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Best India Proxy: Free & Paid Indian Web Proxies List (2021)

Best India Proxy: Free & Paid Indian Web Proxies List (2021)

There are many Indian proxy services available on the internet.
Some of these India proxy websites allow you to browse without a VPN, while others can be used for free.
In this article, we will review some of the best India proxy providers currently available and provide detailed reviews about them so that you know what they offer in terms of speed, security, and price.
Best Places to Buy India Proxies
The world has become interconnected with technology over the years. Still, there have been many changes in how websites present web content as obtainable and viewed across different locations.
For example, many sites provide generalized or universalized website content.
In contrast, others offer either geo-targeted site pages or withhold users from accessing certain pages due to their browsing location outside of Indian borders.
This phenomenon isn’t just peculiar to Indians but also happens all around the globe because businesses are trying hard to attract customers through targeted advertising.
As a result, websites are becoming localized, and if you want access to content that would be available in India, keep reading this article.
Indian proxies are a great choice for carrying out an SEO audit or accessing exclusive entertainment web services.
But not all Indian proxy servers work the same, and some may even block your access to certain content, so it’s important that when choosing from our list of the free, datacenter, and residential proxies across India, you be picky with your selection as to what best suits your needs.
We have researched these various types of server listings, so we created this resourceful guide; read more about Inidian proxies below.
Why Use Indian Proxies?
You might be wondering why you need Indian proxies. The answer is simple; location spoofing.
When IP addresses are used to detect your geographic location, using an India proxy with a local address will help prevent this and keep you safe from the prying eyes of web services that use lookup tools for geolocation data.
Best Indian Proxies in the Market
India is a country that relies heavily on the internet to communicate with citizens and businesses, but privacy can be lost when using public Wi-Fi or cellular data.
To ensure that your communications are private, it’s important to use proxies for bypassing geographic restrictions and achieving anonymity while browsing in India.
We have compiled lists of free, residential (requires payment), datacenter (requiring an annual contract) proxy providers below, so you know who has what type of service available:
Free India Proxy List Websites
Free proxies have many flaws, but they are worth considering if you’re looking for something on a budget.
Free proxy servers offer the same IP address to all users and can sometimes be problematic due to slow speeds or lack of bandwidth.
We recommend that free proxy services only serve as stepping stones into more reliable service providers who will provide better quality, faster downloads/streams with strong security features protecting your data from hackers and ISPs alike.
Idecloak is a proxy service that offers a list of free proxies. Like many other web browsing services, all you need to do is select the IP and port pair from their listed options for use in your browser’s settings or HTTP tunneling application.
You can also find more information on how this works by looking at the FAQ section, which has answers to questions people commonly ask about surfing anonymously online with Idcloak and links for additional reading if desired.
Free Proxy CZ
The internet is vast and sometimes hard to navigate. Several websites offer free proxies, but it cannot be easy to find the right one for your needs.
One website you might want to check out before making any decisions is this site because they have an updated list with all sorts of information about each proxy, including how fast or slow their speed connection will be based on shared usage among other users.
The website provides a list of free proxies that can be used for surfing the internet securely from India.
Still, there are only six currently available, and they fluctuate in number every day, so it is best to avoid any transparent ones.
India Residential Proxy Networks
India residential proxies are the best proxies for use as your internet traffic will be seen by ISPs as regular activity and not cause any suspicion.
The only downside is that these IPs aren’t free. Here’s an overview of my top personal favorite providers:
Bright Data (Luminati)
IP Pool Size: Over 4 million Indian IPs and 72 million IPs globallyLocations: WorldwideConcurrency Allowed: UnlimitedBandwidth Allowed: Starts at 40GBCost: From $500 per month for 40GBIf you’re looking for proxies from India, Bright Data is arguably the best residential proxy network provider. With 72 million IPs and 4 million being in India alone, this service has got it all!
For more specific needs like cities or countries with a large population of Indians living there (such as Pakistan), they also offer their customers to choose which type of Indian IP address they would want to use with their software-meaning total control your anonymity online.
In addition, Bright Data boasts an easy interface where users can easily manage proxies through its state-of-the-art app by either dragging and dropping them into each connection or manually entering values while still maintaining privacy at no extra cost when connected via SSL encryption on any device such as tablets.
IP Pool Size: About 2. 5 million Indian IPs with 5 million+ globallyLocations: WorldwideBandwidth Allowed: Starts from 19GBCost: offers $20 daily and 300 ports for 19GBSoax offers a residential proxy network that allows you to buy daily and weekly proxies (unlike other providers who only sell monthly).
Their plans come with port limitations, but their IPs cover major regions. For example, the majority of the IPs are from India – over 2. 5 million, to be exact!
If you’re looking for clean traffic sources without region-based restrictions, then Soax is worth trying out.
Successful use includes price monitoring for online stores like eBay or Amazon as well as ad verification on Facebook ads to determine if they need refreshes every few hours.
IP Pool Size: About 9 million Indian IPs with 40 million+ IPs globallyLocations: 195 locationsConcurrency Allowed: UnlimitedBandwidth Allowed: Starts at 5GBCost: Starts at $75 monthly for 5GBSmartproxy is one of the top premium residential proxy networks in the market. It has a huge Indian IP pool and an enormous number of IP addresses, making it affordable compared to Bright Data.
In addition, smart proxies allow you to enjoy persistent sessions up to 10 minutes, or if you want high rotating proxies that will change your IP after every request, they can provide those too.
Best India Private Proxy Providers
India Datacenter proxies are the newest way to keep your traffic hidden from IP blacklists. Utilizing data centers in India, it’s easy for you to spoof Indian traffic and avoid any pesky blocks imposed by ISPs.
Here we have picked the top three for you.
SSL private proxy
Locations: More than 200 locations globallyConcurrency Allowed: About 100Bandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedCost: From $1. 75/monthBehind the scenes, SSL private proxies are not all that different from normal proxies.
They share many of the same features, such as filtering out certain types of sites or choosing which IP address your traffic is coming from.
However, what sets them apart is their top-of-the-line security provisions and ability to go undetected by even some very sophisticated firewalls and other forms of blocking software without crashing websites you visit like a public India proxy might do because they’re overloaded with users at any given moment in time.
Locations: About 22 countriesConcurrency Allowed: UnspecifiedBandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedCost: $2. 47 for 1 proxy/monthProxy-Seller is your one-stop-shop for all of the India proxies you need. If you are looking to buy IPv4 or IPv6 datacenter proxies, Proxy-Seller has an option for that!
We like them because they make their pricing cheaper as more and more IPs get purchased, so it’s always worth looking at.
Blazing Proxies
Locations: 13 countriesConcurrency Allowed: UnlimitedBandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedCost: $1. 70 for 1 proxy/monthBlazing Proxies is a provider that sells India private proxies with power.
One thing you’ll like about it is that they have proxies that can do what some other datacenter’s cannot; for example, those limited-edition sneakers.
Blazing has the support of 13 countries and India as one of them.
The company also offers cloud-based service providers such as VPN, VPS, Proxy services, etc., the last in particular being their interest.
The above list contains only 9 India proxy providers. If you check the proxy market, you will see a good number of providers with support for Indian proxies.
You can see the above excluding the free proxies as vetted list providers that their proxies have been tested and you can trust.
So, you can make an informed decision on which Indian proxies to purchase today based on our review.
Zalmos India proxy server

Zalmos India proxy server

is the fastes web proxy in India and all arownd south ASIA.
What makes the fastes Youtube Web Proxy in India?
The answer is simple. All of our servers have 1Gbps (1000mbps) Internet Connection and we don’t limit your traffic at all, And for a better experience, we will always send you to our less crowded server.
is the only Web Proxy in available in India where VEVO works via YouTube, and all the Videos on Youtube are in High Quality.
is the only Web Proxy site within India where you can see HD quality videos on the bigest Video sharing site in the world, YouTube. Watch the latest music videos by Beyonce, Eminem, Madonna, Rihanna and many other world known artists.
is the only Web Proxy in India and in the world where you can view full movies posted on YouTube by the producers.
is perfect for SEO. Find out the real position of your web-site or blog in Google, Yahoo or bing.
The official address for our India Proxy is Unblock and access any YouTube videos, facebook, twitter in your school or office by using Zalmos India Proxy.
Encryption for all websites – SSL
Zalmos offers SSL security, which encrypts communications between the user and the proxy. A beneficial side effect of SSL is the ability to bypass censorship restrictions in countries which restrict access to websites.
Proxy Servers in India - WonderProxy

Proxy Servers in India – WonderProxy

Servers → India
Test your website with our proxy servers in India.
Ensure your users see the right content.
New Delhi
New Delhi,
IP count: 2
Services: Proxy, VPN
IP count: 1
Tamil Nadu
Madhya Pradesh
Services: Proxy
Interactive testing
The WonderSwitcher browser add-on is designed to allow you to start testing sooner, and complete your manual testing faster.
Switch between our servers in India quickly and easily using our add-on for Chrome, Firefox or Edge.
Learn more about the Switcher
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Looking for a server near India? We are in 135 locations across Eurasia and growing. Our local servers allow you to see website content as the local users do.
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Why Localization?
Localizing your content is expensive, time-consuming, and difficult. And once it’s done, you need to keep it up. So why bother?
What is GeoIP?
Businesses that want to know the location of users coming to their site can use a technology called GeoIP.
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