Heated Sneaks Yeezy Bot Review


Heated Sneaks - Yeezy Bot Reviews

Heated Sneaks – Yeezy Bot Reviews

Slowly but steadily, Heated Sneaks seems to be improving with every Yeezy release.
After succeeding on several Yeezy releases, Heated Sneaks managed to prove itself to be more than Just a Supreme Bot. In fact, It is safe to say that Heated Sneaks has become one of the few really powerful sneaker bots out there.
And with reasonable prices, it is getting the attention of many sneakerheads.
Some people are referring to HeatedSneaks as ‘’scam’’, claiming that the majority of their Twitter supporters are fake accounts, so be careful. For the time being we recommend selecting another bot.
Note this is an overview, the best bot to buy will change depending on release variables. To find out the best bot for the next release see Whats the best Bot?
SupportUsabilityCopping PowerPrice
Industry Standard Support
Heated Sneak’s support team is the second best one in the business, with a short reply time and enthusiastic attitude but lacking a little bit in the technical department.
Enterprise Level Usability
Heated Sneaks is actually a browser extension, and these are usually easy to install and use.
Enhanced Copping Ability
Heated Sneaks still has some releases before it gets to the top of the sneaker bots list, but it’s getting better with time. Plus, It’s a very good extension to use on supreme tho.
Fair Price.
Since Heated Sneak’s Yeezy copping power and success rate aren’t that great, the price seems to be fair, you can install it on your browser while running another bot since it won’t affect the bot’s performance.
The Good
A very easy to use and install extension with a user-friendly interface
A very good support team with a short reply time
A Fair price in comparison to their copping power and success
The Bad
Not a powerful tool to use for a Yeezy release
Some people refer to it as ‘’scam’’, claiming that the majority of their Twitter supporters are fake accounts.
Whats the
Best Bot?
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src=” class=”element-icon ” alt=””/>Find out now the best bot for the coming release!
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Yeezy Proxies
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Heated Sneaks Bots Reviews - Trustpilot

Heated Sneaks Bots Reviews – Trustpilot

Too much difficulties to be worth it
Although this bot technically works, it’s complicated with a poor support team to follow. They have guides on how to use the bot for Palace, Supreme, Yeezy, and Adidas. This isn’t too helpful when you have the AIO version of the bot. there isn’t really a basic guide for the rest of the sites offered through the AIO. This basically makes it it useless since it never guides you through it. And mid way through the Supreme season, the site for supreme on the bot disapeared. I had to contact the support team thorugh email and social media and basically blew up their notifications before they even noticed me. They only respond to angry customers which isn’t really helpful. This bot isn’t user friendly, whoever runs it doesn’t run by schedule and can cause complications that can occur the night before a drop. I wouldn’t recommend as there are better bots out there and at times could be easier to just do things manually compared to setting up this bot.
Legit and super easy to use
Legit and super easy to use, tons of dumb ppl out there that dont know how to run bots and just blame the bot lol. listen to smart people, not dumb.
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Please notice all the 5 stars only have…
Please notice all the 5 stars only have 1 review with standardised messages., Obviously was made by heated sneaks and affiliate to make misleading feedback. 2 years on and have never made back any money from this bot. Please avoid.
Do not trust any of the positive reviews, Pretty sure they made it themselves. BOT DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. Buy only if you feel like making them rich!
never copped an item in 12 weeks
Heated Sneaks = Scam
Any 5 star review you read about this product has to be from a fake account. This product is garbage and practically a scam. Save your money and get a real bot like Dashe. Customer support is a joke/nightmare and loves to threaten its own customers. HEATED SNEAKS IS A FRAUD. DO NOT BUY.
Horrible bot
Horrible bot. All these 5 star reviews are probably from fake accounts. “Worth every penny” “Great customer service” my a$$. I check out faster using google autofill, this bot is basically an autocheck program that doesn’t even have captcha bypass. Definitely wouldn’t recommend buying. Trust me.
See for yourself
See for yourself: ezybotreviews(dot)com/whats-the-best-yeezy-bot/
Just great
The bot works amazingly for the most part. From adidas, to supreme, even palace and bape. If you are looking for a Yeezy bot, this is not the one. Although, for the money it’s good.
Doesnt work, pointless program
Doesnt work, just lets you checkout quicker. That doesnt make a difference as once you get selected you get 10 mins, waste of money. Would recommend not to buy.
Legit bot and service
Legit bot and service! Always replies quickly and provides all information when necessary Would definitely recommend!
Great bot
Great bot, always cop what I want from multiple stores.
Don’t waste your money
Don’t waste your money. I tried to cop at least one of the last three Yeezy 350s with this bot and failed miserably. I can understand that the Yebras were so limited, but the Beluga 2. 0s? Come on man. And OK I’m sure they’re busy on release day, but their customer support had really laggy responses. Yes, I know bots don’t guarantee cops but I tried so many times I expected to have at least one W. I would have rather spent the $200 on something else. 2018 I’m searching for a new bot.
Super easy to use
Super easy to use. And they’re always there to answer questions before drops. Copped multiple times and multiple items
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Is Heated Sneaks Worth it?: shoebots - Reddit

Is Heated Sneaks Worth it?: shoebots – Reddit

I just bought the Heated Sneaks bot for the upcoming ultra boosts. yeezys, bogos, etc. Was this a good purchase? I’ve already set it all up and have my profiles set but is it a good bot? Any feedback about it would be great! I also got the All in one botThis thread is archivedNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast
level 1I have heated sneaks and I’ve been taking major Ls, last week the website crashed I think and I didn’t get to cop anything, I need to find a bot that’s not a in browser bot, was gonna buy ANB supreme bot but I’m hearing it doesn’t work that well 2Do you get card declines from heated sneaks is that a problem? level 1it hasn’t worked once for me, it suckshowever, I’m hoping their autotype feature for supreme works out this week so I can score some box logo hoodiesterrible customer service as well, they just say you did everything wrong even when you meticulously set it uplevel 1Thanks for the help you guys. I’m looking for a good bot that isn’t just for supreme, hence the reason I got the full package of heated sneaks. If anyone can refer me to a good all in one bot it’d be much appreciated! level 1i’ve heard mixed reactions. some people like it. others really hate it

Frequently Asked Questions about heated sneaks yeezy bot review

Is Heated Sneaks a good bot?

Heated Sneaks = Scam This product is garbage and practically a scam. Save your money and get a real bot like Dashe. Customer support is a joke/nightmare and loves to threaten its own customers. HEATED SNEAKS IS A FRAUD.

Can you use bots on Yeezy supply?

Yeezy Supply is an Add to cart and Auto Checkout Bot. This auto buying bot can search the item repeatedly on the collection page using keywords. Once the desired item is available it can add to cart and checkout very fast.

How good is AIO Bot?

Using AIO sneaker bot After some updates in the last year, using the All in One bot has become very easy. The new AIO bot V2 user interface is a lot better than the clunky old interface, and it is very similar to Nike Shoe Bot. Adding a billing account is very easy, and the monitoring/checkout task setup is great.May 26, 2021

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