlock especially anime and eBooks is difficult to find on other websites. However, this site has a problem with aggressive ad intrusions as well.
Banned in the following countries: Australia, India, United Kingdom
Mirror torrent sites:,
Library size: 7, 719, 235+
+ A large collection of anime and eBooks
+ Contains over 7 million torrents
+ Highly interactive and clean user interface.
17. Kickass Torrents
You may have noticed that Kickass Torrent also known as KAT, is the last one in the list above, this is intentional because of their huge history of shutdowns. Kickass Torrents was established in 2008 and has had a very murky journey owing to numerous lawsuits, virus scandals, and frequent shutdowns. Although it has a very rich library, this lack of reliability makes it miss the list above. Currently, Kickass torrent is being managed by former staff and additional new personnel.
Banned in the following country: India
Torrent – FAQ
How to use torrent sites?
If you are using torrents for the first time, it is important to understand the definition:
A torrent can be described as a small file that contains important meta-data about the file that you are attempting to access.
All torrent sites utilize special software known as clients.
Torrent client can read meta-data and pair your device with other users that already have the file that you are trying to access.
Basically, you download the file from another user. As such, torrenting is a form of data sharing that entails sharing files with other devices/computers.
If you want to use torrents, you will first have to find a reliable client that contains all the content or category that you’re looking for. The two most popular and highly reliable clients are uTorrent and qBittorrent by BitTorrent. Once you have the client of your choice installed, you can choose your favorite torrent site from the list above. You can search for any file and click the magnetic link of the torrent you want, the torrent file will automatically open the client to reveal the types of files that you are downloading.
Are torrents illegal?
Depending on the different laws of your country, you can be fined if you are found downloading copyrighted files. Some countries have banned torrenting websites, but not all. Torrents aren’t illegal in most of countries if you don’t download copyrighted material.
How to torrent safely?
In addition to using a VPN, which protects your IP address, it is important to know how to identify and avoid fake download links.
While using torrent sites, there is a high probability of finding fake download links. These links are used by hackers to carry out various types of cyber-attacks including phishing attacks. These links can also be loaded with malware and viruses. To reduce the cases of these attacks, you should try to stay aware and away from huge buttons and other pop-up ads and stick to valid torrent sites. Another way to be safe is to pay attention to
File data – Size, filename extension, seeders/leechers count, rating
Reviews – Read the reviews under torrent sites files, if there seem to be legit negative comments, be cautious
General info – Use your common sense. If something seems off, then it probably is.

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