How To Access Someones Pc With An Ip Address


How to Access Another Computer Using an IP Address - Small ...

How to Access Another Computer Using an IP Address – Small …

Often when you’re working on a computer, you need to connect to other computers to run software or check data on them. This could involve connecting to a business server used by your work team or opening a remote desktop session on your work PC from home. Either way, if you know the computer’s domain name or IP address, there are several tools to make this possible. Remote Computer Access With Remote Desktop One of the most common tools to connect to a remote Microsoft Windows computer is Microsoft’s Remote Desktop. This software enables you to connect to a computer running Windows 10 or many earlier versions of the operating system from another Windows computer or a smartphone running Android or iOS. It allows you to remotely control the computer using your keyboard and mouse, using the standard Windows interface. Before you can connect to a computer with Remote Desktop, you must enable it on the computer you’re connecting to. To do this, click the “Start Menu” and select “Settings. ” Within the Settings menu, click “Remote Desktop” and then choose “Enable Remote Desktop. ” Make a note of the name of the computer. Then, on another Windows computer, open the Remote Desktop app and type the name or IP address of the computer you want to connect to. You can also do this on a smartphone running iOS or Android using the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store or Google Play store. There are other third-party clients for the Remote Desktop protocol, known as RDP, which you can download for other operating systems. Other Remote Computer Access Tools In addition to Remote Desktop, other tools you can use to access a computer remotely include open-source VNC, which stands for Virtual Network Console. Like Remote Desktop, it allows you to use your keyboard and mouse to control a remote computer. Several VNC software packages are available, and you usually must install VNC on both your local computer and the remote computer you plan to control. Other commercial software, such as TeamViewer, is available for remote desktop connections or sharing your screen during conference calls and meetings so others can see data on your computer. SSH, which stands for Secure Shell, is often used by programmers and system administrators to talk to remote servers. Unlike Remote Desktop and VNC, SSH opens a command line connection to a remote computer, although you can also forward remote graphical and online content to your machine in many situations. It’s more commonly used to connect to Linux and other Unix systems than to Windows or Mac computers. You need to know the remote computer’s name or IP address to connect with SSH or VNC. Finding Your IP Address If you need to connect to a remote computer and aren’t sure of the IP address, you can check it in the Windows settings. Click the “Start Menu” and then “Settings. ” In the Settings menu, click “Network & Internet. ” If you’re using a wired connection on the computer, click “Ethernet” and then your connection to see the IP address. If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, click “WiFi” and then “Advanced Options. ” Your IP address is a series of numbers separated by dots.
How to Remote Access a Computer Using IP Address?

How to Remote Access a Computer Using IP Address?

Computing devices have come a long way over the last years. The modern family now has become mobile in the sense that now they have smartphones, tablets and various other gadgets with rich networking capabilities. Now, it’s easy for them to do home networking and remote access a computer with IP address.
Home networking could be totally possible if you know how to configure your home router and other devices for you to be able to remote access a computer with IP address. To do that, there are a few things that you need to understand, including WAN(Wide Area Network), LAN (Local Area Network), DNS(Domain Name System) and many else.
While all of this might seem overwhelming and too technical, it is quite easy if you are familiar with the router’s Web interface. Just make sure to have a good backup of the settings before making any changes.
Basic terms to successfully remote access a computer with IP address
For you to be able to successfully remote access a computer with IP address, it is great to know some of the basic concepts involving home networking.
Most of the internet providers supply their subscribers with devices that combine the functionality of a router and modem in a single pack. The router acts as the gateway that allows you to connect multiple devices to a network, while the modern establishes a connection to the internet. This is very vital if you want to remote access a computer with IP address successfully.
There are three options when you want to setup a home network and be able to remote access a computer with IP address.
1. WiredWith a wired type of network, you are using Ethernet cables into a network adapters to establish a connection. Although it lack mobility and generally suited for desktops, they do have their advantages. Since they provide a direct type of connection, wired network are able to transfer data faster and more stable. It also provide considerably better security among others and is best when you remote access a computer with IP address.
2. WirelessWireless technology excels in mobility and convenience. However, it is essentially a compromise in terms of performance, security and reliability. The number of devices, obstruction-free router and proper use of security protocols are vital when deploying a wireless network. You have to make sure, you have established your security well before you remote access a computer with IP address.
3. Powerline NetworkingThis is more popular nowadays. With this type of connection, you need to plug a special receiver into your wall outlet, which connects to and communicates with your networked devices over an encrypted signal. It is also good if you remote access a computer with IP address. This method doesn’t add any additional costs to utility bills and offers a degree of reliability that is somewhere between wired and wireless networking.
DevicesIt is possible to connect far more than desktop and laptop computers to a network. Same goes with remote access a computer with IP address. Printers, network storage devices and a host of mobile gadgets, they can all be connected to the network.
In most cases, your devices will have to be manually configured. Your configuration will depend on the operating system running on your central networking computer.
Forming the network before you remote access a computer with IP address
Establishing your network is typically a matter of connecting the devices you want to integrate to your router. It may require cables depending on the device. Wireless products come equipped with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities that eliminate the need to build any physical wires.
With all the setup you have made, the last thing you need to do before you remote access a computer with IP address is make sure you have a data and network protection like Comodo Internet Security Software that gives you complete protection against viruses and any type of attacks.
Building a network in your home has lots of challenges, but the benefits of it outweigh the negatives. You should pay attention to all essentials, and you will be reaping the perks of your own home-based network.
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How to Access Your Windows Server with Remote Desktop

How to Access Your Windows Server with Remote Desktop

In this article, we explain how to use Remote Desktop to access your Windows server’s desktop from anywhere in the world. On a normal Windows computer, you have a keyboard, monitor, and mouse that allow you to interact with the machine. For Windows VPS servers hosted on the Internet, things are a bit different because your server could physically be thousands of miles away. To access the desktop of an Internet-hosted server, Microsoft has created a feature known as Remote pported Operating SystemsAll Liquid Web Windows servers are capable of Remote Desktop. However, not all client computers can use it. Here is a list of operating systems known to be capable of communicating with your Windows server with Remote Desktop:Microsoft Windows 2000 Clients and ServersMicrosoft Windows XP ProfessionalMicrosoft Windows 2003 ServerMicrosoft Windows Vista Ultimate and Business EditionsMicrosoft Windows 2008 ServerMicrosoft Windows 7 and laterLinux with the RDesktop application installedMac OS X with a Remote Desktop client:(Mac OS X versions 10. 9 and later: Microsoft Remote Desktop)(Mac OS X versions 10. 5-10. 8 only: Open Source CoRD Client)(Mac OS X versions before 10. 7: Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac)Remote Desktop from a Windows ComputerClick the Start “mstsc” and press the Enter to Computer: type in the IP address of your serverClick all goes well, you will see the Windows login Desktop from a Linux Computer with RDesktopOpen a command shell using xtermType ‘rdesktop’ at the command prompt to see if you have rdesktop installedIf rdesktop is installed, then proceed. Otherwise, you will need to install the rdesktop package for your flavor of ‘rdesktop’ followed by your server’s IP address. Then press Enter.
Example:$ rdesktop 72. 52. 246. 40If all goes well, you will see the Windows login Desktop from Mac OS XUsing Microsoft Remote Desktop (Mac OS X versions 10. 9 and later):Using CoRD (Mac OS X versions 10. 5 through 10. 8 only):Download and install the CoRD application Open the application and click on the File menu, then New ServerYou will be presented with a window where you can specify information about the server you are connecting the server’s hostname or IP address in the Address can alter the other settings in this window if you wish but all you need to start the connection is the you are finished making changes, press the enter/return key on your keyboard or simply close the new server new server profile will appear in the list to the left side of the application. Double-click on it and you will start the connection to your server. Using the Microsoft RDP Tool (Mac OS X versions before 10. 7 only):Download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for you open the application, you will be prompted for the “Computer:” you would like to connect to. You can enter the server’s hostname or IP you click Connect the client will ask for your user name and password. If it fails to connect, you can try again inside the remote connection window. Not getting the support you need? Liquid Web’s VPS servers outmatch the competition on performance and support by a WIDE margin. We can migrate your data over to our environment for free. Check out how the difference in quality today!

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