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Can I copy or

Can I copy or “scrape” data from the Yelp site? | Support Center

No – Yelp does not allow any “scraping” of the site, and does not permit the use of any third party software, including bots, browser plug-ins, or browser extensions (also called “add-ons”), that “scrapes” or copies Yelp reviews, business pages, photos or profile information. Such tools violate our Terms of Service, including many of the restrictions listed specifically in Section 6(b). Please read that section for full details, but to put it simply, you’re not allowed to:
Exploit the site by taking content for display or sale, even if you’ve modified itScrape or index any portion of the sIte through any means, including bots or spiders, or for any purposeRecord, process, or mine information about users
Any user who uses tools for such purposes is in violation of the Terms of Service – Yelp may restrict or terminate such users’ access to the site, and reserves all rights. Of course, you can share or embed reviews, or use content in other ways expressly authorized by Yelp, and we have a dataset available on our Yelp Dataset Challenge page (subject to certain restrictions) short: please don’t scrape our site!
scrape Yelp review data | Octoparse

scrape Yelp review data | Octoparse

The latest version for this tutorial is available here. Go to have a check now!
In this tutorial, we are going to introduce how to scrape Yelp review data. We will enter the detail page of each coffee shop, scraping the shop name, the reviewer’s name and the comment.
To follow through you might want to use the URL in this tutorial:
This tutorial will also cover:
· Modify XPath for accurately locating the desired price data
Main steps in the tutorial: [Download demo task file here]
1) “Go To Web Page” – to open the targeted web page
2) Create a pagination loop – to scrape all the results from multiple pages
3) Create a “Loop Item” – to loop click into each item on each list
4) Extract data – loop capture review information on the list for extraction
5) Customize data field by modifying XPath – to improve the accuracy of a certain data field (Optional)
6) Save and start extraction – to run the task and get data
· Create the task with “Advanced Mode”.
· Paste the URL into the “Extraction URL” box and click “Save URL” to move on.
· Scroll down and click the “Next Page” button on the webpage
· Click “Loop click next page” on “Action Tips”
As this website employs AJAX technique to load the new content, we need to set up “AJAX load” to help Octoparse avoid being stuck.
· Uncheck “Auto-Retry”
· Check “AJAX Load” and set up “AJAX Timeout”
We are now on the second page. When creating a “Loop Item”, we should always start with the first item on the first page. Thus, we ‘d better go back to the first page.
· Click “Go To Web Page” in the workflow.
· Select the pagination loop in the workflow
By doing this, we can help Octoparse decide the execution order and generate the Loop Item at the appropriate position in the workflow.
· Click the first cafe item
· Click “Select All” on the “Action Tips”
· Select “Loop click each element”
· Click cafe name on the webpage
· Click “Extract text of selected element” on the Action Tips to extract the cafe’s name
Now, let’s build a “loop item” to have all reviews captured.
· Click first and second comment sections consecutively
Octoparse will intelligently identify all the comment sections on the page based on the pattern you’ve just defined.
· Click “Extract text of the selected elements”
A “Loop Item” will be automatically generated and added to the workflow. By default, Octoparse automatically extracts from the item selected, however, if this is not exactly what you are looking for, you can delete it and add the data fields you need as below.
· Delete the unwanted data field
· Select the data you want on the comment area, like the username, location, and comment
· Click “extract text of the selected element”
· Click “OK” to save the result
In this case, the cafe names are not always located in the same place on different detail pages. So to avoid data missing raised by this irregular location issue, we need to modify XPath in Octoparse to ensure the element on each page to be precisely detected.
The revised XPath of the cafe name is:. //*[@id=’wrap’]/div[2]/div/div[1]/div/div[3]/div[1]/div[1]/h1.
· Click “Customize data field”
· Select “Customize XPath”
· Paste the revised XPath into the Matching XPath textbox
· Click “OK” to save the result.
Click “Start Extraction”
Select “Local Extraction” to run the task on your computer
Here is the sample output.
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How can I access my Yelp data? | Support Center

How can I access my Yelp data? | Support Center

You can access your Yelp data by logging into your account, or by using Yelp’s data download tool. Business account users can follow these steps to access and download their personal data download tool is designed to provide a copy of certain types of your data that is required to be provided to Europe-based users under EU law. The tool does not include every type of data, such as data that is not associated with EU can make a request through Yelp’s data download tool as described below:
Desktop: Go to your Privacy Settings and click on the link to Download a copy of your Yelp data in the upper right corner of the page. Mobile: Go to on your mobile browser, tap on “Request Desktop Site” from the share button (iPhone) or the overflow button (Android). Next, go to your Privacy Settings and tap on the Download a copy of your Yelp data link in the upper right corner of the page.
After you make a request, you will receive an email containing a link to initiate the data download, which will be sent to the primary email address associated with your account. It may take a few days after you make your request for Yelp to send you the email containing the download link. In an effort to protect the data’s security, the link will expire after four days. If the link to access your data expires before you’ve downloaded your data, you will need to make a new request through the data download noted above, you can also access some of this same data through your Yelp account by going to About Me. There, you can see your Profile Overview, Friends, Reviews, and other account information that you have provided. NOTE: Your Yelp data may contain personal information – please make sure that you keep it secure and be mindful of where and how you share that information with others.
What data will be included in the download
Data provided through the data download tool will include content you’ve shared or posted publicly, certain content that’s visible only to you, like direct messages to businesses or other users, and your account registration information. Troubleshooting suggestions for data download tool
If you don’t receive an email confirmation or the email with the link, you may want to try some of our email troubleshooting suggestions. Please note that you must be logged in to access the tool. If you are still unable to download your data, please contact our Support team.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to scrape data from yelp

How do you scrape a Yelp review?

Scrape Yelp Review Data1) “Go To Web Page” – to open the targeted web page.2) Create a pagination loop – to scrape all the results from multiple pages.· Uncheck “Auto-Retry”· Check “AJAX Load” and set up “AJAX Timeout”3) Create a “Loop Item” – to loop click into each item on each list.More items…•Dec 4, 2019

How do I export my Yelp data?

You can make a request through Yelp’s data download tool as described below: Desktop: Go to your Privacy Settings and click on the link to Download a copy of your Yelp data in the upper right corner of the page.

What is Yelp scraper?

Why Yelp Scraper! Extracts important data from Yelp: Review, Email, Phone, Address, Category, City, Input Keyword URL, Keyword Resulted URL, Name, Pagesource Reference Number, Post Code, Rating, Source Link, State, Website. Deep Search criteria. Downloaded and used across the globe.

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