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Read Customer Service Reviews of - Trustpilot

Read Customer Service Reviews of – Trustpilot

i cancelled in Q1/2020 but still got charged again
i cancelled in Q1/2020. Got it in writing. got from them a replay to my cancellation. now they charged me again over 320€ for a service that does not work. After contacting them again, they claim to not know of a cancellation and refuse to refund. Sounds very much like scam.
Terrible. DO NOT DO IT
Terrible, don’t waste your money pleaseee… it doesn’t work Instagram will lock your account don’t do it
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work, they take days to rsspond and do not offer refunds. Beware
Useless tool that will not grow your…
Useless tool that will not grow your instagram footprint but cause you trouble. There is no way to cancel the subscription online. You can’t even update your credit is no proper contact details. No proper invoice. No valid Tax ID. It all looks very bad. Charging us 359. 40 USD for a useless tool and no proper documentation. No support. Very bad service. I will not buy again
Scam Company. The keep charging after you quit
The same thing happened with me. We e-mailed them in order to quit our subscription. They never cancelled it. Because we have many transactions in our account we did not realised it until after four months. They keed charging us 135 USD for four months eventhough we explicitly told them to quit subscription. They refused to give the money back (540 USD) from that the reason we quit our subscription was because the poor service and several problems with the bot. If you ask them for an invoice you will realise that they do not have an official business. Totally scam! KEEP AWAY.
The company do not respond to any emails. There is no button to cancel your account subscription. We have been blocked from posting on our own Instagram account for a week now with no response from the company. I have called my bank to block the payments and issue a charge back.
They keep charging your creditcard…
They keep charging your creditcard after cancellation (which can only be done by email). They don’t respond to any email anymore and still keep charging me.
Very scammy company
Very scammy company. There’s no where on the website that allows you to cancel the subscription. After weeks of emails back and forth with them giving me solution that do not work, and then telling me that’s they experiencing technical difficulties and it should be resolved within a couple days, none of their features worked. I asked for a refund and then they said they don’t offer them and then asked me WHY I wanted a refund? Did they not see the previous 10+ emails that went back and forth?! If this happens to you, call your credit card company and issue a chargeback. Hopefully with enough chargebacks their credit card merchant will tell them they need to fix their policies and platform.
The system does not work properly
The system does not work properly, No way to cancel – had to call my bank to stop the payments after not possible to resolve with them via email. Stay away please
Worst company ever!!
Worst company ever!!! Do not use!!! They will steal your money by renewing your account without notice and will not refund your money!!! Its virtually impossible to get in contact with them to resolve financial matters. Stay away!!! The owners are ghostly crooks!!!
Okay customer support – product absolute rubbish
Wanted to use their product for my company, but it just keeps failing. The customer support was (different from the other review here) pretty responsive and apologetic but they also couldn´t do product just doesn´t work and is not providing any of the benefits they claimed. Can recommend them under no circumstances.
Tried using them for some client accounts. It’s a scam company. I contacted support million times to try and cancel the account and every month they keep charging me. I made it very clear that I wanted the account canceled and yet, they still keep charging the account. There is also NO WAY on their site to deactivate your debit card or c cancel your account. They removed that as an option! SCAM and FRAUD.
Their service does not work
Their service does not work, they will still allow you to register and take first months payment, however the admittedly will tell you their service is down and they are currently working on a solution. Buyer beware.
Their service is average at best
Their service is average at best, but their customer support and specifically their deceptive and fraudulent billing is why I give them one star. They enroll you at purchase in automatic billing, which may be fine if you purchase month to month but if you do it annually, be careful. They will not send out a reminder and they will not provide any pro-rated credits back to you if you example if you did not want to renew and discovered they had billed you for a year the day after your date. They will charge you for the full 12 months and will not give any type of refund. Multiple attempts to rectify through their customer support met with the same answer. Attempts to talk to management have been dead ends. They are a ghost. So basically they use deception and fraudulent billing and no remedies. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Ignore the pseudo responses in other reviews from the Company indicating to contact support. They will all be dead ends if it is any topic related to getting refunds.
They admit service does not work and won’t provide refund
They admitted their service does not work and refuse to provide a refund. Don’t waste your time or money. Had MANY emails back and forth and gave them time to fix the issue. After 10 days, the software still does not work and they keep telling me they are working on from them:”We’re sorry to let you know but our management and developers are still working and finding the resolution for thisWe have found some fixes and are testing them right now, but looks like every time we find a working solution it works only for a stagram is also having some troubles with their api, it was down yesterday and today for some time, so it has made testing a bit hard. I know this is very disappointing on your end and we don’t know want this to happen as well but rest assure that we are doing our very best and hoping that we can fix it asap. “I ASKED FOR A REFUND 3 TIMES and was told:”We understand and apologies for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we can’t offer refunds according to our terms of service”It is completely unacceptable to not offer a refund for a service that has not been working for the past 7 days (since I purchased the subscription). The issue is 100% on their end and I can’t even use the software for its intended use.
Really bad customer service…
Really bad customer service.. always offering the same useless solutions to problems.. When I asked to have a full refund as I haven’t seen any growth whatsoever they decided to stop responding… I am only putting 1 star because there is not options for 0..
Such a bad tool!!
Such a bad tool!! We use alot of tools in our agency but this is by far the worst! Nothing works, every 2 weeks we need to setup the accounts again, no access to the billing history, new features but then again not and inbetween 3 weeks nothings works. I would not recommend this tool if you want to work professionell.
Instato ruined my Instagram account
Instato ruined my Instagram account. I opened an Instagram account and an instato account. I began posting and liking and following with instato. I only had the settings to slow, no auto comment was used. Immediately Instagram shadow banned my account, making hashtags inactive. I changed my password. I posted for a while and then put my settings to very slow. Not long later I was banned again. This has happened in the space of two months FOUR times. It has made it impossible for me to use Instagram. Unfortunately Instagram is cracking down on using bots. I wrote to Instato for a refund and they refused. I must warn you that you might well be wasting your money.
Oh no, sorry to hear that! 🙁 Please contact our support and will try to solve any issues you were having.
Instato Review 2021: Is It Legit, Reliable, or a Scam? - FanBump

HTTP Rotating & Static Proxies

  • 200 thousand IPs
  • Locations: US, EU
  • Monthly price: from $39
  • 1 day moneyback guarantee


Instato Review 2021: Is It Legit, Reliable, or a Scam? – FanBump

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. This means if you click on a link and purchase an item, we will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.
If you’re researching Instato to find out whether it can help you to grow your Instagram followers and engagement then you’ve come to the right place! I’m going to break down the positives and negatives of Instato and how some of its shortcomings have inspired our recommendation of Instaforce.
Instaforce (schedule a call here or read more here) is our recommend Instagram growth service as they’re doing follow/unfollow growth 100% manually and are generating 400-1, 200 followers per month for clients without issues from Instagram right now.
They charge a reasonable $125/mo and you can learn more here if you’d like to see firsthand how their service works.
We spent a lot of time researching alternative options and they seem like the most legitimate and best functioning service. They’re US based, their team is publicly displayed, and they do phone consultations with every client before they sign up.
You can read on to get the full review breakdown on whether Instato is legit, reliable or a scam.
We Researched Instato, This Is What We Found:
About Instato:
Instato is a self service growth tool to help you grow your Instagram. In the words of Instato: “ is an Instagram Bot, management and automation tool. Automatically Like, Follow, Comment, Unfollow, DM, and Post with Instato and grow your network with real followers! ”
Instato’s monthly plans range from $29. 95 to $99. 95.
How Many Followers Does Instato’s Instagram Account Have?
Instato does not appear to have an Instagram account. Which is obviously a bit surprising given that you would think the creators would test out their own service. Instaforce takes growing its Instagram account very seriously because it’s the best proof that our service works (it’s currently at 50k+ followers).
Is Instato’s Team Displayed On The Website? :
The Instagram growth industry is notoriously a bit shady and we’ve found that one of the best trust signals is whether the founders behind a service like Instato are willing to publicly associate themselves with their business. After looking into this, we found that Instato does not display its team on its website.
Instato vs. Instaforce
Organic Growth?
Gain Targeted, Relevant Followers?
Grow On Auto-Pilot (No Manual Work)?
Account Fully Managed By A Growth Expert?
Team Displayed On Website? (Major Trust Signal)
Free Phone Consultation?
Our Recommendation:
I started FanBump after using a self-service tool similar to Instato to grow my account for 8+ months. The simple thesis is that your account will grow faster if you let a professional grow your account for you.
Because we shut down FanBump and we only recommend using manual growth services now, we recommend Instaforce’s (schedule a call here or read more here) manual, organic growth service over competitors like Instato.
Their service is simple:
They introduce your account to tens of thousands of relevant users each month.
The result is that clients gain 400-1, 200 real and engaged followers each month.
Interested in learning more? You can schedule a free call here.
Instato Review: Is It Safe & Legit, Or A Scam? - Bountii

Instato Review: Is It Safe & Legit, Or A Scam? – Bountii

Posted on October 3, 2021 |
There comes a time with Instagram when you just need a little help to get ahead of everyone else. You already probably know just how many people are using the social media giant now, making it one of the best places to put your brand, but also one of the hardest places to get anyone’s attention.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many bots and growth services are no longer working correctly. Services like this one may have shutdown or received some negative reviews recently that weren’t around when we wrote this article. We can’t be held responsible for this service.
This is because most people are trying to do the same thing you’re doing. This means that it’s almost impossible to do it without any outside help. Luckily, though, there are quite a few companies out there that can help you with this. Let’s check one out.
What is Instato? PricingTop Tools for Instagram Growth & EngagementFinal Thoughts
What is Instato?
Instato is an Instagram marketing company that says they can help you get real Instagram followers through their bot. They say that their engagement is real and organic, which means that your new followers are going to be real, too. They can also help their customers manage more than one account at the same time, as well as schedule upcoming posts.
This gives you a chance to see what your posts will look like against the rest of your feed so that you can plan them accordingly. They call themselves a comprehensive social management solution, and they say that they can help you create real results.
They lay out all of their Instagram growth features on their homepage, so you can take a look and learn about each one before you decide if you want to sign up for anything or not. From automating direct messages to automatic commenting and automatic following, there are a lot of ways that Instato can help you get ahead with your engagement.
If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of their homepage, you’ll see that they offer a free three-day trial, too, so it appears that you can really get to know them before you commit.
If you keep scrolling past their free trial offer, you’ll see all of their price points laid out. We like that they are keeping their pricing visible, but we don’t like that they have just put them on their homepage.
Of course, this isn’t a dealbreaker, but it is a bit better when they make a separate page for their rates – it just shows that they’re prepared to put a bit more effort in. Their lowest rate is $29. 95 a month, which helps you manage one account. Their middle-range price is $49. 95 for five accounts, and their most expensive option is $99. 95 a month for up to 15 accounts.
Top Tools for Instagram Growth & Engagement
RankToolTypeMore Info
1GrowthoidGrowth ServiceVisit
2GrowthsiloGrowth ServiceVisit
3NitreoBot ServiceVisit
Final Thoughts
As you can see, Instato has put quite a bit of effort into making sure that their customers are happy with their services, and the services themselves are effective at growing their Instagram profiles.
They have also remembered to secure their website, which means that all of your information will be safe if you choose to sign up with them. We also like that they are upfront and honest about how their services work, and how much they’re going to cost.

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