How to Quickly Get Started With Proxywatcher Web Unblocker

by Lucas Collins

Web Unblocker is a tool that makes it easier to access data on difficult sites. It comes with a system to find the best ways to get data which involves using a machine learning proxy manager, special identification methods and other technologies to avoid blocks.

Do you want to know more about our Web Unblocker? This guide is perfect for you. It will give you the help you need to begin. Let’s get ready!

Stay One Step Ahead with AI-Powered Features for Easy Scraping

– Scrape without getting blocked – use AI-powered features to easily get around the anti-bot system.

– Pretend like a real person – proxies, dynamic fingerprints and customized cookies will make it look like you’re an actual human user.

– Reach hundreds of countries – select from 195 different countries or target cities & coordinate areas.

– Easily link up with what you already have – just use one connection point that matches your code, and you’ll be able to extract data in no time.

– Day or night help – Our Customer Success Team is always on hand to give you a hand whenever you may need it.

Uncover the Best Proxies for Undetected Access with ML-Driven Feedback Mechanisms!

– Machine Learning helps select the best possible pool of proxies for you when trying to access a website.

– It also chooses the right combination of headers, cookies, browser details and proxies so that your bot can disguise itself and stay undetected.

– ML also creates a feedback mechanism between what is scraped from the website and the experiments done, so that its quality is maintained.

– If something goes wrong when you’re scraping data, our system will try again using different settings.

– We’ll make sure that the web pages have JavaScript enabled, and all you’ve to do is tell us what output format you need.

– You’ll also have control over how long the same IP address is used on multiple requests – it can be up to 10 minutes!

Get Your Plan & Web Unblocker Within a Few Clicks!

We have two plans—Regular and Enterprise—that offer different amounts of data storage. With the Regular plan, you can get a 1-week free trial with 1GB of data, 5GB (Micro), 25GB (Starter), or 60GB (Advanced). And for the Enterprise plan, you can choose from 100GB (Venture), 250GB (Business), 500GB (Corporate) and more than 1TB (Custom+).

You can buy Web Unblocker in a few clicks on our self-service dashboard, except for the Business, Corporate, and Custom+ plans – you’ll need to talk to our sales team if you want one of those. If you need help buying Web Unblocker, check out our FAQ. If you choose the Advanced plan or higher, we give you your own account manager to support you with whatever you need. You can see all the info about each plan here.

Follow These Simple Steps to Get Started with Web Unblocker Now!

Once you have bought the service, you can start to use Web Unblocker now. To do this with ease, just follow these simple steps:

1. Log into the control panel.

2. Make a special user ID that has access to the API.

3. Run an experiment query then move onto the rest of setup procedure.

If you use proxies to obtain information from the web, then setting up with Web Unblocker should be easy for you! Just remember to add -k or –insecure cURL on your device so that all the certificates will be ignored- this is called an “equivalent expression” in other languages.

In order to use the Web Unblocker for scraping information, you’ll need to go to and input your API user credentials. To get better results, add a special “x-oxylabs-render: html” header with your request. If you want more info on how this will work check this out (here’s an example of a simple cURL request).

Our code example does not include other options such as the proxy location or session time settings. So to ensure your request is received, we automatically have all the necessary headers added and send you a response through the quickest available route.

Also, we have additional pieces of sample code for different languages like Python, PHP, C#, Golang, Java, and Node.js. To view the full list of code examples head over to our documentation page.

Unlock Any Location with the X-OxyLabs-Geo-Location Header!

If you want to access certain locations with a proxy then add the x-oxylabs-geo-location header with the country name. For example, if you want to connect to a US proxy, just type United States in that header. Don’t forget to also change your username and password info from Proxywatcher. To find more code examples or get a full list of supported geo-locations go look in our documentation.

Unblock the Web Easily with Web Unblocker and cURL!

Web Unblocker allows you to have the same IP address for multiple requests or a different one with each request. All you have to do is add the “x-oxylabs-sesion-id” header into whatever string you choose as your session ID. This will enable you to use the same proxy IP all the time until 10 minutes passes, after which a new proxy IP will be chosen. Here’s an example of how this looks when using cURL: Plus, if you need help with other languages, there are more code samples on our website.

Unlimited Access to Websites

The Web Unblocker will help you scrape websites for important information. You can use regular headers like “user-agent” or “accept-language” as well as custom and specific ones. Click this link to find code examples that would be easier to understand.

Utilize Cookies for Website Changes with cURL and Other Languages!

You can make changes to your website by setting up special cookies. When you request something, the system gives you back information called “response headers” and cookies. If you want to use them on a different request, this is what it looks like in cURL:

If you need examples with code written in other languages, click here.

Unlock the Power of the Web with the Web Unblocker

The Web Unblocker is an awesome tool that allows you to not only send messages, but also special requests known as POST requests. You can use this type of request whenever you need to pass information into a different website. For example, here’s a link with some code samples written in other languages that can help you out.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Rendering HTML and PNG Files!

When you need to show the information on a webpage, you can use something called the “x-oxylabs-render: html header” to get all of it into an HTML file. If instead, you want to get an image of the page, you can use the “png entry”. There’s some code examples that show how to do both of these things.

Override Web Unblocker Response Codes Easily

When you use Web Unblocker, it marks your requests as successful if the website gives back a 2xx or 4xx response code. But sometimes, the website can send data with a different code than that. If that’s the case, you can put x-oxylabs-status-code in your request with all the codes that work for you. Business as usual – 2xx and 4xx will still be seen as successful! You can get coding examples here.

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