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20+ simple methods to make money with a website - Colibri WP

20+ simple methods to make money with a website – Colibri WP

There are plenty of methods you can choose from to monetize your website. They are all opportunities for you to earn money and either make a living or get an additional income from your website. Keep reading, to see how you can effectively do this.
1. Make money with Ad Networks (e. g. Google AdSense, AdThrive, MediaVine)
The method works when you have high-quality, optimized content on the pages of your website. It needs careful inclusion of keywords into the written text, so Google might determine what ads to serve to your site. Matching the topic of your articles with the ads target is very important: the contextual ads must be addressed to those very people that are interested in your content. Otherwise, they won’t click on the ads, and no profit will follow.
Important: Google AdSense is decent for sites with less than 10k visitors. But once you have 10k sessions, we strongly suggest you look at Ezoic. This ad network can increase ad revenue per 1000 thousands uses 3-4 times as much as AdSense, if you can gather the traffic.
Guide to Google AdSense:
Check this source to see how you can monetize a website with Google AdSense
Check this to see how AdSenseflippers became an expert at generating income from AdSense ads
Famous websites monetized with AdSense:
Pete Cashmore – founder of
Shawn Hogan – founder of
The average profitable AdSense-monetized website:
Estimated income:
The income can go up to about $3000/month.
The average profitable websites can earn about $1000 in a few months
Optimized website
Subscription to a Google AdSense account
Budget: $30 to $50 (Budget needed to keep the website up and running)
Estimated time for profitability: three months to six months
Growth and marketing methods: SEO / Content writing / publish articles frequently
Must have skills:
SEO skills
PPC skills
Story teller
Publishing information-rich articles
2. Monetize your website with Affiliate Marketing
It mainly functions as a system where you generate a sale a product on another site. Every visitor you send to the product website is monitored, and you get a commission for every purchase done on the product website.
Guide to Affiliate Marketing:
Check this source to see how you can monetize a website with affiliate marketing
Check this to see how Lucie’s List successfully got monetized with several affiliate programs
Read this case study
Check this to learn how to build an Amazon Affiliate Store on WordPress.
Famous websites monetized with affiliate marketing:
The average profitable website monetized with affiliation:
Big sites can earn well over $5, 000 per month.
The average profitable websites can earn about $2000 in a month.
High traffic volumes
Subscription to an affiliate program
Budget: $30 to $50 (Budget to keep the website up and running)
Estimated time for profitability: about 2 months to get the first $100 commission
Growth and marketing methods: SEO / Content writing / Product Descriptions / Reviews
Social media skills
Content writing (product descriptions)
Content Lockers:
Monetizing your website can also be done thanks to content lockers. Content lockers allow you to make money on your website by blocking a particular, chosen part of your site. Anything can be blocked, for example, the rest of the article, video, a certain premium content, or a simple file. It’s a great way to monetize your website.
If a user wants to access a blocked part of your website, they must first complete at least one task on the list. On MyLead – a global affiliate network, you can generate up to 4 different types of Content Lockers for free. They can all work on any kind of device and are easy to install. Go to MyLead and once you’re signed up, check out their Content Lockers in the panel.
3. Sell ad space
Instead of acting through third parties, you directly sell advertising space to media buyers. Therefore, 100% of the advertising budget will go directly to you. No more bothering about traffic, visits or conversions. However, it may require in-person meetings and negotiations that will, however, pay dividends in the long run.
Guide to Selling Ad Space:
Refer to this source to see how you can monetize a website by directly selling ads on your website pages
Check this to see how you can be part of a program where advertisers buy online ad space
The average profitable websites can earn about $1500 in a month
Good-looking design
In-person meetings, directly contacting advertisers
Estimated time for profitability: revenues can appear immediately, as advertisers sign the agreement. Also, it depends on how much traffic and following the website has.
Growth and marketing methods: building a niche website, writing about interests shared with many people or about some hobbies, so the monthly traffic volumes are high
Blogging talent
Social media
Negotiation skills
Analytical skills
4. Ask for donations and contributions
To make it really work for your website/blog, you should consider not mingling donations with other monetization methods. People are more inclined to push the donate button if they don’t perceive you’re already making big money from your website/blog.
You should also speak about the cause you sustain, for readers to get convinced it’s worth donating.
Guide to Accepting Donations:
Check this source to see how exactly you can gain money from accepting donations
Visit this link to see more on best practices regarding donations, and examples
Check Patreon and its functioning system.
Famous websites monetized with donations:
Up to $5000
Most commonly $1000
Transparency in dealing with gained donations
Budget: Budget to keep the website up and running
Estimated time for profitability: 3 to 6 months from starting the program; it’s recommended that you shouldn’t start the donation program immediately, rather start it after you have gained at least 10k visitors / month.
Growth and marketing methods: public relations, establishing connections and getting in touch with PR professionals, encouraging word-of-mouth and social media buzz.
Professional-looking website
A supporting money source for keeping the website running
Community moderator
5. Get Paid For Every Visitor with Repixel
Repixeling is a form of online advertising where non-competitive companies in the same industry target visitors to each other’s websites and apps. For example, if you own a hiking blog, an online store that sells tent, a hiking app looking to acquire downloads, and/or campsites looking to add bookings would likely be very interested in tagging your visitors so that they can serve Facebook Ads to them later. Using a platform like Repixel, you can post a listing in their marketplace that shows you’re willing to let advertisers target your visitors, and you can set your own price in the form of a CPM (cost per thousand pageviews). Once the connection between blogger and advertiser is formed, the blogger gets paid for every 1000 pageviews.
There are three main benefits to repixeling.
Controls: You can approve and deny any advertiser that you want to work with. So unlike monetization platforms such as selling ads through AdSense where you have limited controls on which brand shows up on your page, if there is a brand or competitor that you are not interested in partnering with, you can easily click “deny” when the repixel request come through.
Scale: There are only so many ad units that you can add to your blog at a time, but because Repixel works in the background, you can work with and get paid by as many advertisers as you want.
3. No more spam: People came to your website to find content, not see ads or get prompted with a million different offers. Adding repixel to your website is completely invisible to the user so it doesn’t take away from the user experience.
6. Use your site as a portfolio to get projects
This method is suitable for websites that show off your expertise in dealing with a certain subject. The HIRE ME section only perfects the presentation, giving people the chance to benefit from specialized, paid services that’ll bring them more value. The HIRE ME section should not only confirm you as an expert in your field, but also get you speaking jobs, consulting offers, and highlight the advantages of people collaborating with you. Chances are you’ll be contacted for potential partnerships that’ll bring you money to the table.
Guide to Including a HIRE ME section in the website:
Check this source to see how you can build a HIRE ME page within the website
Here’s an example of a HIRE ME page in a website, that helps monetizing the website
Famous websites monetized by adding a HIRE ME section in the website:
The average profitable website monetized with donations:
It depends on how much you require as payment for providing professional services in your activity area
A neat and clean template to build your website
A professional presentation of yourself
Budget: $30 to $50/semester for keeping the site up and running
Estimated time for profitability: 3 to 6 months to get your optimized website visible in the search engines; or else even less if you promote the website in social media (e. LinkedIn)
Growth and marketing methods: social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click, promotion on expertise-focused platforms or freelance platforms such as
Content writing which observes a certain tone of voice
Marketing abilities to showcase your expertise.
7. Create an eCommerce store
This is one of the most frequently used method of monetizing a website. It implies putting in place an online store, where users can come and order the products they like. The idea of an e-shop is not new. However, it’s a profitable income source, depending on how much you manage to distinguish the e-shop from your competitors in the online market.
Famous websites monetized by selling products online:
Bigger websites can earn well over $10, 000 per month.
The average conversion rate for an ecommerce business might be of 2%. This means that for every 100 people who visit your store you can expect 2 people to make an order. The average order value for small ecommerce stores might be $45.
Self-hosted ecommerce solution
Complete solution including stock management, payment methods integration
Support system
Budget: minimum $500 to set up the online store. The costs could range from $5 thousand to more than $5 million, depending on the ecommerce website you want to build
Estimated time for profitability: about 6 months for the ecommerce website to grow
Growth and marketing methods: Ecommerce SEO / Product Marketing / Pricing / Community Gathering / Social Media Marketing
Selling skills
Organizational skills
Product management
8. Sell e-Books
This monetization method is low-cost and low-risk. It’s never been easier to start writing an e-book, publishing it and making money from it. No additional costs for printing the books and publishing them. All can be done online, on your own website. And you charge a fee for the download link and collect e-mail addresses (for future follow-up and e-books upselling) monetizing this way your website. You can even gather past blog articles, give them a coherent structure and provide them to the public in the form of an e-book.
Guide to Selling E-books:
Check this article guiding you through selling e-books on your website
Here’s another resource on how to create an e-book, no matter what your budget is
Check this case study showing how to make money from selling e-books
Famous websites monetized by selling e-books:
Darren Rowse –
Brett Kelly – Evernote Essentials
An E-book can give you about $2, 000 in about a year.
The average e-book sells 3000 copies in its lifetime. Multiply this number with how much you charge for a copy and you can get the average income from selling e-books.
Provide the e-book in an easy-to-read PDF format
Give a PayPal link for the payment or any other payment method
Optimize the e-book landing page accordingly, for high visibility in the search engines.
Budget: the minimum cost of writing and publishing an ebook can be as low as $0, but if you want custom graphics, and other nifty features you might have to pay a designer.
Costs divided by steps you take to publishing an e-book
Estimated time for profitability: 3 months to get your e-book landing page promoted through paid methods / 6 months to get your e-book landing page promoted organically
Growth and marketing methods: Networking / Affiliates / Offline Press / Social Media / Buzz Marketing
A polished style and at the same time, a natural tone of voice
Structured thinking to clearly present your topics
A sense of what content would be useful and pleasant to read
An accessible writing style
9. Charge money for sponsored posts
Sponsored posts are those articles you get paid for by third parties (advertisers), after both parties have come to an agreement about the conditions of publishing them on your website. You can reach out to them, or else they might contact you for (writing &) publishing content regarding their products/services. You can even hire external writers to write this for you. There are tons of content and essay writing services out there.
Guide to adding sponsored posts and reviews to your website:
Turn to this article for guidance on accepting sponsored posts on your website
Check this resource for a case study on sponsored posts
Famous websites monetized with sponsored posts and reviews:
About $2, 000/month
The income can go up to $6, 000
Create a media kit telling publishers important facts about your blog audience
An extended audience (considerable amounts of traffic)
An audience that represents a good target for the sponsored posts, as these should be relevant to them, and help them.
No budget needed for accepting sponsored posts on your website.
Estimated time for profitability: as soon as the agreement is signed, and the articles are published
Growth and marketing methods: Social Media Marketing / SEO / Niche targeting with specific topics
Content writing
10. Create paywalls for premium content
What this monetization method supposes: users have restricted access to some valuable pieces of content, and to reach that content, they have to pay for it. It’s useful for gathering email addresses and other information regarding your audience, for better reaching out to them in the future. Also, offering access to premium content for a fee, you have a valid monetization method in place, whether for short term or long term. An option might be to give a hybrid gating experience.
Guide to adding gated premium content to the website:
Check this article to see when it’s appropriate to use gated content and when it’s not
Check this post for the examples of premium gated content it provides
Famous websites monetized with gated content:
The average profitable website monetized with gated content:
The income might not appear directly from gating content. Rather, you gather information about your audience, and then you can target that audience with better content/products/services. The real income will come from a precise targeting of your audience.
Contact form that gates content
A carefully designed landing page where users will find gated content
about $10 for popups software
about $20 for gating content software (e. Optinmonster)
Estimated time for profitability: about 6 months for the landing page to be discovered by web surfers
Growth and marketing methods: off-site SEO & linkbuilding, social media marketing, branding
Marketing tactics
11. Generate and sell leads
The lead generation model is another viable option for monetizing a website. Through content in your website, you should attract users that can be registered as qualified leads that a company will use to turn into customers/clients. It is very important that the leads should be qualified, for you to get paid for bringing them to that company. The payment models are either pay per lead or pay per call.
Guide to generating and selling leads:
Check this source to see how the system of generating and selling leads functions
Find out more about the system, by reading this
Check this article including a case study on generating and selling leads
Famous websites performing well at generating leads:
$1000’s in Revenue A Month
Start $10 per lead.
Putting in place referral forms
Establishing the conditions under which you get paid by the company benefiting from leads you refer to them
Budget: about $300 for marketing your website pages
Estimated time for profitability: 1 month for some leads to be found and sent to checkout on the company’s website
Growth and marketing methods: website optimization / social media / SEO / content marketing / email marketing
Marketing skills
Communication skills to catch the audience with your copy
Analytical skills to have the lead generation process under the radar
12. Offer consulting services
Another option to monetize your website is to offer consulting services. This is a good idea if you want to put your strengths at value and offer consulting to different companies, in exchange for money. A short presentation of yourself will instill trust and build your credibility as a consultant who’s worth paying.
Guide to offering consulting services:
Read this article on how to turn your strengths into valuable consulting services
Check this article for some case studies regarding consulting services Mazars provided to their clients
Famous websites selling consulting services:
The average profitable website monetized with consulting services:
Depending on how much you charge for each project
A clear, concise and trustful presentation of your strengths, skills and expertise
Some data that serve as proof for all of the above
Budget: about $100 to keep the website up and running
Estimated time for profitability: 1 month to 3 months to make your website visible in search engines and get contacted by potential partners
Growth and marketing methods: social media / SEO / content marketing
Self-presentation skills
13. Monetize your website with membership content
Membership websites refer to content that is continuously delivered to users, in exchange for subscription payments. The content provided to users must be valuable, useful to them and unique. Also, it should be provided on a continuous basis, for users to get it in exchange of a fee that covers their membership.
Guide to providing membership content:
Here’s a list of the membership content types you can constantly provide to users
Read this article about how to make money with a membership website
Here’s a case study on how to grow the membership purchases by optimizing the website’s features
Famous websites providing membership content:
The average profitable website monetized with membership content:
It depends on how much your competitors charge for the same content, as well as the value (either financial or of other type) the membership content provides to users
A website built on WordPress
A membership plugin (such as MemberPress)
Estimated time for profitability: 1 month to 3 months
Growth and marketing methods: buzz marketing / content blitz / promoted website launch
Community management
Positioning yourself as an expert in a certain industry area
14. Do product reviews
Writing product reviews represents a simple and fast method of generating income with your website/blog. You have to choose products that fit your niche’s interests, and that you know well. Hence, you can simply drop some lines to express your opinion about those products which might interest your users. You will get paid by companies wanting to promote their products in the online world, by way of product reviews.
You can also make money by subscribing to an affiliate program for those products.
Guide to writing product reviews:
Check this source on how to write product reviews
Famous websites providing product reviews:
from $300-$500 and upwards/review
Specific section in the website, dedicated to product reviews
Objective tone and impartial writing
Budget: $30 to $50 to keep the website up and running
Growth and marketing methods: social media marketing / content writing / community gathering
15. Create online video course/tutorial/webinar
Creating an online video course might prove successful as a website monetization method. You should start from the premise that everything is teachable, so you can use your expertise and knowledge in a particular area to teach others how to start getting involved in that area. In exchange for a sum you set up, people will be glad to come and subscribe to your online courses.
Guide to creating online video courses:
Read this article on how to create an online video course that’ll bring you money
Check this for more in-depth advice on creating online video courses
Here’s a collection of case studies about creating online video courses
Famous websites providing online video courses:
The average profitable website monetized with online video courses:
Check with this online course earnings calculator how much money you can make
A course outline
Some research on the subject
Video making software
A transcript for the video
A camera & a microphone
Budget: recommended reading this for having an idea of how much creating an online video course costs
Estimated time for profitability: about 6 months
Growth and marketing methods: social media / pay per click / Facebook ads / content marketing
Teaching skills
Clear & friendly voice
A propensity for clearly structuring things
Here’s a tool we recommend for creating your own online course.
16. Sell Podcast subscriptions
Offer premium audio content to users – these are podcasts available after paying a subscription. This is content users must pay for to get access. The method is simple, yet premium content should be carefully selected and indeed be of value to people paying for it.
Guide to podcasting:
Check this source to see how you can monetize a website with podcasts
Check this to see how Growth Everywhere went from 0 to 80, 000 downloads per month
Famous podcasters:
JAIME JAY – Stop Riding the Pine (conversations with changemakers and disruptors)
PAMELA GAY – Astronomy Cast
The average profitable podcast:
School of Podcasting – 1, 200 to 2, 000 downloads per episode (from here, you can infer how much can be earned from each podcast episode)
The most successful podcasters earn $50, 000 per episode
The average profitable podcasters can earn about $10, 000 per episode
a fast computer, a mixer, a good microphone, lighting, website plugins
Budget: around $20 to $30 per month
Podcast specific expenses – media hosting, voiceover, recording/editing software, microphone
Estimated time for profitability: One month to six months
Growth and marketing methods: SEO / Cross promotions / publish episodes frequently, at least in the first 8 weeks
Audio recording skills
Sociability, interviewer abilities
17. Use CPM/CPA/CPC/PPC networks
Below are explained all these models:
Here are the best CPM networks that users like to use.
Guide to advertising:
Check this source to see some of the recommended CPM networks for bloggers
Here are some examples that better explain the CPM models
Calculate the income you can expect from CPM advertising, by using this calculator
Subscription to a CPM network
Considerable traffic on your website/blog
Consistent article publishing, to keep the audience engaged
Budget: no specific budget required for the website’s owner
Estimated time for profitability: about 3 months
Growth and marketing methods: social media/content marketing
18. Start a dropshipping e-commerce business
Dropshipping is a business model according to which you, the online shop owner, don’t have to store any inventory before selling products. Products are sold without you needing to store them in a repository, directly from the wholesaler or manufacturer.
Guide to dropshipping e-commerce:
Check this source for a complete explanation of the dropshipping business model
Here’s a case study on how to get over $3, 000 in less than a month, with dropshipping
Another case study about how dropshipping brings profit
Avasam’s compelling dropshipping guide
Websites monetized with dropshipping e-commerce:
About $5, 000/month
Choose a dropshipping platform such as Eprolo
Choose an e-commerce template to build your store on
Install WooCommerce for your website
Budget: about $500 for a startup to implement dropshipping
Growth and marketing methods: social media / Facebook ads/content marketing / SEO
Online sales techniques
Writing attractive product descriptions
Sales management
19. Apply for crowdfunding
Crowdfunding is an online money-making method where small amounts of money are gathered from a large public, in order to finance a for-profit company.
Guide to crowdfunding:
Here’s how to get started
Here’s a case study of how NOMAD ran its crowdfunding campaigns
Websites monetized with crowdfunding:
Know the regulations regarding crowdfunding
Budget: Product Design ($3, 000 – $7, 500) + Prototype Manufacturing ($5, 000 – $10, 000) + Professional Photographer ($500 – $2, 500) + Video ($1, 000-$5, 000+)
Growth and marketing methods: advertising/expos & trade shows/press releases distribution
Capacity of persuasion
20. Content marketing
There are many ways you can make money from the content you produce. Let’s go through each option and see which best suits you:
Persuasive copywriting to sell your products and services
Here comes persuasive copy that’ll have the role of pushing users to buy. The text should be completed with a perfectly crafted call-to-action.
Linking content pieces to your products and services
Here, you need to pay attention to the anchor text in the copy, linking to products or services. You should keep it highly relevant to the link target, so it performs best attaining the goals you have with your content.
Placing unique affiliate links into your content
You promote a company’s products on your website. when a user reads your content and clicks an affiliate link, they are driven to the company’s website. If they buy the product on that company’s website, after they’ve followed your affiliate link, you get a commission for that sale.
Repurposing and repackaging your website’s content
This functions well when e. you gather some posts of your blog, give them a coherent structure, and turn them into an e-book. You can then sell the e-book and get money from that content.
5. Make money blogging
This is a huuuuuge topic. There are all sorts of blogs that you could develop. You must find a niche and ways to target your audience. Once you have that, there are more ways to monetize (many of them have already been mentioned in this article). If you decide to make money blogging, prepare for lots of work, it ain’t easy.
21. Use monetization widgets/plugins
There are plenty of widgets/plugins you can add to your WordPress website, for monetization purposes. They help you insert ads or links into the posts or pages of the website, and they will thus contribute to your earnings.
Here’s a link explaining how some of these plugins function.
Here’s another source about WordPress monetization plugins.
Among them:
SEO Smart Links
You place different keywords into the text of your pages, and you assign links to them so that when these keywords pop up in your text, they automatically redirect to different content that you’ve preselected.
Cleeng Content Monetization
With this plugin, you can limit access to certain parts of your website, which holds the information that someone is looking for until they’ve paid for the access.
Ad Injection
This plugin allows for ads to be inserted into the website content so that you can earn money from them. They allow for managing your different ads easier, as you can place them around your site, and within your content.
22. Make money by displaying audio ads
This method is relatively new. You can envisage including audio ads on your website, if the ads are relevant to your target audience. It’s recommended that you keep up with the evolution of this monetization method, and if deemed suitable, you can try it, too.
23. Use native advertising
Native advertising is a form of paid media that resembles the look and format of the content being published on the website it is included into. Online advertorials are one type of native advertising intermingled in a website’s content. Sponsored content is another specific form of native advertising, and it works well for blogs and personal websites.
We won’t insist upon this monetization method, as it’s been described at length in the case of sponsored content.
Instead, here’s a resource you should check and a tool for using native advertising.
24. Resell your content offline
This is an underestimated, often looked-over monetization method. It implies taking valuable content from the website and reselling it to other types of media, for the offline channels. So get creative!
Guide to reselling content offline:
Check this case study about how to make money reselling online content to offline channels.
25. Email newsletters with third-party links advertising for other companies
If you reach a considerable number of website visitors, you might consider this as a monetization tactics. Invite users to subscribe to your newsletters and include in those newsletters third-party links advertising for other companies. The companies will pay you for the traffic coming from this source and depending on the open rate you register for the newsletters. Such links fall under the category of affiliate links (Links that direct to a third-party, but do not market on behalf of that third party. Often, affiliate links are used in the context of a partnership between two independent vendors or businesses).
26. Banner Advertising
Banner advertising is somewhat risky. Showing too many ads on a single webpage might detract users from visiting other pages, as well. Thus, the income from ads on a single page might be consistent, however it is far less than the income coming from a session of several pages visits from the same user. Thus, banner advertising should be used wisely, to maximize profits coming from this monetization source.
Banner advertising is probably the easiest method to monetize a website/blog, and, in the meantime, the less effective.
Guide to banner advertising:
Check this article to see what the technique of banner advertising implies
1000 displays of an ad would cost the advertiser, on average, $2. 80
27. Building tools people are willing to pay for
Another option to monetize your website is to build some great tools people will want to pay for to use. They can be WordPress plugins, SEO tools, or any other type you want. Give them to people in exchange for a fee, and you can get considerable amounts of money, over time.
For instance, Creatopy gives communicators the needed tools to spark their creative journey and keep visual content organized and always on-brand.
28. Buy and resell websites
Website flipping means you buy a website, you work on improving it and you sell it at a higher price. This means you generate income in two ways: both from monetization methods you apply while you own the website, and from selling it afterward.
The monetization strategy will differ from one website to another, and the income resulting from website flipping depends on how well you manage to improve it while you own it.
Regardless of your chosen method, you need to think of promoting your work. To find the suitable promotion tactics that work for your website at a given time, you have to keep up with the trends. This infographic about the digital marketing trends you must know will surely help you to have a good start.
Ever wondered how to get new customers after you’ve launched your digital product? Here’s an in-depth guide that will give you exactly what you’re looking for and get to your first 100 sales.
Keep in mind that it might be suitable to combine several methods and mold them into a monetization strategy. Carefully choose them and put the perfect monetization strategy work for you.
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To earn $100 per day online or from home, one has to take part-time jobs like answering online surveys, proofreading documents, installing the Nielsen app, driving people around with Uber or delivering meals with Uber Eats among others. And this answers the question of how to make 100 dollars a day? Best part? You don’t have to worry about the initial costs. You will learn how to earn 100 dollars a day online without investment. Want more details on ways to make 100 dollars a day offline as well? Let’s look at each opportunity in more detail! Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, when you make a purchase. Please, read our affiliate disclaimer or privacy policy for more information. 18 Best Ways to Earn $100 Every Day Online This list has 18 best ideas that you can use to earn fast cash every single day. And making $100 a day is not far-fetched. You can choose 1 or 2 ideas to get to 100 dollars, and doing a handful of them will earn you even more money (more than $100). Let’s look at the list! #1. Get Paid to Answer Online Surveys The easiest way to make money fast on the internet is to take paid online surveys. Surveys are easy to do and don’t take up much of your time. You just need 15 to 20 minutes max. I have to say that some survey sites don’t pay well. You shouldn’t focus on those if you want to get $100 a day. Rather, you should pay more attention to high-paying survey sites like Vindale Research, Swagbucks, Branded Surveys and Opinion OutPost who have the potential of paying up to $100 per survey. Vindale Research is a great company that I like sharing with my readers who love taking online surveys for money, because it pays really well. Other survey sites like Swagbucks will send you a $5 or $10 welcome bonus. This money is credited to your survey account immediately you register. To me, surveys are the easiest and fastest way to get free money. Best survey sites to earn money quickly are: Swagbucks Opinion Outpost Branded Surveys Survey Junkie Vindale Research #2. Proofread Documents Online & Earn $100 or More If you have a sharp eye to catch errors quickly, consider learning how to become a proofreader. Your work involves proofreading transcripts from home on behalf of court reporters to make sure there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes. You could earn $100 per day with proofreading jobs as most proofreaders get at least $2, 500 per month. Caitlin Pyle is a successful online proofreader who earns six figures from her proofreading business. She created a FREE 45-minute freelance proofreading workshop that shows you how to make money online by proofreading documents from the comfort of your home. During the workshop, Caitlin always explains the requirements of a good proofreader, like strong reading and grammar skills among others. She also walks you through a proofreading quiz to see if you have what it takes to be successful as a proofreader. You can download her FREE Workshop here and learn how to make money starting today! Related: Get Paid for Searching the Web Not sure if you have what it takes to proofread? Take our free online proofreading quiz to test your skills, then… Get Instant Access to the FREE Workshop! #3. Make Money with the Nielsen App If you use the internet, you will be happy to know that Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel can send you $50 a year, just to download and install their app on your Smartphone or laptop. If you are looking to make extra cash for doing close to nothing, then you’ve got to learn more about the free Nielsen app! All you have to do is register all your internet browsing devices and you will get rewarded yearly. Plus there are monthly opportunities to earn incentives just for using your devices as normal. This is a great way to make money doing (almost) nothing! Try Nielsen App and Earn $50 Today! #4. Collect $100 from Rakuten Rakuten is a cashback site known for hosting daily deals, discounts, and promotions but if you send them 4 qualified referrals, they’ll send you $100. Yep! You heard that right. That will be the fastest free 100 dollars you will ever make. Rakuten normally runs special offers for their affiliate program, and for every person that signs up through your affiliate link, you earn $25. Just get 4 people to sign up and you will make $100 dollars that day. Refer 4 friends to Rakuten and earn $100 today! Rakuten usually pays $25 per referral, but they currently have a special promotion that can fetch you $40 per referral! Try Rakuten Today! Related: Rakuten Review 2020: Is Rakuten Legit or a Scam? #5. Watch Videos & Search the Internet I’ve talked a lot about Swagbucks because it has so many online opportunities that you can use to make money fast. But today we are going to focus on watching videos online and searching the web for extra cash. Searching the web is my favorite. You just install the Swagbucks extension then use the internet like you normally do on Google. Every time you search for something, you’ll receive SB points that you can redeem for Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash. Just to be clear. It may take a while for the points to accrue if you are just searching the web. That’s why I always recommend other cool stuff to make money like watching videos, playing online games or taking surveys. This way, your points will add up pretty quickly and you’ll receive your extra cash without worry. Related: Swagbucks Review 2020: Is Swagbucks Legit or a Scam? #6. Make More Than $100 Dollars on Turo If you want to make more than $100 dollars then you should check out Turo. I look at Turo as the Airbnb for cars. If you had an extra room and listed it on Airbnb to make extra money, as we will discuss below, you can also rent your car on Turo and make even more money. Turo is a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace that allows you (the car owner) to rent your car and earn extra income. It takes less than 10 minutes to list the car and they pay via direct deposit within 5 days. Getaround is another great alternative to Turo that you can use to make money on the side. Related: Getaround vs Turo: Which Is Better for Car Owners? #7. Get Cashback on Stuff You Buy Daily Paribus normally sends you money when the prices of items drop but you get deals and discounts from Rakuten and on products you have yet to purchase online. Rakuten has daily deals, discounts and promo codes that you can take advantage of to save huge money from your online shopping. Just think of that $50 or $100 you can save using Rakuten if you buy products through their affiliate links. This is not a way to make money, per se, but it’s a great way to save money that you could have lost anyway. Click here to learn more about Rakuten! More Clever Ways to Make 100 Dollars a Day In Person #8. Get Paid Over $100 to Deliver Food If you have a few hours to spare, you can deliver food to people in your area and earn $100 dollars or more per day. Companies like DoorDash and UberEats have made it so easy for people to eat restaurant meals away from restaurants, and they are always looking for delivery guys to add to their teams. For most people, there is a convenience that comes with having restaurant food delivered to their doorsteps. DoorDash and UberEats have found a way to bridge that gap, and you will get paid if you take on these types of tasks. How much can you make with DoorDash? Up to $700 per week is not unheard of. It takes time and dedication, and can put some wear and tear on your vehicle, but the earnings are worth it to many Dashers. Watch the video below and find out how you can make money fast today! Picking up pizza delivery jobs is a great way to make extra money from home for a few hours of work. Become a DoorDash driver and make money fast! #9. Earn Extra Cash on Airbnb Got an extra room in your house or apartment and are looking for ways to make 100 dollars a day? You can rent it out for a few days at Airbnb and make extra cash. Yep! Airbnb has made it possible for people to rent spaces in their towns, cities or even outside their countries. In many areas, $100 per night is an easy rate to charge. As an Airbnb host, you can create a listing of the space you want to rent, and be sure to indicate pricing, rules that guests can adhere to and any other important information. Once you finish all that, you wait for the guests to contact you. They come, stay at your place then pay you the amount agreed upon. It’s that simple. Click here to list your room and earn money as an Airbnb host! Related: How to Make Money on Airbnb #10. How to Make $100 a Day with Uber Do you own a car and want to learn how to make $100 fast? You can join Uber or Lyft to drive people around and make quick money doing what you love on your own schedule. The approval process takes 48 hours max. Uber pays $24 per hour on average, which means that if you work 4 hours in a given day, you can walk away with $100 and no questions asked. If you choose Lyft, you’ll stand a chance of earning a $300 bonus after your first 100 rides, and this is in addition to their hourly rate. Related: 28 Online Jobs that Pay Weekly #11. Teach English Online Some of the best online tutoring jobs are those that allow you to teach English to kids. If you are passionate about teaching and have some time on your hands, you can teach English online to Chinese kids and earn up to $26 per hour. Companies like VIPKid and Magic Ears are always looking for teachers to add to their team. If you work for 4 hours daily, that’s $100 every single day. Plus, it’s both fun and rewarding to teach children to speak English! VIPKid opportunity is a flexible online job that you can do in the evenings or even on weekends. You will need a fast internet connection, a computer in good working condition with Skype installed and a pair of headsets. You can read more about the requirements in my VIPKid review. #12. Get Paid to Shop on Amazon If you love shopping on Amazon and have a few minutes to spare, you can earn extra cash quickly using ShopTracker. Shoptracker is a shopping website owned by the Harris Poll, a market research company that measures public opinion on brands in the US. Plus, you can get free gift cards for using the site! ShopTracker will ask you to share your Amazon purchase history and in return, they will send you a free $3 Visa gift card plus $3 every single month or $36 every year. Ibotta is another great shopping app that will send you (money) cashback when you do your everyday shopping through their company. They have partnered with major stores like Target and even Amazon. Join Ibotta and get paid from your everyday purchases! Misc. Ways to Make $100 Per Day There are even more pay today jobs that you can apply to below! #13. Make Extra Cash by Testing Websites Another great way to make money fast is by testing websites from home. As a website tester, your work will involve going to certain apps or websites then performing a set of tasks. The tasks can be as simple as visiting a website and seeing how fast it loads, or using an app and speaking your thoughts through a microphone. Most companies pay $8 to $10 per test but a company like can send you $50 per test. Take two tests from and you get your $100 pretty fast! Related: Make 200 Fast #14. Sell Your Photos Online If you are talented and can take beautiful pictures, you can earn free money by becoming a photographer. We have amazing stock photo websites like iStock that will sell photos on your behalf and send you checks every single month. Best Stock Photo Sites Shutterstock BigStock Fotolia DreamsTime Getty Images 123RF Female Themed Stock Photography Membership Sites for Inspiration: Haute Chocolate Bosslatina IvoryMix Wonderfelle Further Reading: How to Sell Feet Pictures Related: Best Way to Sell Photos Online #15. Recover $100 From Trim Want to recover a free 100 dollars from old subscriptions you no longer use? Let Trim do the heavy-lifting for you. Trim is a free money-saving app that will track all your subscriptions and cancel the ones you no longer need so that you can have more money in your pocket. See Trim as a personal financial manager working 24/7 to save and make you money. Money Pantry has a detailed Trim review and shares how this app can lower your bills and cancel old subscriptions. Click here to start saving with Trim! #16. Find Out if Stores Owe You Money How many times have you bought an item only for the price to go down? This happens all the time and you may feel frustrated when you think of all the money you could have saved. The time for worrying is over! Paribus is here to help. Paribus is a cashback website that sends you money when you buy items and the price goes down. You can read more in my Paribus review. For example, if you bought an item at $100, and the price goes down to $90, Paribus will collaborate with the stores to make sure that you get a balance of $10. All you have to do is open a Paribus account and connect your Amazon or email account. Paribus is similar to Rakuten, but it works retroactively on purchases you’ve already made. Check out this list of cash back websites for more saving opportunities! #17. Listen to Music at Slice the Pie Review music at Slice the Pie and earn extra income every Tuesday and Friday. Slice the Pie is a music reviewing site that pays twice a week. Upcoming musicians really want to know what the crowd thinks of their music. And so, what they do is they submit their music to Slice the Pie, then Slice the Pie pays people, like you and I, to listen and give our honest feedback. One thing to keep in mind is that your reviews must be well thought out and in good English. Generic reviews will be rejected and you won’t get paid. So, put in some effort if you want to make money from Slice the Pie. They have a $10 payout threshold that you must meet before requesting for payment. Once you reach the limit set, you can transfer your funds to your PayPal account. Click here to start earning with Slice the Pie! #18. Listverse Wants to Pay You 100 Love writing? Listverse wants to pay you $100 to write them a listicle. Listverse is a freelance writing website that features “Top 10 Lists” of different topics. Whether you want to write about health, history or music, the choice is yours. There are no restrictions. Just make sure your English is good. Related: 35 of the Best Trusted Online Money Making Sites How to Make Money Today As you have seen, it is possible to make $100 a day. Reaching that number is not so difficult if you know the best ideas to run with. As I mentioned, 1 or 2 ideas will get you money fast but combining a few of them will help you to make more money in the long run. You can choose to make money today by teaching English online, delivering meals to people, or renting your extra space in addition to taking paid online surveys. You can also how to get money without a job at all. I always strive to show you how to make money while focusing on the best ways to earn it. Whether it’s making $100, $200, or even $1000 dollars my criteria is always the same. I’m confident that the ideas I shared today will help you make money from home moving forward. Related: How to Make Money Online for Free Liked this Post? Pin It on Pinterest!
36 Creative Ways To Make $100 A Day (How To Make Money Fast)

36 Creative Ways To Make $100 A Day (How To Make Money Fast)

This article may contain links from our partners. We may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through a link. Please read our disclosure and how we make money. Need money? Find out how to make money fast with these creative ways to make $100 a day! Do you want to learn how to make $100 a day? I get it. You are frustrated. You keep reading articles that promise you ways to make money but don’t actually deliver. But this time, you are in the right place! I’ve been working on ways to make money online for over 5 years now, and I learned a trick or two on my way to creating a six-figure income. I am not going to lie: the reality is that you will have to put in some work to earn cash. But there are some clever real ways to make money out there if you are up for the challenge! This is what making more money can do for you: Help you to save money and pay off your debt. Pay your bills at the end of the month. Help you stop living paycheck to paycheck. Allow you to reach financial freedom. It can even help you to leave a job you hate. Plus, you could retire sooner if you want to. One of the best things you can do to make money fast is to invest in your networking at work, spend time learning as much as possible, and get a raise or promotion. This alone could help you to make an extra $100 a day in no time. But if you are still a student, a stay at home mum (or dad), or are looking for alternative ways to make money, I’ve got you covered! QUICK TIP TO MAKE $100 A DAY ONLINE: You can make extra money by starting your own blog! I went from $0 to $3, 878 after only 3 months. Find out how I did it by clicking here! Let’s dive into it: here are the best ways to make money in 2020. No matter what your skills are, you can find something that’s right up your alley. How to make $100 a day: 36 creative ways to make money1. Take part in research (up to $150/hour)2. Get paid to take surveys3. Become a shopper4. Get paid to watch videos online5. Wrap your car6. Sell your crafts7. Download these 2 apps and make $125 by going online8. Make an extra $100 pet sitting9. Teach anything online to kids10. Get paid to play games online11. Get paid to walk12. Become a virtual assistant (and earn up to $4, 000/month)13. Answer questions for money14. Freelancing15. Drive people around16. Deliver food17. Deliver for Amazon18. Monetize your passion for art19. Get paid to shop20. Test websites and apps21. Get paid to write22. Start your own blog23. Start an online store24. Create an online course25. Do small tasks for others26. Sell your stuff27. Rent out your extra room on Airbnb28. Proofread from home29. Sell your photos30. Clean out your closet31. Teach English online32. Get paid by searching online33. Monetize a YouTube channel34. Get paid to listen to music35. Donate plasma36. Become a carerSo…This is how to make money in a day! How to make $100 a day: 36 creative ways to make money Making extra money doesn’t have to be hard. There are lots of money-making opportunities out there. If you are willing to put an hour or two a day into something you are passionate about instead of watching Netflix or looking at Instagram, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve. And remember: If you want to reach your goal of making $100 or more a day online (or offline), simply combine a number of these money-making ideas. And the dollars will add up quickly! 1. Take part in research (up to $150/hour) If you want to make $100 or more in a day, this is the perfect place to start without much experience or skills! You can share your opinion in focus groups. Companies are looking for qualified people to join their research studies, and you don’t necessarily need to be a professional to participate. Last week I received an invite to participate in a beauty study: $150 for an hour of my time! Not bad for answering some questions about my hair care routine! User Interviews is a legit company that provides qualified research respondents to whoever needs it. And they now recruit people internationally! The pay goes from $75 for 30 minutes of your time to $450 for very specific one-hour studies. User Interviews has diverse studies, covering many topics: technology, food, consumer goods, family, software, hobbies, pets, sports, transportation, beauty, social media, music, you name it! They have some incredible clients, including Pinterest, Spotify, Vistaprint, Wayfair, Thumbtack, and more. This is how it works: You apply to participate in studies that you think are a good fit for you. The researcher/sponsor of the study reviews responses and sends invitations to the best-fit respondents. If you receive an invitation to participate, you choose a time that suits you from those made available by the researcher. After you have completed the study, you are paid via PayPal, cash, or Amazon gift cards. Click here to join User Interviews and get paid for your feedback on real products! More ways to earn $100 in an hour If you are interested in earning money with focus groups, another top-rated legit company is is always looking for industry professionals, parents, and students. They have projects that are available to US residents as well as international. This means you don’t have to be in the US to join and earn from $50 to 250$ per research. All you need to join is a PayPal account and either Facebook or LinkedIn to connect your profile. Click here to join and apply to take part in market research studies! 2. Get paid to take surveys Taking surveys online is an easy, no-brainer way of making extra cash. I tried many survey sites to see which ones work best. Most survey sites aren’t great. It takes too long to make enough money, and you never qualify. But Swagbucks and Survey Junkie are legit! They are hands-down my 2 favorite survey companies to make a bit of extra cash! If you want to make money with surveys, just sign up here: Swagbucks: my favorite app for surveys and cashback. I made over $200 in less than a year! You’ll get a free $5 bonus when you sign up. Survey Junkie: a great survey selection to choose from, easy to qualify, and earn money. My favorite survey only website! These 2 surveys are rated EXCELLENT on Trustpilot and have thousands of reviews! And having tried them both, I have to agree. Another survey company that I like is LifePoints. It’s available in 40 countries, and there are plenty of surveys to choose from. Each one takes 10 minutes or less. Most of these surveys can be taken while watching your favorite TV series! You definitely won’t get rich or make 100 dollars a day with surveys alone, but you won’t waste much time, and it will help you get there by making an extra $5-$10 a day! And if you love surveys as a way to make some quick cash, check out my other favorites here. 3. Become a shopper If you love shopping around, how about doing it for others? With Instacart, you will work as an independent contractor delivering groceries for other people. There’s great potential to make good money, especially right now. You could make up to $25 per hour during busy times, although the average is between $10 to $20 per hour. It couldn’t be easier: you get offered the order, you shop the order, you get paid! You make your own schedule and pick your orders, and the flexibility is what makes it so great, especially if you have limited time or are a stay at home mum or a student. Click here to register and start making money with Instacart! 4. Get paid to watch videos online InboxDollars is a cool website to make some cash with surveys. Plus, you can also make money by watching movie previews, TV shows, celebrity videos, the latest news, and many other videos. And you’ll get a $5 bonus just for signing up. But how does it work? That’s easy! Simply head to and login to see the list of videos available for you to watch. You’ll watch videos on your phone or laptop. InboxDollars then rewards you for watching them with your choice of free cash or gift cards for popular brands. You need to watch all of the shows in a specific playlist, so be prepared and get the popcorn ready! You can check out how long the playlist runs before you start watching, and playlists range from a few minutes to about a half-hour. It’s possible to earn over $200 a month watching these videos! 5. Wrap your car Do you own a car? How about placing advertising on it and get paid? With Wrapify you can get paid up to $452 for having your car wrapped with an ad. You need to download the Wrapify app, and then they will track your journeys until you reach 50 miles. Once you reach 50 miles, you are eligible to take part in a campaign. Each campaign will place ads on your car for 1 to 12 months. During that time you will be earning free money every month! To be eligible to take part in a campaign, you need to: Be 21 or older Have a clean driving (and criminal) record Have a car that is from 2008 or newer I think this is a cool way to make money, but it’s also a great idea to generate passive income. If you are already driving around town, why not get paid for it? 6. Sell your crafts If you are a creative person, did you ever think about selling your crafts on websites like Etsy? When Dan and I were 17, we came up with the idea of selling salt dolls for Christmas. Well, believe it or not, in a couple of months, we managed to make over $1, 000! By making and selling your crafts, you can set your own hours, spend your days producing items that you enjoy making, and earn some money in the process. The trick here is to make sure you actually make items that will sell. Check out these 20 things you can make and sell online for extra cash to get some ideas, then check my guide to open your own Etsy shop. 7. Download these 2 apps and make $125 by going online Get the Nielsen App and make $50 a year In the old days, Nielsen used to collect data by tracking TV ratings. But now, they have moved on, and they would like to get people like you to help them study the future of the online world. By simply installing their app on your smartphone, they will pay you $50 a year if you are in the US. The app will collect statistics on what websites you go to and how long you stay there. All the data collected is ANONYMOUS, and it’s not linked to you at all! All you have to do is install the app now and keep using the internet as you do every day! Install UpVoice Edge extension and earn $75 or more UpVoice is a new passive user panel that pays users $75 in Amazon gift cards for regularly browsing specific sites (like YouTube, Twitter, Linked In, and Amazon! ). While you browse, UpVoice passively collects data about the ads you see and match it with their demographics data to create marketing insights for brands. It’s currently available in two new forms – a Windows 10 app or an extension for the Edge browser. And you don’t have to worry about the security of your data! Any data UpVoice shares with their clients is always anonymized and aggregated, and they never share any personal information nor target or monitor individual users. Just click here to sign up and install the Chrome up and start making money today! 8. Make an extra $100 pet sitting Look after these cute dogs with Rover If you love animals, pet sitting is a great way to make extra money. Pet sitting is extremely flexible because you decide when to do it, and you can fit it around your own schedule. It’s easy to do even if you work full time, as you can spend time during the weekend looking after our little friends. Rover is the perfect place to start! It offers different services to pet owners and, once you have registered with them, you will be able to decide which one you want to offer to your potential clients: Dog walking Doggy daycare House-sitting Dog boarding If you want to give pet sitting a go, just click here to register! You could make up to $100 (or more! ) a week playing with dogs and cats. 9. Teach anything online to kids And I really mean anything! From cooking to coding! Did you know that you could make over $10, 000 a month teaching online, as Jade does? Online teaching is forever changing the way kids learn at school and from home. And if you are passionate about sharing your knowledge, you can benefit from this revolution. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop, and you can start to make money today. And you don’t need to be a traditionally qualified teacher. You just have to love teaching kids under 18. Places like Outschool let you teach any sort of subject from the comfort of your own home. You can teach classical subjects like English and math, or fun classes like acting, singing or sketching. Listing classed is free, and Outschool will provide you with the perfect platform to host classes online. Teachers on Outschool earn an average of $35 per teaching hour. But you have full control over the listed price for a class and the number of participants. Outschool will take 30% of your earnings for their support services. Once your class starts, you will receive payment via PayPal. Teaching online is an incredible way to make extra money, especially during this time! Sign up for Outschool here, and start thinking about your first class! 10. Get paid to play games online Do you spend endless hours playing games on your phone when you have nothing to do? How about getting paid to do that? You can! Mistplay is a legit Android app that pays you to play. It has over 78, 000 reviews on Google Play, and it averages a score of 4 stars! If you want to start making money: Download the app. Install a game in your list. After 2 to 5 minutes of playing, you will start earning units. Share your feedback on the game with developers to earn extra units. Developers will use your feedback to improve the games before launching them on the market officially. Once you reach enough units, you can redeem them for free gift cards, including Visa gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Google Play, iTunes, PlayStation gift cards, and more. You will not get rich just by using this app, but it’s a great way to earn some extra money by doing something you already do! Click here to download Mistplay and start making money playing games online! And if you love the idea of making money from your phone, check out this list! I tested hundreds of apps to find the best ones, so you don’t have to! 11. Get paid to walk We all know we need to stay active to keep fit! And you are probably trying to get to your 10, 000 steps a day every day! How about getting paid for that? You can! Apps like Sweatcoin will reward you for every step you take. This app helps me be even more motivated to stay fit, take the stairs an extra time a day, and walk more! Will you make $100 a day just by using Sweatcoin? No way, not even close. But it’s a free cool app that can get you some nice rewards for something you already do. You can read more about it in my review. If you want to make money while you walk: Download Sweatcoin now. And if you want to stay fit and make money, here you can find lots more ideas to get paid to walk! 12. Become a virtual assistant (and earn up to $4, 000/month) You can earn some great money working from home for a few hours a day by becoming a virtual assistant (up to $35-$50 per hour! ). Virtual assistants need to have strong administrative skills, be highly organized, and be familiar with blogging/social media. There are different types of tasks a virtual assistant can help a business with. Some businesses use a VA to keep up with emails, customer service online, blogging updates, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. If you want to find out more about becoming a virtual assistant and all the tasks you can offer to potential clients, I strongly advise you to read Abbey’s story. Abbey has created a successful VA business, and within one month (yes, that’s not a typo), she was fully booked and able to work her own hours from home while being a mum. You can learn how to do the same by checking out her free training by clicking here! 13. Answer questions for money If you are in the US, you could earn up to $100k a year (yep, that’s not a typo) by answering questions online. JustAnswer connects doctors, software engineers, plumbers, lawyers, and other experts to people that need answers to questions. You just need a computer or smartphone and an internet connection. You can set your own hours, pick which questions to answers, and earn cash by helping people online. Just make sure you have the right skills, and you can simply sign up for free, and you’ll be paid monthly via PayPal. Click here to make money with JustAnswer 14. Freelancing If you have some skills, you could put them to good use and do extra freelance work from home! But how can you find a freelance opportunity? There are plenty of websites that will help you to find a side job to work part-time from home. You can work for a few hours a day as a proofreader, virtual assistant, bookkeeper, writer, social media manager, tutor, transcriptionist… The options are infinite, and you could be making up to $100 an hour! The best way to find freelancing gigs is to register to these great websites: Flexjobs 15. Drive people around Want to make $100 a day? You could drive for Uber! If you need to get $100 fast and own a car, driving people around in your spare time can be a great way of earning the extra cash you need in no time. The best companies to sign up with are: Uber Lyft You need to consider car depreciation and the money you are spending on gas, but if you are clever about the trips you accept to do and don’t drive too far for a pickup, you’ll be able to make an extra 100 dollars in a day. Click here to join Uber and click here to join Lyft and start making money now! 16. Deliver food If sharing a car with strangers isn’t for you, and you’d much rather share it a burger and some fries, or a pizza, then delivering food might be your best option. There are some great companies out there that will help you earn some extra cash on the side by delivering food in your free time, in the evening, or on weekends. For example, you can sign up for Postmates for free in just a few minutes. There are no fees or time commitments, so you take home 100% of what you earn every time you complete a delivery. You can get paid by free weekly deposits, or you can cash out instantly anytime you want. All you need is a smartphone to download the app and select your first delivery! Check out: Postmates DoorDash UberEATS 17. Deliver for Amazon Another way to make money is to make deliveries for Amazon Flex. You can make between $18 to $25 per hour, which means you could make $100 a day by simply working 4 hours. But how does it work? You pick up packages from one of their Amazon facilities or businesses, download an app that gives you the quickest delivery route to follow, and deliver the packages. You can set the times you can work and build your schedule around your needs. There are opportunities 7 days a week, so it doesn’t really matter when you are free. 18. Monetize your passion for art Some people say that you should keep your passion separate from your job. I disagree. I do what I love every day and couldn’t be happier. There is nothing better than waking up and looking forward to starting your day because you are passionate about what you do. And whether you want to transform your love for art into a full-time job or simply use it to make some extra cash on the side, I have options for you. You can use your artwork to sell things like T-Shirts, mugs, and printed canvases, using a service like Printify. Or sell your art on a specialized website like Artfinder. Or even create your own shop with Shopify. If you want to find out more about making money selling art, Cory and Sarah have lots of free resources to learn just that. 19. Get paid to shop How about getting cashback for any online shopping you do? Fetch Rewards is an incredible app. While I am writing this, it has over 268, 000 reviews on the apple store and a score of 4. 8 stars and over 43, 000 votes on Google Play and 4. 3 stars! How many other cashback apps do you know with these stellar reviews? With Fetch Rewards, you simply scan any grocery receipt after you shop and save on thousands of popular products throughout the store. Earn points on every receipt you scan. No clipping coupons, chasing down expiring deals, or missing out on savings. Just shop, scan, and save. Yes, it’s that easy! Download Fetch Rewards by clicking here here, and if you enter the code FETCH3K you will get a complimentary 3, 000 points (that’s the equivalent of $3 that you can cash in straight away using their rewards). Rakuten ($10 bonus if you sign up here) is a great app. You can download it for free, and with over 2, 000 stores to choose from, you will be able to make some extra money every month! Depending on what you buy every month, you might be able to get anything between 2 to 7% of your money back, without much effort. To earn money with Rakuten, you just need to follow some simple steps: Go to the Rakuten website or open the app. Select the store you need to shop from. Buy whatever you were planning to buy as normal. Get cashback! Click here to sign up for Rakuten today and claim your $10 welcome bonus! 20. Test websites and apps Are you the kind of person that loves leaving reviews and sharing your opinion on new ads, products, or websites? Website owners and app developers need to know what visitors think when they visit their site or use their apps for the first time. The main job of a tester is to ensure sites and apps are easy to use and navigate. All you need is a good internet connection and a laptop. Website pays you $10 per test via PayPal. Each test usually takes around 20 minutes. That works out to a possible $30 an hour. Not too bad for surfing the internet! Another great website is BetaTesting: here, you get paid $10 to $25 per test. You simply sign up, add some details about you and which devices you own. This is essential as each test will need to be performed on a specific device. And then you can start testing away. 21. Get paid to write There are thousands of pieces of new content created online every day. Not all business owners have time to create content for their websites themselves. If you enjoy writing, you will be able to sell your skills and become a freelance writer in no time! You can find freelance writing jobs on websites like: Flexjobs ProBlogger Job Board Freelance Writing Gigs Fivver Upwork Peopleperhour People are looking for writers for blog posts, articles, or generic website content. It’s better if you specialize in a niche, as you will have examples of work you can send to potential clients. Learn how Laura, Leslie, Greg, Samantha have followed their dreams of becoming freelance writers. They are now making between $4k to $15k a month, working from all around the world (and they had no experience when they started)! 22. Start your own blog Click here to find out how to start a blog and make money As I said, over the years, I played with many different ideas to make money online, and still do. But starting a blog has been by far the best investment of my time! There are several ways to earn money blogging: you can create your own products and sell them to your readers, make money with advertising or affiliate marketing, just to name a few. You won’t need much money to start (you just need to pay for hosting), and you will have to invest your time, but you will be able to make well over $100 a day if you follow my simple steps to make money blogging! I made $3, 878 in a month, after only 3 months, by working part-time on my blog and with no previous experience in writing, digital marketing, or social media! If you want to make more money, starting an online business is one of the best ways to do it. If you are ready to start a blog: I put together the most in-depth, comprehensive post to help you with blogging. This is NOT a quick read. I will share with you all the tips I used to create a successful 6-figure blog. If you want a thorough free guide to help you along with all the steps, just click here and get started! 23. Start an online store During these last few months of isolation and social distancing, one thing has been clear to many of us. eCommerce is booming. Over 2 billion people will buy something online in 2021, so why could you be one of the people profiting from it? Starting an online shop has never been easier. First, you need to decide what to sell: Go the DIY route, and create things to sell online yourself. Order products from a manufacturer, then ship them to customers yourself, like my friend Choe does. Use dropshipping: list products in your online store, take orders and send the orders to a third-party vendor – the dropshipper – who then creates the product and sends it to the customer who ordered. If you are ready to start your own online shop, check out my in-depth guide by clicking here. 24. Create an online course I am sure you have some skills people will be willing to pay to learn from you. Then teach them! It’s never been easier to share everything you know. There are plenty of people that make a living from selling online courses, and you don’t necessarily have to be an expert. You just need to know more than your potential students on the subject! There are plenty of online websites that make it easy for you to sell your skills and create online courses. The best ones are: Teachable SkillShare Udemy If you are seriously interested in starting an online course, a great place to start is the Teachable free webinar. Teachable offers free live training to help you launch your online course in no time. You can claim your free spot by clicking here. 25. Do small tasks for others The world is full of people that don’t have time to do small chore-type tasks like data entry, picking up groceries, cleaning their garden, or putting together furniture. If you are up to running some errands for others, you can easily make some money on websites like: TaskRabbit: this is one of the best websites with a wide variety of tasks, but there is a $20 non-refundable registration fee to pay when you sign up to become a tasker. Fiverr Thumbtack Gigwalk 26. Sell your stuff Need to make $100 fast? Selling things that you don’t use is one of the quickest ways to make money! You can start by getting rid of everything you haven’t touched in over a year. This can be that old camera that is picking up dust in the box under your bed, or your old phone, iPad, or Kindle that you stopped using once you upgraded to the new version! If you have tech to sell, Whistle is one of the best places to check how much you can get for it. You could make 30% more and get paid faster than anywhere else. See how much you can get here. You simply need to answer some simple questions about your device, and you’ll get a guaranteed offer in seconds. An iPhone X can get you $292. And an Apple watch series 4 up to $165. Whistle will post to you everything you need to send them your tech if you accept the offer. And as soon as they receive it, you’ll get paid within 24 hours. Other websites/apps to sell your stuff online: Facebook Marketplace eBay Craiglist Once you start selling your things, it will be hard to stop! You will soon realize how much money you are sitting on. You can easily make 100’s of dollars without much effort. I promise: you won’t miss any of the stuff you sell! And if you can’t be bothered to sell each item individually, check out You can sell your tech, CDs, DVDs, games, old cell phones, books, and even Lego pieces! Simply download the app, scan the barcode, find the item you want to sell, and decluttr will make you an offer for it. 27. Rent out your extra room on Airbnb Do you own your house and have some extra rooms? Or do you rent a place with some extra space? Check with your landlord if you can rent it out for some cash. You can start earning money now with websites like Airbnb. Airbnb is a safe way to earn money, as you can screen your potential guests before arrival, and you can accept or reject them based on previous reviews. Going away on holiday? List your home while you are away, and you could earn more than what your holiday is costing you! Or do you live near a stadium where an event is taking place? There is always a need for extra accommodation! Learn more about the process here. 28. Proofread from home If you are passionate about grammar, punctuation, and spelling and have eagle eyes for mistakes, this might be the perfect job for you! You can make up to $65, 000 a year! The amazing thing about proofreading is that it can be done anywhere, so it’s perfect for making money at home or while traveling. Click here to sign up for a free workshop on becoming a work-from-home proofreader! And if you want to learn more about proofreading and where to find the best proofreading jobs online, check out this useful post by clicking here. 29. Sell your photos Do you love taking pictures? Did you know you can sell them to stock photo agencies and make money? You don’t have to be a professional to sell your photos, and you still have the opportunity to earn some money, even if you are just a novice. You will get paid based on the number of downloads: every time someone downloads one of your pictures, you’ll get a commission. Best websites to sell your photos online: Shutterstock iStock Adobe Stock And if you love the idea of making money with your photos, check out my in-depth guide to selling photos online! 30. Clean out your closet We all have clothes that we never wear, for different reasons. How about that skirt that we loved when we tried it, but then realized it was just a bit too short when we got home? Or that Christmas jumper we decided to buy 5 years ago and wore only once, before deciding it was far too ridiculous to wear again? It’s easy to make good money by getting rid of unwanted clothes. Best websites/app to sell: Poshmark eBay Craiglist And if you are serious about making money with secondhand clothes, check out my 2020 guide to selling clothes online. 31. Teach English online Teaching English is perfect for college students, school teachers looking to earn some more on the side, stay-at-home mums, and anyone who likes the idea of teaching from home. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree and be able to legally work in the U. S, Canada, or the UK. EF Education First EF Education First is a highly recognized English school with classrooms all around the world. They also offer English teaching jobs online for both citizens of the UK and the USA. If you love the idea of teaching while making an income from home, then working with Education First is for you. You can earn up to $20 an hour, and you will teach 1 on 1 classes. Each class is 25 minutes, and salaries are deposited directly into your bank account. Easy! To become a teacher, you will need to live in the US or UK, have a bachelor’s degree or above in any field. By the start of your contract, you must have completed a 40 hour TEFL (or higher). Click here to obtain your TEFL for an affordable price quickly! You also need to agree to an online background check (Education First will cover the fee for this). VIP Kid VIP Kid is an online platform for teaching English to Chinese students aged between 5 to 12. You don’t need to know Chinese to teach as VIP Kid is a full English immersion class. The actual class is similar to using Skype or Google Hangout. It provides a 1-on-1 full immersion experience to kids. VIP Kid provides all course materials and lesson plans. VIP Kid is rated in the Top 5 on Forbes for the best remote companies to work for and is currently hiring remote teachers. To become a teacher, you need to be eligible to work in the US or Canada. You need to have one year of teaching experience (traditional education or mentoring, tutoring, or alternative education) and a Bachelor’s degree in any field. Once you are approved, all you’ll need is a computer with a webcam, a headset with a microphone, and a reliable internet connection! 32. Get paid by searching online We all spend hours every day searching online. And guess what? Swagbucks will pay you to use its search engine. They will also give you a $5 bonus if you sign up by clicking my Swagbucks $5 bonus link. This is probably one of the easiest ideas to make money I found! Click here to sign up and get a $5 sign-up bonus! 33. Monetize a YouTube channel Do you know how much money YouTubers make? A lot! And yes, starting a YouTube channel isn’t for anyone, and it will take time. But if this is something you always wanted to do, now it’s the best time to start. Google made a whopping $15. 5 billion in ad revenue in 2019, up 36% c

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How can I make $100 a day on the Internet?

18 Best Ways to Earn $100 Every Day Online#1. Get Paid to Answer Online Surveys.#2. Proofread Documents Online & Earn $100 or More.#3. Make Money with the Nielsen App.#4. Collect $100 from Rakuten.#5. Watch Videos & Search the Internet.#6. Make More Than $100 Dollars on Turo.#7. Get Cashback on Stuff You Buy Daily.#8.More items…•Aug 11, 2021

How can I make $100 a day?

How to make $100 a day: 36 creative ways to make moneyTake part in research (up to $150/hour) … Get paid to take surveys. … Become a shopper. … Get paid to watch videos online. … Wrap your car. … Sell your crafts. … Download these 2 apps and make $125 by going online. … 8. Make an extra $100 pet sitting.More items…•Sep 30, 2021

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Without further ado, let’s take a look at which types of websites earn the most money with Google AdSense.Blogs. Blogs are known for having consistent and unique content published on them all the time. … Forum Sites. … Free Online Tool Sites.Jan 2, 2019

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