How Scraping Experts Can Bypass Sophisticated Anti-Bot Systems

by Noah Carter

For a while, proxies were an effective way to scrape the web without any problems. But now, anti-bot systems are becoming more complicated, so we need smarter solutions.

We have some exciting news! Tomas Gilys, an experienced Python developer, is teaching a new lesson about how to get around anti-bot systems. In this lesson you’ll understand in detail what anti-bot systems do and learn techniques on how to beat them. Plus, you’ll also learn how to find the best solution for your project.

Learn How to Get Past Anti-Bot Systems with Tomas’ Lesson

When someone talks about web scraping, they often use the phrase ‘anti-bot system’. Knowing a bit about anti-bot systems is not enough though; you need to really understand them if you want to be able to ‘get past’ these systems successfully.

In his lesson, Tomas teaches us about the two types of anti-bot systems: passive and active. He explains how they work and how they can make it more difficult to web scrape. To tackle these systems, he introduces browserless and headless scraping as one way to get around them.

Scaling Up For Bigger Data

As time passes, we might need to scrape more and more data from the web. But if our usual ways of doing this aren’t enough, we have to start changing things so that we can do more faster. This is called scaling up.

Tomas is explaining two different strategies that can help make your business bigger – vertical and horizontal scaling. He’ll talk about the pros and cons of each approach, plus teach you how to avoid systems like headless browsing and Proxywatcher’s ‘AI Web Unblocker’. At the end, he’ll show which method might work best for helping your scraping become huge.

Conquer the Struggle of Keeping Up with Bot Protection with Our Scraping Experts Lesson Library!

Last year, we talked about the difficulty of trying to keep up with all the updates and changes in anti-bot systems. It can be really hard, but our Scraping Experts lesson library supply us with the best tricks, tools and solutions to succeed in scraping operations.

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