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11 Best Cheap Private Proxy Servers 2021 ($0.19 Each)

11 Best Cheap Private Proxy Servers 2021 ($0.19 Each)

Best Price Choice
SmartProxy servers are the most powerful proxy servers in the list. They are the fastest and the most anonymous proxy servers which work best on Amazon, Google, Paypal, and Twitter. Bypass country restrictions and website blocks.
Bypass country restrictions and website blocks. Forget about the limit of actions made from one IP.
Editors Pick
I would rank Bright Data (Formerly Luminati) as the #1 if I had to in the list of the best proxy servers this year. The company boasts itself as the world’s largest proxy network and yes it is the largest proxy provider at the networks and data collection tools used by Fortune 500 companies.
The Best Overall Private Proxy
IPRoyal offers a wide array of proxies for different purposes, from private web surfing to data scraping and brand protection. With over two million genuine IPs all over the world and a TrustPilot rating of 4. 4+, they focus on stability, security, and tailored solutions you can rely on.
A number of websites are available on the internet which cannot be accessed by just a simple search engine such as Google because they might not be indexed by Google or there might be some other reasons too.
It would be even frustrating if some website or URLs have been blocked by the Government in your country. This is where the proxy servers are best for this purpose. In this post, we have featured Best Cheap Private Proxy Servers In 2021.
What Is a Proxy Server? Public Proxy Servers v/s Private Proxy Servers: Which is better? Advantages of Private Proxy ServerList Of Best Cheap Private Proxy Servers 20211) Smartproxy Why is Smartproxy the rising star? 2. Bright Data (Formerly Luminati)3) IPRoyalFeatures:Pricing4. Squid Proxies5. SSL Private Proxies6. Blazing SEO proxies7. HighProxies8. Lime Proxies9. StormProxies10. Trusted Proxies11. EZ Proxies12. MyPrivate Proxy13. Proxy KeyConclusion: Which is the Best Cheap Private Proxy Server 2021?
What Is a Proxy Server?
A Proxy Server is the intermediately between your PC or MAC and a certain destination on the server that you want to visit. Usually, a normal connection uses your IP address and establishes the connection to the desired server.
But, when you are surfing the site that cannot be reached using your IP address, the proxy servers help you reach the site by redirecting your IP address using various connections and finally leaving you to the desired site.
[UPDATED] Best Definitive Guide To Setup Private Proxy Server Easily 2021
Proxy servers can help you surf the websites with ease as well as it can serve other purposes too:
Stay Anonymous: You can surf the internet anonymously without being noticed as your IP cannot be traced.
Unblock Censored content or sites: These proxy servers are best used to bypass the uncensored content or site that is inaccessible in your country.
Change the IP address: As I mentioned earlier, it can actually change your IP address and help you surf without worry.
Public Proxy Servers v/s Private Proxy Servers: Which is better?
There are two proxy servers to choose from depending on your needs and privacy; Public and Private proxy servers.
A public or open proxy is accessible by anyone. There is a number of users who can connect with a single proxy server and thus it is monitored and can be traced too.
Also, public proxies have limited speed and bandwidth. Using the public proxy server also poses some security risks.
A private proxy server is a server that can only be used by a single client at a time. It gives a private connection. The big advantage of using the private server is its fast speed and bandwidth.
Also, this server is called the Dedicated Proxy Server because it has an entire dedicated staff to your service.
Advantages of Private Proxy Server
Consistency: The perk of having the private proxy server is that it does not need to be searched and setup again and again. While in the public proxy server, you will need to reconfigure and set up the servers again and again but with the private servers, it comes already configured.
Protection: Public proxy servers might be at the risk of getting spied by the government agencies many times. When you are using the public proxy server, you might be sharing the server with the hackers as the other unethical internet users. While using the private server, you are secured from such hackers or illegal activities.
Security: Some public proxy servers might even be set up by hackers so as to steal your company’s personal data. Thus, setting up a private server for your company is a better option as it is trusted.
SEO and Web scraping: You can also increase the submission rate of your website and improve the SEO of your site. It is actually a black hat SEO technique. It does so by blocking the IP address of the device.
List Of Best Cheap Private Proxy Servers 2021
Private proxy servers are difficult to find and even if you find one, you would be baffled about choosing any one out of them. There are a number of private proxy servers to choose from. I have listed the best and cheap private proxy servers which are faster and secure than the others.
1) Smartproxy
It’s a web proxy service that allows you to bypass Internet censorship, protect yourself from malware and hackers, and stay anonymous on the Internet. I’ve been using them for about a year now and have found them to be very useful. If you’re looking for a premium web proxy service, I certainly recommend
Why is Smartproxy the rising star?
Millions of residential proxies in any country around the globe.
Name any software you use – they have documented it.
Constantly adds new features and proxy pools.
In case you run into trouble, you can get code integrations in 6 programming languages on Smarproxy’s GitHub.
A vast residential proxy network for local data access.
Unlimited concurrent connections.
Free advanced proxy rotation, Firefox and Chrome browser extensions, and proxy list generator.
Awarded 24/7 customer support gang.
It supports IPv6, so you can access any site in any country; It has a heavy focus on security, providing a variety of methods for securing your connection, including using SSL and a VPN.
It offers many free tools if you want to extend the range of devices that can access your Internet connection, including monitors to help with DNS settings.
It has an extensive array of tools for advanced users, including a system for managing proxies and firewall configurations; and It offers a friendly user interface with an easy-to-navigate layout. On the downside, the company has some technical problems with its customer service, especially when it comes to support emails.
If you want to get a better feel of all the benefits, you can opt for this network with a three-day money-back option.
2. Bright Data (Formerly Luminati)
I would rank Luminati as the #1 if I had to in the list of the best proxy servers this year. The company boasts itself as the world’s largest proxy network and yes it is the largest proxy provider at the moment.
The company’s large network has over 34 million IPs registered in its name and thus you can use any number of IPs from anywhere and at any time.
The types of proxies that they offer include Residential, Datacenter as well as the Mobile proxies. You can access these proxies through the same kind of proxies.
To try and test the speed, they offer a full trial of 7 days which is relevant enough to test their speeds.
It has a high loading speed as well as an optimized connection because of its load balancing servers.
It works in almost all the countries and at any location because of its varied Geo distribution.
They have a customized IP rotation manager. This means that you can customize the IP rotations by yourself.
You can also change your IPs after every 30 or 60 seconds.
These IPs have 99. 99% network uptime. Now, your network wouldn’t go down with this proxy.
They also give the API which can be used by many programming languages.
It also gives you the flexibility to send unlimited concurrent requests to get and collect the best and the fastest data collection.
There are three proxies to choose from; Datacenter, Residential and Mobile proxies
Datacenter Proxies
Datacenter proxies are the fastest proxy network across 87 countries. The IPs will be allocated t the country that you choose and the multiple datacenter providers too.
The prices for the Datacenter proxies depend on the number of IPs and the bandwidth or traffic that you choose. You can choose as low as 1 IP and start with 1 GB of traffic. It starts at as low as $1. 2 per month. You can also choose the average requests.
You can choose as high as 100, 000 IPs and the immense traffic of about 1, 000 GB. When you choose this, you will have to pay $60, 100 per month.
Residential Proxies
Residential Proxies are just allocated to the 30 million peers of the cable, internet connection, and DSL at your home. They would cost you a bit expensive as compared to the Datacenter proxies.
You can choose a minimum of 1 IP and a 40 GB plan which starts at $500. 6 per month. As it increases, you have the flexibility to choose a maximum of 100, 000 IPs and the maximum traffic of 50, 000 GB. It costs $100, 000. 6 per month.
3) IPRoyal
IPRoyal has its own ethically-sourced residential proxy pool of genuine users all over the world. It allows the participants (or Pawns) to make some extra money, and it offers great value to the clients, as these IPs are impossible to detect or block in most cases. Their proxies are highly customizable via the intuitive dashboard, offering many useful options so you’re sure to find a solution that perfectly suits your needs.
Although it’s a fairly new contender in the global proxy market, IPRoyal already made a name for itself with a wide array of services, including services we don’t see often, like sneaker or gaming proxies. The wide array of solutions combined with advanced options like automatic IP rotation, sticky sessions, proxy lists, and competitive pricing definitely make IPRoyal a provider worthy of your attention.
Affordable prices with minimal monetary requirements
24/7 customer service agents ready to help you get started
Supports numerous locations all over the world
Rotating and sticky options available
Easy setup and high compatibility with popular proxy managers
Supports proxy list generation
A way to make money through their P2P network (IPRoyal Pawns)
No one has unlimited funds to spend on proxies. IPRoyal knows this, so all their services feature competitive pricing. They also offer bulk pricing so larger orders end up being significantly more affordable, making IPRoyal a great long-term solution.
4. Squid Proxies
Squid Proxies are one of the safest and the most anonymous proxies. They would cost you a bit dearer than the others because of its features. I have rated the squid proxies as the best private proxy server because of its unmetered bandwidth and fast blazing speed.
Squid proxies have highly anonymous HTTP/HTTPS proxies. They give the best services to the people who are looking to browse and use SEO tools, stream and torrenting. But, they don’t allow the use of illegal sites using these proxy servers.
With the largest number of proxy networks in the industry, they have a speed upto 1000 Mbps in the industry. They have currently 12 servers which as located in the USA. They have the 13 other servers in Europe which are responsible for its higher speed.
The customer support for the private proxies member is too responsive. If you face any problem with the speed, you can drop an email to the customer support team and they will be responsive within the 30 minutes. They will give a detailed report of the issue.
When you purchase a server and in case you haven’t liked it, you can ask for the refund within the 3 days of the purchase.
You will get the fresh monthly proxies with multiple IP subnets. Various type of HTTPS/ HTTP proxies are available and can be used as Google Proxies, Linkedin Proxies, Amazon Proxies, YouTube Proxies, Facebook proxies, Snapchat Proxies, Pinterest proxies, and various others.
Also, they have Instagram Proxies, Craiglist proxies, Twitter proxies, and a lot of others to name.
Number of Proxies
Multiple Cities
Multiple Subnets
Instant Setup
Monthly Price
Price per proxy
$2. 40
$1. 92
$1. 60
$1. 45
$1. 30
$1. 15
$0. 90
$0. 75
They accept various payment methods such as PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, American Express. They also accept Bitcoins too which is a big plus.
5. SSL Private Proxies
SSL Private proxies just like the High proxies are a great way of using the anonymous proxies. They are the most elite and anonymous proxies in the industry. They have shared proxies, high anonymous proxies, and the best VPN services too.
The servers are ultra fast and are dedicated Dual Xeon Intel servers and they have up to 16 GB of RAM. Also, the proxies are good for the social media, classified ads, and the web scraping. The web servers use the wind energy which makes the servers eco-friendly.
The servers are located across the 33 locations across the USA and 5 locations across Europe. They offer highly anonymous and special packages for various proxies such as Instagram Proxies, Pinterest proxies, Snapchat proxies, Linkedin Proxies, Ticketing proxies, Gaming, and Shopping proxies and the Pokemon Go proxies as well.
Your IP address, as well as the Geo-location, remains anonymous while surfing the web. Thus, these proxies work well for the special sites that you can surf easily.
120, 000+ Fast and Dedicated IP address with 40 datacenters.
It gives the IP authentication as well as the username/password authentication which makes the usage and the proxies accessible.
Highly ticket resolving system
Email Support
FAQs and video tutorials
Highly automated and easy Control panel
You can also switch the proxies if they don’t work accordingly.
SSL private proxies have pretty decent piecing and they give what they charge for. Their excellent customer support is surely the thing to go for.
Costs $15 per month
5 proxies
Price Per proxy- $2. 9
Highly anonymous proxies
Costs $29 per month
10 proxies
$55 per month
20 proxies
Price per proxy- $2. 75
SPP- 50
$125 per month
50 proxies
Price per proxy- $2. 5
$225 per month
100 proxies
Price per proxy- $2. 25
$420 per month
200 proxies
Price per proxy- $2. 1
6. Blazing SEO proxies
Blazing SEO is one of the newest in the proxy industry and with the anonymous proxies. It also gives the captcha solving and archiver. This is one of the best anonymous proxies to add to your arsenal if you are looking for the proxies to use specifically for the SEO purpose.
The reason I would recommend the Blazing SEO is that of its custom API to buy, replace or cancel automation of the proxies. Thus, this feature can help you boost your search engine ranking too.
Its fast blazing speed is a big plus. The private proxies here give an unmetered bandwidth of about 1 Gbps which is impeccable.
Similar to the SSL private proxies, they have two-way authorization; IP authorization as well as the user/password authorization.
With Blazing SEO, your proxies will automatically replace once in a month. SO, you barely need to care about the replacement.
Blazing SEO has got the variety of products in its inventory which gives the customized solutions as well.
The product uses the virgin IPs which means that you can use the clean IPs to meet your goals for sneaker purchasing, customer ticketing, and others.
It has data centers across 3 countries; USA, Germany, and Brazil. USA alone has 19 data centers which are responsible for the high speed.
What I loved about the Blazing SEO is that you do not need to send an email to the support team. You can simply refresh the proxy and get your issue resolved.
The email is responsive and will be answered within the 30 minutes.
They offer all kinds of proxies; Dedicated Proxies, Semi-dedicated proxies, Rotating proxies, Sneakers proxies as well.
They own more than 500 subnets. (Class A, B, and C)
Since it has data centers in the US, Brazil, and Germany, each of them costs different and thus the pricing for the different servers are different.
USA, Germany and Brazil Data Centers
5 proxies @ $6 per month
10 proxies @ $12 per month
20 proxies @ $24 per month
50 proxies @ $58 per month
100 proxies @ $114 per month
200 proxies @ $228 per month
500 proxies @ $550 per month
1000 proxies @ $1000 per month
Sneaker Proxies
5 proxies @ $7. 50 per month
10 proxies @ $15 per month
25 proxies @ $37. 50 per month
50 proxies @ $71. 50 per month
100 proxies @ $125 per month
200 proxies @ $250 per month
500 proxies @ $625 per month
1000 proxies @ $1250 per month
7. HighProxies
High Proxy servers are the most powerful proxy servers in the list. It was launched in 2015. They are the fastest and the most anonymous proxy servers which work best on Amazon, Google, Paypal, and Twitter.
It has one of the best customer support and if it is purchased in bulk quantity, it will cost you too cheap. These proxies are based on faster speeds up to 1Gbps. They use Xeon servers with 16 GB RAM.
These private proxies are banned by the sneakers website such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, and SupremeSneakers. This means that you cannot surpass these sites using these proxies.
The High proxy servers also do not allow the surpassing of the sites working with the Instagram or the sites related to it. You would need the Instagram proxies for that purpose
They offer the dedicated private proxy server for the virtual private networks, Twitter, Snapchat Proxies, Google proxies, Amazon proxies, Linkedin proxies, Craiglist and all other social media proxies except the Instagram.
They have 18 data centers out of which 17 are in the USA. These data centers ensure that your IP gets diversified and is redirected. Thus, the data centers in the US are fast and keep things anonymous.
Quick Features:
RAID Servers: The fast RAID SATA hard drives keep up the pace of your internet and provide the fastest server swap and high performing speed.
LINUX server: The server and VPNs are all LINUX based and they provide high performance, stability, and security to the servers. They use CENT OS.
Intel-based servers: High proxies have high performing Intel Quad Core XEON processors for their servers which give up the speed up to 1 Gbps.
Protection: The servers are protected against any threat by using the firewall.
Vast Space: A single High Proxy server has a vast RAM of about 16 GB which allows 100 proxies per thread.
The private proxy servers always cost double the amount of the shared server but it has far better usability than the shared one.
High proxies have pretty low private proxy servers pricing when compared to the others in the industry. Every server comes with free setup ad great customer support.
The lowest among the proxies is the Private Proxies-1. It costs $2. 30 per month.
Private Proxies-5 costs $11. 50 per month.
Next in the pricing is, Private Proxies-10 which costs $22 per month
Private Proxies-20 which costs $42 per month
If you want even 100 proxies, then private proxies-100 is perfect for you. It would cost $168 per month
Similarly, Private Proxies-200 costs $329 per month.
8. Lime Proxies
Lime Proxies are the great proxy providers. They are most specialized in offering the Virgin IPs. One of the biggest pluses for this proxy is that it offers the private proxies, International proxy and the sock5 private proxy in its private proxies collection.
These proxies work best on the software and the gaming applications. It is also great for posting the classified ads and bypassing the ticketing websites.
The sock5 proxy protocols are considered great for the Gaming purpose and thus it serves the best purpose here. Their virgin IPs, which means that they have never been used are great for using certain social media tools without facing any issues.
It has over 40+ Geo-locations and you can choose anyone randomly.
Similarly, there are 25 IP simultaneous usages.
It allows the username/password authentication but not IP authentication.
Private proxies also give the recycled IPs. These would cost you less as compared to the Premium proxies which gives the Virgin IPs.
Accepts various payment methods such as PayPal, any credit or debit card and even the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
99% Uptime guarantee of the servers ensures that your network is never down
A 2-day free trials and above that, 3-day money back guarantee is also available which makes it one of the best private proxy servers.
Easily accessible and customer friendly online control panel
The company also guarantees to give up to 100 concurrent threads and can even increase its number if needed.
The prices for these proxies are pretty nominal and the company gives a discount of about 50% on each plan.
1 Proxy for $4. 99 per month.
10 proxies for $9. 99 per month
25 proxies for $24. 99 per month
100 Proxies for $99. 99 per month
250 Proxies for $249. 99 per month
500 Proxies for $499 per month
1000 Proxies for $750 per month
2500 Proxies for $1750 per month
In addition, all the plans give 2 IP locations to choose from. The speeds of these IPs are about 100 Mbps with 5 subnets.
9. StormProxies
StormProxies was formed lately in 2016 by a group of SEO’ers. It offers the SEO proxies. Thus, they are the best proxies for the SEO purpose in this list.
In all, they provide the dedicated or private proxies as well as the best reverse rotating proxies. They have both residential IPs as well as the Datacenter IPs available.
They are the backconnect proxies which give the rotating IPs all the time. All the SEO tools are available to use on its servers. Just like the others, it gives the private proxies for Google proxies, Amazon proxies, YouTube proxies, Linkedin proxies, Snapchat proxies, eBay proxies, Tumblr proxies, PokemonGo proxies, and Instagram proxies.
One of the best features that are not available in many proxies is that they also offer the proxies for the snakeheads. Thus, its rotational residential proxies are great for Nike, Adidas, Supreme, and various others.
You can certainly choose one of the two proxies; Dedicated Rotating and General Dedicated proxies.
Optimized for SEO tools like Scrapebox, GSA, RankerX, etc.
Access your proxies either by IP authorization or username and password authorization.
High performance and optimized speed upto 1 Gbps.
Instant access after payment.
No hacking, torrents and other illegal activities are allowed.
2 Hours Money back guarantee
No. of Proxies
$1. 8
$1. 6
$1. 4
$1. 2
Thus, the proxies are at a bit higher side of pricing. Besides this, you get the following with all the plans:
Unlimited Bandwidth
Virgin IPs
3 USA locations
Multiple IPs
24/7 support
100 Concurrent threads
10. Trusted Proxies
Trusted Proxies came into existence in 2010. It is one of the best proxy servers when it comes to the business. They help the business best by using the proxy for the SEO.
It is most widely used as a solution for the keyword ranking software. It speeds up the keyword ranking report and you can make use of various SEO tools such as Rank tracker and Advanced Web Ranking.
Trusted Proxies have only white hat solutions and all the black hat solutions are prohibited here. Using the above proxies, you can find a number of longtail keywords which were too hard to discover once.
GEO-Surfing: The Geo-surfing feature of the trusted proxies enables you to surf the other country or city of your choice and track the local ads or classified ads using the Google SERPs.
Web Scraping: It is also recommended for your scraping software as it has a high volume for anonymity.
Since they give a premium service, neither they allow any Craiglist, spamming or black hat nor do any of the IPs are burnt.
Datacenters in US, UK and EU.
No search engine friendly searches, you can send 1000+ queries within minutes.
The Trusted proxies is best considered for the business classes also because of its high pricing. The private or the dedicated proxies cost a bit higher as compared to the other better private proxies in the list of these proxies.
5 Private Proxies would cost you around $50.
10 private proxies cost you around $92 per month.
The company also gives the 7-day free trial where you can explore each and every feature of this proxy server. Even after the 7-day trial, they come up with a 7-day money back guarantee.
You will also get the discounts for the subscriptions of 3 months or 6 months and even the larger discount for a yearly subscription.
It accepts all kind of payment which includes VISA, Amex, PayPal, and MasterCard as well.
11. EZ Proxies
EZ Proxies are most popularly known as the best proxy server for the black hat SEO’ers. They offer both kinds of proxies; Shared as well as the private proxies.
Though the company still lacks some features and was unable to explain to me some of its characteristic features such as the location of data centers.
They have the shared as well as the private proxies and also the International proxies. These proxies are also best suited for the Scrapebox. EZ proxies can also be used for the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and the email proxy. These proxies can be used only for the email platform such as Gmail, Hotmail and not for the SMTP based port.
99% Uptime guarantee
24/7 customer support through Live chat and ticket support system
Instant processing and setup of proxies
Its high and redundant technology makes it unrecognizable that if you are using proxy or not.
Two Authentication processing; IP whitelisting and user/password authentication.
Intuitive and user-friendly customer control panel to switch the IPs for whitelisting.
No. of proxies
$2. 00
$1. 90
$1. 80
$1. 50
$1. 20
All these proxies are highly anonymous, fast and secure and have multiple locations to choose from. They accept all the credit cards, PayPal and the Bitcoins.
12. MyPrivate Proxy
MyPrivateProxy currently holds the #1 spot in the list of the top best proxy servers. It was initially found in 2011 and has now become one of the largest proxy networks in the world.
One of the reasons I would recommend this proxy server is because it allows the use of sneaker websites through their proxies. The proxies work on a number of sneaker sites such as Adidas, Barney’s, Supreme, Jordans, Yeezy, Finish Line, and Sneaky but you wouldn’t get any refund for any Sneaker proxies.
They offer multiple IP locations which include 16 from the US and 8 from the EU. Outside the US, it has the IP locations in Amsterdam, Canada, Germany, Luxembourg, and France.
Free of charge proxy replacement after every billing cycle on request.
High performance and dedicated servers with Intel Xeon-2 processors are responsible for high speed.
Username/password authentication
I Gbps internet connection
99% uptime perfect for all businesses.
Intuitive control panel helps to manage your private proxies with ease.
24/7 support via live chat or email and the ticketing system.
Instant setup and the instant activation
100% Wind Energy
There are a number of plans to choose from and that makes it so much flexible.
$2. 49/ month
No. of Proxies- 1
Multiple Locations- No
Multiple Subnets- No
Monthly randomize- Yes
Price Per Proxy- $2. 49
$11. 75/ month
No. of Proxies- 5
Multiple Locations- 2
Multiple Subnets- 2
Price Per Proxy- $2. 35
MPP 10
$23. 70/ month
No. of Proxies- 10
Multiple Locations- 3
Multiple Subnets- 6
Price Per Proxy- $2. 15
MPP 50
$87. 50/ month
No. of Proxies- 50
Multiple Locations- 5
Multiple Subnets- 10
Price Per Proxy- $1. 59
MPP 100
$165/ month
No. of Proxies- 100
Multiple Locations- 6
Price Per Proxy- $1. 50
MPP 200
$325/ month
No. of Proxies- 200
Multiple Locations- 7
Multiple Subnets- 14
Price Per Proxy- $1. 47
MPP 500
$750/ month
No. of Proxies- 500
Multiple Locations- 10
Multiple Subnets- 20
Price Per Proxy- $1. 36
MPP 1000
$1, 400/ month
No. of Proxies- 1100
Multiple Locations- 12
Multiple Subnets- 36
Price Per Proxy- $1. 27
MPP 2000
$2, 500/ month
No. of Proxies- 2200
Multiple Locations- 14
Multiple Subnets- 42
Price Per Proxy- $1. 13
Thus, the MPP (MyPrivate Proxies) are the best when you are going for the sneaker and the ticketing proxies.
13. Proxy Key
Proxy Key has been purposefully in the industry since 2006 and is used widely for the SEO, web scraping, Social Media and IM.
The only drawback to this is its high pricing. But, I would say that the pricing is justified too because of its virgin IP’s. Proxy Key gives all the virgin IPs and thus all the IPs are fresh.
They have fairly high speed and redundant hardware which guarantees 99. 92% Uptime monitoring. Its high speed is also attributed to the multiple data centers. The US data centers are spread across 300+ cities and internationally, the datacenters are located in almost 25+ countries.
Similarly, they have two authentications; IP whitelisting as well as the user/password authentication. The company promises a total 16 GEO locations. It promises 1Gbps speed of the servers.
Proxy Key doesn’t allow the web spamming and hacking using their servers. Thus, they can be called as fully authenticated. They allow access to Scrapebox, Webmail and Tweet box.
In addition, the company gives 48-hour money back guarantee. Also, it takes 1 business day to set up your account after the processing of the payment.
1. HighProxiesVisit Site
2. Squid ProxiesVisit Site
3. SSL Private ProxiesVisit Site
4. Blazing SEO proxiesVisit Site
5. LuminatiVisit Site
6. Lime ProxiesVisit Site
7. StormProxiesVisit Site
8. Trusted ProxiesVisit Site
9. EZ ProxiesVisit Site
10. MyPrivate ProxyVisit Site
11. Proxy KeyVisit Site
Conclusion: Which is the Best Cheap Private Proxy Server 2021?
There are a number of proxies to choose from the list of private proxies. If you have a limited budget, then Trusted Proxies, Storm Proxies, Lime Proxy, and Proxy key are the best to use for a while. If you need better performing servers with a little extra budget, then MyPrivate Proxy, Blazing SEO or SSL private proxies are highly recommended. You can check our detailed SmartProxy review here to get detailed insights into it.
If you are high on budget, then Luminati is a perfect choice for you. Overall, all of the private proxy servers are fully functional and they are the best in the industry. If you are still confused about choosing the best proxy servers, you can also refer to my other articles.
Bottom Line: Bright Data (Formerly Luminati) have cheap private proxies which are one of the best in the world of proxy servers. Social Media proxies are the solution to all your problems. They are specifically designed to be used on social media platforms. The best part is that they offer the choice of multiple cities and subnets. You can try Bright Data.
If you have better private proxy servers in mind, let us know in the comments section below.
Pricing - Proxy

Pricing – Proxy

You could save $246, 000 a year! * HIDE SHOW
Legal Fees:
Proxy is designed to make in-house resources more efficient, reducing the reliance on outside legal providers for simple tasks. At the 50 User level, if Proxy allows your Users to eliminate or reduce interactions with outside legal counsel by just five minutes a week, you would eliminate 240 billable hours a year. Assuming a blended hourly billing rate of $650 an hour, you could save $156, 000 in attorneys’ fees annually.
Personnel Costs:
Proxy is also a workflow management tool. If Proxy can make your team 1. 25% more efficient – a low bar indeed – you will save two hours per User each month. At 50 Users, that’s 1, 200 hours a year, or approximately 60% of an FTE. The average salary for in-house counsel is above $150, 000, which translates into $90, 000 a year of savings.
You could save $492, 000 a year! * HIDE SHOW
Legal Fees: Proxy is designed to make in-house resources more efficient, reducing the reliance on outside legal providers for simple tasks. At the 50 User level, if Proxy allows your Users to eliminate or reduce interactions with outside legal counsel by just five minutes a week, you would eliminate 480 billable hours a year. Assuming a blended hourly billing rate of $650 an hour, you could save $312, 000 in attorneys’ fees annually.
Personnel Costs: Proxy is also a workflow management tool. At 50 Users, that’s 2, 400 hours a year, or approximately 120% of an FTE. The average salary for in-house counsel is above $150, 000, which translates into $180, 000 a year of savings.
You could save $738, 000 a year! * HIDE SHOW
Legal Fees: Proxy is designed to make in-house resources more efficient, reducing the reliance on outside legal providers for simple tasks. At the 50 User level, if Proxy allows your Users to eliminate or reduce interactions with outside legal counsel by just five minutes a week, you would eliminate 720 billable hours a year. Assuming a blended hourly billing rate of $650 an hour, you could save $468, 000 in attorneys’ fees annually.
Personnel Costs: Proxy is also a workflow management tool. At 50 Users, that’s 3, 600 hours a year, or approximately 180% of an FTE. The average salary for in-house counsel is above $150, 000, which translates into $270, 000 a year of savings.
Best 5 Proxy Servers To Help You Web Surf Anonymously

Best 5 Proxy Servers To Help You Web Surf Anonymously

A web proxy server alters a user’s IP address without the need for online traffic encryption. This enables the user to privately surf the web making it difficult for malicious forces to infiltrate and acquire your browsing data information.
Using a web proxy will also allow a user to access sites that are otherwise inaccessible. So those websites at work you’re often denied access to are now open season. This also holds true for sites blocked in schools and your ISP.
A web proxy works by camouflaging your identity (hiding your IP address), acting as the middle man between your computer and the website you want to access. Your computer will request access to the website through the proxy, after which it will then go through a filtering process.
Once the process is complete, the request will proceed to the web source. Once the site receives the response it will redirect back to your computer enabling you to view its contents.
The Differences Between a Proxy Server & a Virtual Private Network
Though similar in that they both provide user privacy, the way a proxy server differs from a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is in the approach. A VPN tends to be more efficient in anonymous surfing and provides a more robust service that typically comes at a cost.
There are plenty of free VPNs out there but the bulk majority that can be considered “most safe” tend to have a price tag attached. Proxy servers are more often than not, free of charge.
But as they say, “You get what you pay for, ” and when it comes to online privacy, this statement rings true. A proxy server will not encrypt your traffic as is standard with a VPN. They are also browser-specific and exclusive as you can only use a proxy from your web browser.
A VPN is designed for the device it’s used on so you’re able to use it for more than just website surfing. Regardless, a proxy server will do well in a pinch when you need to get past an online geo-block or simply want to surf the web in peace.
Best 5 Proxy Servers To Help You Web Surf Anonymously
Some web proxy servers are of the paid variety. It should come as no surprise that the paid versions are the ones offering the best quality. The better-paid web proxies can compress online traffic, cache files, and even block annoying ads from the websites prior to granting access. However, depending on what you need it for, a free web proxy will do just fine.
If all you require is to mask your identity while online or sneak passed a blocked site, there are several free services available to you. Enter the domain name into the proxy and enjoy your online anonymity.
The most famous and widely recognized proxy server has to be HideMyAss (HMA). It provides the standard feature of hiding your true IP address in addition to a pop-up ad blocker to help smooth over your web surfing experience. The proxy server is completely free but if you want additional protection, HMA also offers a pay-to-use VPN service.
HMA is a collection of varying globally located VPN proxies. This means that you get a very fast and flexible service when using HMA over other proxy servers. There is an official extension for both the Google Chrome and Firefox browsers allowing you to avoid having to download and install the full software.
The only hangup with using HideMyAss is that it stores both your IP address and that of the VPN server currently being used for an undisclosed period. They claim to not use the information and only share it with their partner company, the Avast Group, in order “to execute on the provisions of this service, for direct marketing, or to help our product development. ”
So if this is something that worries you, we have other proxy servers from which to choose from.
This proxy server is most prominent in the access of YouTube and HD streaming services typically blocked based on geographical location. 4everproxy offers unlimited bandwidth and is perfect for anyone wanting to access video streaming sites outside of their own country.
The streaming quality is of good quality considering you can use it for HD video streaming. It’s very rare you’ll face any buffering when using the service. There is no need to log into YouTube in order to watch videos. The service also provides an extra security measure by automatically removing all logged history from your browser every two hours.
ProxySite increases your online security through the use of SSL encryptions. Similar to HideMyAss, they offer VPN-like quality with your searches. You’ll be able to hide your IP address, get around pesky website blocks, and access popular sites all while having your history logs completely cleared.
There are numerous proxy servers available with ProxySite including those located in the US and Europe which are free to use. There is a premium VPN option for additional security features but the free proxy offers what you’ll need in most cases.
To be clear, the proxy server allows you to control cookies, javascript, objects, and ads on your page, making it perfectly capable of whatever the typical user is likely to use it for.
shares similar fame with HideMyAss in that it’s a well-known and popular web proxy service. won’t log or retain your data. Immediately after exiting your browser, the URL provided to mask your identity will expire. There are no annoying ads on their website and all pop-up ads received while surfing are automatically blocked from your browser, enhancing the browsing experience.
is one of the faster proxy servers and allows you to easily change your location, control browser cookies, and block harmful scripts. Server selection is rather limited, housing locations in only Germany, the USA, and the Netherlands. The UI appears very professional and user-friendly.
For a more all-encompassing security solution, offers its premium VPN service at $5. 41/mo.
Whoer is more than just a web proxy. Aside from the basic proxy server security solution, Whoer allows you to change your IP address incredibly fast. This may sound like something that should be common to all proxy sites but the speed in which Whoer allows is second to none.
The Whoer website offers tools that allow you to track information on a specific website, test your internet connection speed, and run a ping test to determine server response times.
You can manually choose between seven to nine proxy servers that are available in most European countries as well as the US. The only annoying issue the Whoer site has is the inability to remove ads. This could prove irritating but remains unavoidable. The ads are what keeps Whoer in business thus you will need to deal with the ads if you want to use the service.
The Whoer proxy server is available for the Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Yandex browsers.

Frequently Asked Questions about how much does a proxy server cost

How much does proxy cost?

No problem—Proxy offers hands-on, on-site training for all of your users, for a flat fee of $2,500.

Are proxy servers free?

Proxy servers are more often than not, free of charge. … They are also browser-specific and exclusive as you can only use a proxy from your web browser. A VPN is designed for the device it’s used on so you’re able to use it for more than just website surfing.Oct 17, 2019

Does a proxy server cost money?

Web proxies are usually free and have the advantage that you do not need to download and install any extra software or configure your browser settings. They are therefore very easy to use. Many free proxy websites, however, fund themselves using extensive advertising.Jun 14, 2018

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