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How Do You Unblock on Tumblr? - Small Business -

How Do You Unblock on Tumblr? – Small Business –

You can design and use a free Tumblr blog to present your company’s products and services. Any Tumblr user can visit and follow your blog, so you may occasionally need to prevent specific people from viewing and following your blog by blocking them. If you decide you want a user to see your blog and follow it, you need to unblock him if he was previously blocked. Unblocking people in Tumblr is even easier than blocking them. Log in to Tumblr to navigate to your Dashboard and click the “Gear” icon to visit the Settings page. The Account tab should be selected by default. Click the “Ignored Users” button on the Account page to see a list of all blocked users. Click the “Stop Ignoring” button next to the person you want to unblock. The person is unblocked immediately and can then visit and follow your blog. References Resources Tips Click the “Spam” or “Harassment” links under the name of the blocked person to report him to Tumblr. Warnings You cannot visit or follow blogs of blocked people.
Block or unblock people's accounts - Android - Google Support

Block or unblock people’s accounts – Android – Google Support

To avoid unwanted interactions, you can block other users in certain Google products, like Hangouts or Photos. When you block, you block a specific Google Account.
To block another person’s account, use the “Block” action in one of these products.
Use Google Maps to block an account
Block a user profile
You can use a mobile device to block someone from being able to find your profile on Maps. Google Maps won’t let them know you blocked them. When you block a user profile in Google Maps, that person’s account is blocked in all products listed on this page.
Important: People you block may still be able to find your contributions on Google Maps, but they won’t find them on your profile. Also, if a blocked user is not signed into the account that you blocked, they’ll be able to find your contributions.
Open the Google Maps app.
Navigate to the user profile you want to block. You can find user profiles:
At the top of a post or review by that user.
On your “Following” tab, if you’re following them.
On your “Followers” tab, if they’re following you.
In the “For you” section. Tap their profile picture.
Next to the person’s name, tap More Block user.
Tip: If you’re following someone and no longer want to see their content, you can unfollow them rather than block them.
Block a location request
When you block a location request in Google Maps, the person’s account is blocked in all products listed on this page.
Learn how to share location data and block location requests in Google Maps.
Find blocked accounts or unblock someone
On your computer, at the top right, click your Profile picture or initial Manage your Google Account.
Click People & sharing.
In the “Contacts” section, click Blocked.
You’ll find a list of accounts you blocked across Google products. To unblock someone, next to that person’s name, select Remove.
Tip: The “Blocked users” list doesn’t include:
Accounts blocked through YouTube channels or live chat.
Blocked email addresses.
Phone numbers you blocked with the phone app of your Android phone or iPhone.
Block an email address or phone number
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What Does Blocking Do on Tumblr? - Small Business -

What Does Blocking Do on Tumblr? – Small Business –

Tumblr is a social network built on sharing content with others, making it a great place to share your products and services while interacting with followers. However, if you deal with any spam or harassment, you may need to block certain users. Tumblr’s ignore feature works slightly different than a total block, but still provides you with options to prevent specific users from communicating with you or seeing your updates in their dashboard. What Blocking Does Blocking someone on Tumblr primarily prevents that user from communicating with you in any way. He will not be able to see anything from you in his dashboard, and you won’t see him in your dashboard. He will also not be able to send you messages of any kind. If you’re already following that user, you do not need to unfollow him for this to take effect. What Blocking Doesn’t Do Blocking doesn’t prevent someone from seeing your blog outside of his dashboard. If someone wants to see your blog, he can still go directly to your blog’s URL to see all your posts, but he won’t be able to interact with you under the blocked username. Blocking someone also does not send that person a notification that you have blocked him, although he may notice independently. How to Block Someone To block someone you must first know the URL to his blog or his username. Visit Tumblr’s Ignored Users page (see link in Resources), then input the person’s URL or username into the text box. Ater you block someone, you have the option to report that person to Tumblr’s staff for abuse, harassment or spam. Tumblr users are also not sent any notifications if you decide to report them for any reason. You can also stop ignoring any person at any time by clicking “Stop Ignoring” next to his name. Creating Private Blogs If you’re concerned about privacy, one way to have a blog followed only by people you approve is to create a password-protected blog. While you can’t enable this for your main blog, you can create an additional blog from your dashboard and enable the password protect option that way. Click the downward arrow button next to your blog’s name in the upper right corner of your dashboard, then click “Create a new blog. ” After selecting the title and URL you want, select “Password protect this blog, ” then type in the password you want people to enter to view your blog. References Resources Writer Bio Based in California, James Wright has been writing since 1998. Wright’s articles have been published on various websites with a focus on technical fields such as computers and the Internet, and were also featured in a now-retired publication for an online artistic community. Wright studied English, journalism, politics and psychology at Riverside Community College.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to see who you’ve blocked on tumblr

How do I see who I blocked?

Find blocked accounts or unblock someoneOn your Android phone or tablet, open your device’s Settings app Google. Manage your Google Account.At the top, tap People & sharing.Under “Contacts,” tap Blocked.You’ll find a list of accounts you blocked across Google products.

What happens if you’re blocked on Tumblr?

What Blocking Does. Blocking someone on Tumblr primarily prevents that user from communicating with you in any way. He will not be able to see anything from you in his dashboard, and you won’t see him in your dashboard. He will also not be able to send you messages of any kind.

Can you view profile someone you blocked?

You aren’t able to access their Facebook profile page at all. So neither you nor the blocked person will be able to create a new post on each other’s timeline. Similarly, both of you won’t be able to see each other’s posts and comments on mutual pages.Mar 26, 2019

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