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Where To Buy Store Lists for Sneakers |

Where To Buy Store Lists for Sneakers |

Welcome to the Sneaker News Where To Buy Store Lists. These comprehensive lists are useful guides to help you purchase some of the most sought after sneakers as well as key releases. Some of these sneaker releases will be hard to buy as you’ll have to enter raffles (in-store or online). Other releases may be readily available.
In general, sneaker releases launch at 10:00 AM EST at Nike US and most retail partners.

Here is a list of online stores we recommend: Nikestore, adidas, Finish Line, JD Sports, Foot Locker, Eastbay, Footaction, SSENSE, LUISAVIAROMA, Stadium Goods (after market) and eBay (after market).
Make sure to follow @kicksfinder on twitter for up to the minute links on where to buy starting at 9:45am ET most mornings.
Five Reasons Why You Should Wait Until Release Date For Air Jordans

Five Reasons Why You Should Wait Until Release Date For Air Jordans

Sole Collector sheds some light on why staying away from ‘early release’ websites is a must.
words // Luis Sanchez
If you’re a consistent follower of what’s going on in the world of sneakers, you’re more than likely well aware of all of the drama concerning “early release” sneakers. Offered by a number of overseas retailers, there is an endless amount of questions surrounding the authenticity and legitimacy of these “early release” models.
With these sites offering buyers an almost infinite amount of anticipated releases, like the “Gamma Blue” Air Jordan 11 Retro and the upcoming “Carmine” Air Jordan 6 Retro, the first thing that comes to mind is, “This is simply too good to be true. ” Proving just that, buyers in the past couple years have begun to notice considerable differences between the “early release” sneakers they were receiving, and authorized authentic Nike product available at more traditional brick and mortar stores.
From misspelled Air Jordan branding, to unreasonable prices, there is plenty of reason why the old school way of waiting until release date to cop your new Air Jordans is still the most reliable route to obtain the kicks you’re after.
Sure to answer many of the questions out there and spark some debate, here are five reasons why you should wait until release date to cop your new Air Jordans.
Get the entire rundown below, let us know your thoughts on the current “early release” situation, and feel free to share your purchasing experiences in the comments below.
5. Price Gouge
When you really stop to think about it, it makes no sense to pay almost double the retail price for a product that’s nowhere near the same level of quality as pairs released at retail, which already recieve more than their share of criticism regarding quality. Also, since most of these “early release” shoes are overseas, shipping will cost a pretty penny. All that trouble and cost for a general release shoe, just to have them two months early?
4. Supporting illegal businesses
Something rarely pointed out is the fact that purchasing these early release sneakers supports illegal businesses. With unauthorized websites trying their best to pass these products off as authentic, the means by which they’ve obtained their sneakers clearly falls into a grey area. Perhaps direct theft is even involved. Also, supporting these sites takes away business from your local retailers and “Mom n’ Pop” shops.
3. No guarantee of OG packaging
Again, in relation to the unreasonable prices these sites are offering, it’s really not worth paying for a pair of “Gammas” or Retro 6s if you’re not even getting the original packaging or accessories. Take the “Concord” Retros from a few years back for example — many of these “early eelease” pairs were offered in unmarked Air Jordan boxes, or even damaged, second-quality boxes. No pull-out slider box, shoe trees or special tissue paper was included. However, with an authentic pair on release date, you’re guaranteed all of the original accessories and packaging at a cheaper cost.
2. No memory or thrill
One of the best things about this hobby is the memory we all have involving these certain sneakers, and especially Jordans. For many collectors, the memory of many Air Jordans begins with MJ debuting them to the world on an NBA court. These days, everything is seen for the first time on a website selling unauthorized products. When purchasing kicks on release date, there’s still that thrill and chase to build memories not often found with just simply paying extra for “early release” kicks online.
1. No Guarantee of Authenticity
Here’s the most important point in all of this: there’s really no way to guarantee these kicks are authentic Nike products. It’s pretty tough to ignore the growing number of signs pointing towards these products being fake. What’s making matters even worse is the fact that fakes are getting so good. Forum members who have bought shoes in the past from early release sites reported poor quality issues, and were instantly suspicious about their sneakers. And then there was the case of the infamous “Air Randy” miraculously ending up with multiple sizes of Concords with MJ’s #45 on the back. Thinking realistically, it’s more than likely that these “samples” were manufactured on the side and weren’t ever authorized Nike products.
We’re curious. What has your experience been like if you’ve purchased from an “early release” website? Were you satisfied? Did you suspect your shoes weren’t authentic? Share your stories below in the comments.
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[Guide] Tips on copping a new release.: Sneakers - Reddit

[Guide] Tips on copping a new release.: Sneakers – Reddit

[Guide] Tips on copping a new, this is my second guide and we will be going over tips and tricks on how to cop that awesome pair of sneakers during let me start by saying, be smart about this. Obviously some releases will be more hyped & popular than others. Mainly limited releases are the ones you will be interested in and will need these tips & tricks get started… There are a few different methods of copping on release ineStores (Standing in line)OnlineThere are a bunch of places to get new releases online. You could go straight to the supplier such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc. I have found that these online stores are most always prepared for a release. I order a lot with Nike and they try to help as much as possible with such things as Twitter accounts, live help, etc. I’ve seen many websites go down on big releases (anyone remember the 2011 Concord release? ) and that is usually not the problem with these retailers because they impart expect massive numbers and have the systems to handle the could also try to cop a pair through retailers such as Footlocker, Eastbay, etc. Basically stick to the main websites because as mentioned above, they will be prepared for a massive amount of orders and since they are a bigger retailer, they will most likely have the bandwidth to cope over the smaller lets get into pre-orders. Most retailers will not offer pre-orders but you can find some websites, even on Ebay, where you place your order a few weeks in advance for a premium and they will do all the work for you. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS METHOD. I’ve heard of some good stories dealing with these pre-order sites but it is super easy to get scammed, so avoid them. It may seem tempting, but resist are some universal tips for online ordering:Have an account with your information already registered and logged the webpage open and ready before any twitter acounts for updates. (i. e @NikeStore, @Eastbay, @FLUnlocked)Have a back-up site opened up in another tab AND ‘t get lucky the first time? Keep checking sites for restocks. Restocks happen mainly when people ordered the wrong size or had no luck in the reselling market so they return the sneakers. It will never happen for the really big releases but I recently got lucky with a restock on the Nike More Uptempo Olympics. Don’t give up! Stores/Standing in LineLet me start by saying I have never copped a pair of sneakers by waiting in line, but I’ve read what some other people have said and put this you haven’t caught the theme of my guides, they all revolve around being prepared and being smart; this is no different. If it is a mega release like the 2011 Retro Concords, seriously consider if you have the time to stand in line for 24+ hours and consider trying your luck online. If it is not a mega release, you have a good chance of getting in line early in the morning and getting a I said, this is all about being prepared and being smart. Call your local stores and ask them some questions:How many pairs do you plan to order? (Some stores will not disclose this info unfortunately)Will size ‘#’ be available? Will they be open early? Are you offering wristbands? Have you been getting a lot of calls regarding this release? How many people are you expecting? Are you allowing lines to form inside the store? What time? I think you see where these are going. Just be stores offer wristbands which will get you in front of anyone that doesn’t have one and usually are given out a day prior to the release. This is to reduce “mobs” and extremely long lines by allowing people go early, get a wristband with a number on it, etc. So talk to your store as mentioned and see if they offer these wristbands. I have heard some stories of stores not mentioning this unless asked, and it never hurts to ask! If you plan on standing on line for any amount of time, be ready to do so. Some people bring chairs, which is sometimes not allowed but a great idea. Bring some drinks and food, dress appropriately, and go to the bathroom beforehand (#1 and riously though). As usual, communication is key even with this method. Ask the store workers to notify everyone when sizes sell out, this is to avoid you standing in line for hours just to figure out size ‘#’ sold out an hour nally, build a repor with your local stores. They will be more willing to help a familiar face/someone they know with info and possibly holding a shoe for you, as they have that priviledge. (Thanks to /u/bware113)Restocking takes place in store too, only not as common. Mainly when people pick-up the wrong size and return it for a refund. As I mentioned, it is not common at all, but always worth a try! That’s all I got for now. I will keep adding on to it and if you have anything to add put it in the comments!

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How do you get Jordans before they release?

In general, sneaker releases launch at 10:00 AM EST at Nike US and most retail partners.

What time do Jordans release online?

However, with an authentic pair on release date, you’re guaranteed all of the original accessories and packaging at a cheaper cost. One of the best things about this hobby is the memory we all have involving these certain sneakers, and especially Jordans.

Are Jordans cheaper when they first come out?

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