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adidas Yeezy – Official 2021 Release Dates - Sneaker News

adidas Yeezy – Official 2021 Release Dates – Sneaker News

How much do Yeezys cost?
They are priced anywhere from $200 for the cheapest model (500, 700 v3) to $585 for the most expensive (950 Boot). The most common design is the 350 v2, which is $220 for adults. However, resale prices are always higher than retail and can range from $300 to $1, 500 depending on the color.
Where can I buy Yeezys?
They are available on, Yeezy Supply, and a select group of stores across the globe. On you can buy them online on the morning of release date, or use the adidas Confirmed App to make a reservation. You can also look on eBay or Stadium Goods to find most models at after-market prices. Buying them at retail is difficult as they are high in demand. You can almost never go into a store and buy them off the shelf. You must win a raffle of some kind to purchase a pair.
Why are Yeezys expensive?
They are expensive because they are high in demand and made in limited numbers. Over the years, adidas has made the shoes more frequently and in higher quantities, making the resell price decrease.
Who designed Yeezys?
They are primarily designed by Kanye West. There are other designs involved. The most well-known designer is Steven Smith, a long-time footwear designer that worked for Nike and New Balance in the past.
What is the cheapest Yeezy?
The Slide, which retails for $60. The cheapest sneakers are the 500 or 700 v3, which retail for $200 each.
How much are Yeezy 350s?
They are $220 at retail. However, they sell out immediately and go on the resell market for anywhere between $300 and $1, 500.
Why are Yeezy 350s expensive?
They are expensive because they are the most popular model. Countless colorways have released since its debut in September 2015.
Does adidas own Yeezy?
Yes, adidas owns the sub-brand. It was started with Kanye West in November 2013.
Be sure to check below for updates on current and upcoming releases.
Yeezy buying guide: how to get Kanye's new black adidas 350

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Yeezy buying guide: how to get Kanye’s new black adidas 350

There’s no disputing the seemingly endless rise of the Yeezy. West, partnering up with Nike then Adidas, created high-heat releases that changed the sneaker shopping culture. GQ named his Boost 350 shoes the most influential sneakers of 2016 and West’s company was rated as one of the most explosively successful brands of super fans will already know Adidas is re-releasing the super popular Yeezy Boost 350 V2 in ‘Pirate Black’ on November 29 (Black Friday), and if you want to make sure you get a pair you need to act pping a pair of any Yeezys may seem like an impossible feat, but luckily sneakerhead-pro George Sullivan, CEO at The Sole Supplier is on hand with his top tips so you’ll never miss another Yeezy drop…Morning glory“Be online early on release morning. Adidas is the most secure and fast way to buy online, but it usually has a waiting system where you are let on to the product page randomly, so it’s good to log on as soon as sure you double-check the release details too, as these often change. Keep an eye on the relevant Twitter and Instagram handles, as these keep you up-to-date until the very last minute. The Sole Supplier will always keep you up to date with rumoured and confirmed release dates too. ” Sole SupplierKnow your options “Certain retailers do sometimes release Yeezys online including Yeezy Supply, Foot Locker and is the main online retailer and usually launches at 9 am on the official date unless stated otherwise. Specialised sneaker sites are an obvious first stop, however, there are also other possible retailers, which you may not have realised are trainer are the places you might want to hit up during your early-morning search, as other people who didn’t do their research may not even know these places are stocking. Selfridges and MR. PORTER are among the unlikely suspects. ” Getty ImagesFail to prepare, prepare to fail… “Create an online account on your chosen retailers’ sites before you’re the launch goes live. To speed up the buying process or if you encounter a looping checkout page, it’s can be a good idea to use your PayPal account. This often solves problems at checkout and makes payment sure you don’t forget the login or the online details for how you are planning to pay though. There’s nothing more annoying than missing out on a launch because you’ve spent too long trying to remember your Paypal password! ”Size does count“Make sure you’re clear on sizing before ‘drop day’ 350 V2’s are known to fit small, so you may want to grab 0. 5 size up on your normal shoe have a backup size in mind, just in case yours is sold out. You could then trade or sell this pair for your size after (or just get them a little bigger and double-up on socks! )” Sole SupplierRaffles “Most global retailers sell their Yeezy stock via a raffle. However, the good news is you don’t need to buy a ticket…You can enter your details on the retailer’s website, Instagram or other social media channels and when it closes, the retailers randomly select ’s possible to enter more than once on some sites, but you need to be careful as some retailers are very strict on the stock for raffles is, of course, limited, if this really is your dream pair of creps, you could ask friends or family members to enter too (as long as you can guarantee they won’t try and keep them for themselves if they win! )”
When Do Yeezys Drop? Set Your Alarms, Fam! We Coppin' a Feast

When Do Yeezys Drop? Set Your Alarms, Fam! We Coppin’ a Feast

Sometimes, we just do everything right – down to a T. We’ve got the best sneaker bot on our side revved up and ready for action. There’s a huge number of the most compatible proxies for every website under our belt ready to fire! And, our savage server is just waiting on cue! We did everything anyone needs to do for perfect seamless Yeezy sneakers copping! An accomplishment that deserves a little well-deserved shuteye – we gonna dine well tonight. We sleep with the dream of coppin’ a Yeezy feast, and all the Yeezys we get to flex after a mass coppin in a few hours! That’s when we wake up, alarm clocks ringing, there’s birds singing, it’s spring and… wait, what? The Yeezy already dropped during the snooze fest – we effed up the time. You know the feeling where your stomach literally drops – yeah, we know it too. When do Yeezys drop? That’s the question you need answering before you gear up for a drop.
The whole point of being fully-prepared for a sick sneaker drop, is NOT to cop Ls. There is absolutely no point other than that. So, why eff-up a whole drop because you didn’t know when do Yeezys drop? We took a lot of Ls before and learned from our mistakes. We took the Ls so you DON’T. So, when do Yeezys drop? We’ll tell you at exactly what time Yeezy sneakers release, and how you should prep just in time for the year’s sneaker release calendar!
So, When Do Yeezys Drop?
on YeezySupply, Yeezys Drop @ 9 AM EST
Yeezy Supply is Kanye West’s official hub of Yeezy merch – including the highly coveted Yeezy sneakers. It was his way of putting the Yeezys for All movement and brand mission into motion. This way ‘Ye has more control over the stock and Yeezy restock on the website! So, the ‘Ye owns the website, and he owns the Yeezy sneaker line – this HAS to mean that a huge amount of the stock has to drop on Yeezy Supply! This gives you a chance to mass cop and join the $6 Billion dollar sneaker reselling industry in 2021. Just look at the resale value on the Yeezy Foam Runner in Sand – the Yeezy clog’s making serious money on the aftermarket. You could be making some decent cash too! You just gotta be on time.
When do Yeezys drop on Yeezy Supply? Yeezys drop at 9 AM EST on the Yeezy Supply website.
Of course, this IS the industry of surprises. This means that you still have to be up to date with any changes or updates. So, make sure you stay locked on our blog for any sudden changes! YS is also a Demandware-hosted website, so you have to make sure that you have an epic Yeezy bot that supports Demandware sites. Not to brag, but AIO Bot happens to support every Demandware-hosted website you will ever need to cop these dope sneakers! Here’s a copping guide to help you out if you’re serious about copping Yeezys!
What About Shopify?
Yeezys Drop @ 6 AM to 2 PM EST On Shopify Sites
Shopify is technically a platform where you can host your own personal store and start selling whatever the heck you want! So many of the best sneaker sites operate on Shopify – including those that sell our beloved Yeezy sneakers! Shopify wants to help people manage their Shopify stores, and we just really wanna cop some Yeezys. And, luckily for us sneakerheads, there are a lot of Shopify stores that host Yeezy drops! You can definitely give it a shot and go for a mass cop! The cool thing is, all these sites mention the releases on their Instagram pages a day before the release -including the time of the drop.
The Shopify stores that usually release our beloved Yeezy sneakers include:
Packer Shoes
Billionaire Boys Club
APB Store
Deadstock CA
Shop Nice Kicks
Shoe Palace
Jimmy Jazz
Saint Alfred
When do Yeezys drop on Shopify sites? Yeezys drop starting 6 AM EST and the release goes on on different Shopify sites all the way up to 2 PM EST.
But, what does that mean when it comes to copping? When you want to cop sneakers off Shopify sites, you have to make sure that the bot you’re using supports this platform – luckily AIO Bot happens to be an all-in-one bot that supports over 100 websites! Including all the Shopify sites that can possibly drop a Yeezy. You can also cop Supreme and other limited-edition and resell-worth items using AIO Bot.
Time of Release?
Yeezys Drop @ 7 AM or 10AM EST On Footsites
Footsites are all the websites or different brands that branch out of the Footlocker company – mostly ones with the word foot in them. They’re hard to miss, honestly. They’ve got the same techniques, same types of release patterns, and Yeezys drop on them too! This works really well for us! Footsites are a sneakerhead’s sweet haven because they’ve got everything you could possibly need – including (and not limited to) Yeezys! Footsites include Footlocker US, Footlocker CA, Kids Footlocker, Champs Sports, Footaction, and Eastbay.
When do Yeezys drop on Footsites? Yeezys drop at 7 AM or 10 AM EST on Footsites.
So, when it comes to any of the Footsites, it’s anywhere between 7 AM and 10 AM – make sure you check all the release info on our website before a drop to make sure either way. Footsites normally load upcoming sneakers early on to their release calendars and clearly state the time they’re dropping. So, a cruise around Footlocker, Footaction, Champssport, and Eastbay would give you a clear idea of when to set up your bot to cop.
But as with any other site, you need to have a bot that supports and nails drops on Footsites. You know, you gotta have the right key for the right door *wink wink*!
When Do Yeezys Drop on Adidas?
Yeezys Drop @ 9 AM EST On Adidas
You could also try your luck via Adidas CONFIRMED app! The app raffle makes it fair game for everyone – this means more people get a chance to cop! New Yeezys in the US, Canada, EU/UK & Australia usually drop on the confirmed app raffle – of course, you’ll know for sure beforehand through sneaker news sites and our blog! Just make sure you download the Adidas app and fill in your credentials before the drop to save some time. The time of confirmed reservations appears below the sneaker on the day of or prior to the release. During the ACTUAL drop, you’ll be in a waiting room with a loading screen – do NOT refresh! The page has automatic refresh on it, and you will most definitely get banned if you overdo it with the Ctrl+R. If you do get picked, the screen will change and you’ll go through the process of picking a size. You just gotta be super quick – it’s a blink-and-miss situation. Your sneakers could sellout as you’re literally checking out!
Online Yeezy drops on Adidas usually drop around 9 AM EST, but make sure you check if it’s an online drop or a raffle on the confirmed app – especially for regional drops. You should check whether or not the Yeezy release is a regional drop like the regional Yeezy 350s that dropped in three regions: Americas, Europe & Russia, and Asia & the Middle East. Figure out where they’re dropping to find out when.
When do Yeezys drop on Adidas? Yeezy drops begin at 9 AM EST on Adidas.
The raffles are a slim chance, but the Yeezy is totally worth giving it a shot. Right? Totally worth giving it a shot for the upcoming Yeezy 350 Ash Pearl. Now, if you’re copping from Southeast Asia or through an Asian address, it’s then an FCFS release- so the faster you, or your sneaker bot, are, the better.
Missing Anything for the Drop?
When do Yeezys drop? We got that covered. All you have to do is make sure all the other parts of the copping process are good to go. You should also make sure you have your Yeezy fit right before you start copping. The cool thing is, once you’ve got all the things you need, all you gotta do is: sit back, relax, and let your wicked sneaker bot do the rest. After that, it’s all about the flex and flip.
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Frequently Asked Questions about how to buy yeezys when they drop

What time do Yeezys drop online?

The Sole Supplier will always keep you up to date with rumoured and confirmed release dates too.” “Certain retailers do sometimes release Yeezys online including Yeezy Supply, Foot Locker and Adidas. Adidas is the main online retailer and usually launches at 9 am on the official date unless stated otherwise.Nov 29, 2019

What time do Yeezys usually drop on Yeezy supply?

Yeezys drop at 9 AM EST on the Yeezy Supply website. This means that you still have to be up to date with any changes or updates.

What apps do Yeezys drop?

However, the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Light” seem to be a special release, as the sneakers appear to be released via adidas CONFIRMED and other retailers via raffle. You need the adidas CONFIRMED app or Instagram app, which you can download for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store.Aug 23, 2021

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