Half Price Proxy


Half Price Proxy – Professional Westgate SuperContest Proxy

Half Price Proxy – Professional Westgate SuperContest Proxy

With Half Price Proxy you will never miss a pick. For just under $12 a week, Half Price Proxy will serve as your personal proxy for the Westgate SuperContest or the Circa Millions, the world’s largest pro football handicapping contest.
Each week a representative will send you an email shortly after the SuperContest and Circa Millions weekly cards are released on Wednesday afternoon. Simply make your picks in the email and hit submit. Once your picks are received, you will receive a confirmation email confirming your picks. Our professional proxies will then submit your picks on your behalf. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy some football!
If your picks include a Thursday night game, your 5 selections must be made by Thursday at 3:00 pm EST. All other picks must be submitted by Saturday at 3:00pm EST (11:00am PST)
Half Price Proxy will work to make your football contest experience a great one. Contact us today to sign-up for our service and set up an appointment to register for the 2020 season!
2020 Westgate SuperContest: Who is the Top Proxy Service?

2020 Westgate SuperContest: Who is the Top Proxy Service?

Westgate SuperContestThe current NFL season does not conclude until Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, February 2, 2020, but that did not stop the Las Vegas SuperBook from opening up registrations for the Westgate SuperContest ($1, 500 entry fee and top 100 contestants win cash prizes. 2019 winner won a record $1, 469, 644. 80), the $5, 000 SuperContest Gold ($5, 000 entry fee and winner take all format. 2019 winner collected $585, 000) and the SuperContest ReBoot ($500 entry fee for their mid-season contest for NFL weeks #9 – #17) on Monday, January 13 at 9 am Football Contest Proxy ServiceDon’t live in Las Vegas, Nevada? Live in Nevada, but have no desire to deal with traffic and wait in line to enter your picks each week? Nevada and out of state registrants can use a local proxy to not only place their weekly SuperContest selections but also the Circa Sports Million and Golden Nugget Ultimate Football official Football Contest Proxy for WagerTalk, Sportsmemo and The Gold Sheet is KellyInVegas ProxyService. This year they have discounted their proxy service from last year’s price of $300 to $250. Now until the end of Super Bowl Weekend (February 2, 2020), you can take advantage of an “Early Bird Special” of $225. This “Early Bird Special” is for any of the three major Vegas-based contests (Westgate SuperContest and SuperContest Gold, Circa Million, and Golden Nugget Ultimate Football Challenge) you plan on having multiple entries within the same contest, it is only an additional $100 per entry. Multiple entries in different contests (IE playing in the Circa Million and Ultimate Football Challenge) will only be an additional $150 per contest. For more information and to take advantage of these discounts, you can contact Kelly directly at [email protected] to the 2020 season for ’s Proxy Service:A FREE app that allows you to follow contestant selections, weekly consensus picks, and live standings in the Circa Million, SuperContest and Golden Nugget Ultimate Football stomers who purchase the “Late Entry” service will enjoy an automated SMS service giving you a friendly reminder to submit your picks every week two hours before the cutoff Early Bird Special & DISCOUNTED 2020 will be able to check your selections via the app for both the SuperContest and Circa Millions. 2019 SuperContest Payouts1ST PLACE$1, 469, 644. 802ND PLACE$505, 190. 403RD PLACE$275, 558. 404TH PLACE$218, 150. 405TH-8TH PLACE(4 WAY TIE)$163, 612. 80each9TH-15TH PLACE(7 WAY TIE)$75, 450. 50each16TH-19TH PLACE(4 WAY TIE)$49, 370. 90each20TH-24TH PLACE(5 WAY TIE)$40, 415. 20each25TH-31ST PLACE(7 WAY TIE)$28, 868. 05each32ND-37TH PLACE(6 WAY TIE)$11, 481. 60each38TH-63RD PLACE(26 WAY TIE)$6, 270. 75each64TH-78TH PLACE(15 WAY TIE)$3, 704. 75each79TH-100TH PLACE(24 WAY TIE)$2, 181. 50each*prize payout historyFootball Contest TipsHandicapping Contest FormatUltimate Football Challenge: For the seventeen weeks of the contest, each contestant makes seven selections against the spread, from all NFL sides and NCAA Division I FBS college sides—excluding first-half lines—posted on Golden Nugget contest sheets on Sports Million: Contestants submit five NFL sides against the spread every week and get one point for each correct selection, one-half point for each push, and zero points for each incorrect perContest: Contestants select five NFL sides against the contest line for the 17-week NFL regular season. Each win is one point, with a half-point for a push. Looking for free sports picks and sports betting tips? Latest Betting Odds and Public Action: Vegas lines updated in real-time, including who the public is betting Handicapping Advice: Check out our extensive library of handicapping tips and advice from professional Vegas handicappers (we also recommend taking the time to look over our sports betting tips video library)Want an expert opinion? Check out the latest Free Sports Picks and Best Bets from our team of expert sports sure to bookmark all the above!
Testimonials - Vegas Football Proxy Services

Testimonials – Vegas Football Proxy Services

Testimonials From 2019 Season
Extremely easy to use, Tom is always very responsive and I highly recommend using their service. Bash Bros
Year in and year out, Tom and his crew at Vegas Football Proxy get the job done. First class service all the way!!!!! Allin216
Fantastic Service!! Great job Tom – everything goes very smoothly every year. Communications is excellent! – The Muppet
Flatlanders – My first year competing in a Vegas contest. Tom came recommended from someone else, so I would highly recommend to any other potential prospect. Tom is honest and this is one of the most important factors when hiring a proxy. Tom is also extremely reliable, communicates well and really wants to make sure his client’s are well taken care of throughout the entire process.
Tom has been great. Very professional and goes out of his way to accommodate me. I’ve used Tom’s service for the last two years and I’ve been very satisfied. His fee is well worth it. Crush and Destroy
I thought Tom was absolutely fantastic! Have used 3 different proxies in the past and the service from Tom was far and away the most professional. Will definitely be using again. —205 Wilbur FTB
LONDONSAM …. Tom did a great job once again for me. Responded to emails and texts. He’s a class act. Keep up the good work.
Team ABQ has been with Tom for 3 years now and never had any problems. I would recommend Tom to anyone looking for a reliable proxy!! Can’t wait for 2020 season!
We would be mad to use anyone else. MAD CITY MADMEN
I’ve been working with Tom for the last 4 years. No doubt he is the best in the business. Very professional. Someone that you can trust. Bolt Brady
Once again, great experience! Highly recommend Tom’s proxy service to anyone interested in any Vegas contest. Bill S.
McGuirelock41 Once again service was great My picks wasn’t good enough C u next season
Every thing went very smooth and I was completely satisfied. I will be sure to use you again next year. Donald E. and Daffey S. Duck.
Simply outstanding service for the entire season. Always got a confirmation of receiving my picks as well as a text picture confirmation once they were entered. I highly recommend Tom for anyone looking for a proxy. –ATL315, Golden Nugget Contest
Excellent response time and feedback on any questions. Nick B
First time I’ve ever used a proxy and service was excellent. Differently will use Super Proxy again next year. Beat the Books
Using Tom as your proxy is as smooth a process as you could ever hope for. I live in Atlanta, GA and have used him 3 years in a row. Recommend very very strongly. Quick, responsive, accurate, organized, kind. There’s literally nothing I can say about the dude. If you need a proxy, there’s no sense in going anywhere else. It won’t get any better than Tom. RHBPICKS
Tom — you are the absolute best … Bar-None!!! The Ultimate Professional in every way one could ask. Top Class service all the time. Sincerely and Thank you, Edward & Brian Team RUSH YYZ 2112
Tom was extremely responsive and reliable. Simply put, he did a great job and I would definitely recommend him as a proxy. – Michael M
The premier proxy service out there! Tom makes the process so easy and keeps his players completely plugged in via great communication and transparency. 5 Stars; Highly Recommend! Good Talk Russ I
very professional, responsive and dependable. PURPLE HAZE
Professional, friendly top notch service!! CJCMC
I was gna sign up with Matty but he was no where to be found I message him and he never responded I live in TN so I was kinda freakin out then I ran into Tom at the westgate and he gave me his pitch and I was like yea I’ll give you a try and if I do it again next yr or any other year I’ll definitely use this proxy again. I was really satisfied if I had question he always txt me back quickly. –Baker Boys
Tom and his team are wonderful to work with and provide top notch service. For someone that is out of state, finding someone I could count was extremely important. I would recommend their service to anyone needing a proxy. Thank you! –gydo
Unbelievable service. 1st time SuperContest players from the east coast and couldn’t be happier with services. Very impressive operation you guys have. Looking forward to next year! 606 Boyz
Tom is ultimate professional who is quite trustworthy. Lucky Oceans
Super responsive! I’ve used Tom’s service for a couple years now and it’s been seemless! Now I just have to get better at picking. Cat5
VEXMAGIC Tom & team are fantastic!!! Great service and even better people
Tom is a pro, I have used his service for the last 3 years without any issues. Bruce C – Miami Florida
Hey Tom thank you for the GREAT service again this year! I didn’t finish in the money but really appreciate what you did and you can definitely bank on me coming back next year. You’re everything I want from a proxy (reliable, professional, prompt) and a really genuine person overall. See you next year! Presence aka Superdad
Tom does a great job, and is the best by far! Never had a any problem getting ahold of him and he has never made a mistake on my picks. Great person as well! Papa Nick
Thanks for another fun year! My picks were horrible, but your service was great! Hope to see you this spring. Fadejmack
Tom does a great job Always available and reliable. Gup’s Corner has used Tom’s services fir 3 years without any hiccups Highly recommended
This was my first time playing a Las Vegas football contest and Tom made it so easy. I was very appreciative of his reminders when I missed the deadline instead of having no picks submitted, which is really what should have occurred. I look forward to playing again next season and having games to root for every Sunday. – Badda Bong
It was an absolute pleasure working with Tom this year in the Circa contest. He always sent me pictures of verification of my selections being made and was quick with any answer to any questions I had. I would recommend using Tom for any football proxy needs you may have. Joe, New Jersey JFlegler31
Very Responsive. Jeckosals
Tom is Aces! NW2AZ
Tom is the best. He is reliable, has great communication and submitted every pick exactly as I requested. The lines were available and emailed to us immediately, and the online submission form makes everything extremely easy. I will be using him again next year. FilbertSteiner
This is my third year in a row using Vegas football proxy. Tom is a great guy, and I would recommend using this proxy to any out of state players. This service has gotten stronger each year. –THEANIMAL
Appreciate everything you did for us this year Tom thanks and see you next year. – Ktownsfinest
Tom Carroll is the best proxy. I have been using Him for the past seven years. He keeps you Up on everything. Thanks tino77
DHHGUY2 I have been working with Tom for the past 2 seasons he is the best
Tom’s services were top notch. His communication was a stellar and i know i went with right choice using his proxy service. – utter k auce
’re the man! Bolt Brady
I have been totally satisfied with Tom for years now best Decision ive ever made. Will be back again next year!! Bank Robber
The attention to detail and one-on-one interaction Vegas Football Proxy provided was exactly what I needed as a first-time contestant in the SuperContest. There’s no reason to look elsewhere for the most trustworthy proxy in Las Vegas. It’s definitely Vegas Football Proxy. Against the Chalk
Been using Vegas football proxy with Tom for 4 years and looking forward to year #5. Atdaman86
Tom was a fantastic proxy, I would not hesitate recommending your proxy service to others and I intend to use you again for next season’s Super contest. Time to Kill
Could not have asked for a better proxy! Went above and beyond to make sure he did everything he could. Sent numerous texts to remind me to make sure I got my picks in on time. Thanks again! – Minneapolis Miracle
Tom was great from the start. Great guy, extremely reliable, and never left anything in doubt. Always on top of things and responsive when I had questions. I highly recommend working with him! –Many Unit Gods
Tom is the most professional and dependable proxy anyone could want – Rain Man
Tom is a great proxy and human being. Feel free to call me at 225 954 6728 to inquire about either. Great service. Dudley
Tom is great. He responds to questions in a very timely manner and is very knowledgeable about the SuperContest. SYL03
Great service! Highly recommend to anyone considering a proxy in 2019 – Tony Chrome
Being out-of-state and first time participant, I’ve been blown away with how much worry-free enjoyment I’ve had having Tom as my proxy. He always sends me answers before I have questions. DUCK & COVER.
Tom is a true professional, prompt and on point. This is my third year in the super contest, and wouldn’t consider doing business with anyone else.. Tom has never missed a deadline, and always texts over confirmation of tickets played. There was a particular situation this year where I got caught up with work and did not have my plays in Saturday morning, Tom called me, reminded me of the timeframe and gave me enough time to put in my picks before the Saturday morning deadline. That personal attention goes a long way with me, I look forward to continuing to do business with him in the future. CG1226
Tom is very responsive, professional, and trustworthy. I’ll definitely use him again next year and he gets my highest recommendation! rbash
This was a great experience, although my partner and I had no shot from week 1 we had fun making fun of each others picks after the majority of them were losers. Tom was a great proxy, he always did what he was supposed to and was never hard to get a hold of which is all I want in a proxy. Looking forward to it again next year – JK
It was my first year in the Supercontest and Tom welcomed me to Las Vegas and made the registration process seamless in our appointment. The latest submission time among proxies was the biggest reason my partner and I spent the extra money to use his service. Any question or issue I had throughout the season was promptly responded by Tom. Had a blast being in the contest and barely missed making the money. Absolute first class proxy service and will always go with Tom as long as I do the Supercontest. Thanks again! Ryan Clinton Chicago IL “RynoMitchica”
AlphaGoldenPig: Tom is the man!! No one else can beat his customer service and responsiveness. I have used him and his team for many years now.
Tom was very professional and handled our picks and communication on a very timely basis. I will definitely use Tom again next year. BRT Red Raiders
Excellent service, Great guy. Good friend. Clamyas Raiders
Best proxy service in Vegas for the supercontest by far. Personal service and no mistakes, I have been using them for 5 years and look forward to next year already. Festivus Miracle
Tom is a great proxy! Never a problem and always on time. Easy to reach and keeps you informed daily so you’re never surprised by deadlines or schedule changes. Looking forward to next year! -2018 entry ‘Axe Capital’
Tom was awesome, he made the entire experience a great one! Highly recommend Tom to anyone looking for a proxy! Overall fantastic experience! robertw
Second to none I’ll be back to sign up for 2019 Thanks Tom McGuirelock41
From the beginning of the season til the end, Tom was consistent sending out all confirmations via email, text, or picture of tickets. Thank you for your work and we look forward til next season! Moneyline Mustangs
Tom is honest, friendly, and reliable! 1st time using a proxy service, I could not recommend his service strongly enough. (Well, maybe if he gave me a few winners! ) ~ Kidd K
Tom is fantastic! He’s extremely responsive, professional and trustworthy! Looking forward to next year! – The Muppet
This was my 2nd year using Tom, and will continue to use him from years to come. His responsiveness to emails is priceless. I decided to go with Tom the first time because of that. Contacted other proxies and never heard back or they responded to late. Even though I didn’t place in the money, I plan on playing again for the next season, and will use Tom again. Tyson’s Corner
Vegas Football Proxy was great! They way exceeded my expectations. The personal attention I got from Tom was above and beyond. I am a busy man who sometimes would forget my submissions. He would always be there to remind me, even last minute. I’m happy to say, with his help, I never missed a submission deadline. Great job, guys! See you next year! Healthintel
Responsiveness, reliability, and accuracy make Vegas Football Proxy the best for the SuperContest. –Curious George
A pleasure to work with. Very professional, thorough and accurate. Fair price for a great service Basalt and Battery
Vegas Football Proxy was great! Tom was always responsive, dependable and very professional. No issues and I would definitely recommend.
Tom is professional, reliable and great to work with. We highly recommend for anyone looking for a proxy. Iced Tea
Tom is a true professional – he is very responsive and goes the extra mile to ensure all picks are in correctly, even down to last minute entries. –Spikeballerz
Tom was a great proxy. There were times I was late submitting my picks but Tom took care of me. Looking forward to next season, thanks again. Sincerely, LONDONSAM42
Tom always informative and on time with confirmation of picks. Great to work with. Thanks Tom! Puss N Boots
I have been in the contest for many years using Tom’s service. Tom and his service is very reliable and flexible. Tom is very quick to answer questions and very easy to get in touch with. K2SQR
Very professional service and Friendly. The best Sports Proxy Service. JC
Very responsive. Best in the business will be back next year. Matt10183
Tom is great! Has never missed a pick. Total professional, excellent service!!! – ALLIN216
Thank you for your service this year Tom! You were very professional and prompt with everything. I’ll definitely be coming back to your proxy service next year! Those Guys
Tom is a Pro’s pro! If you need a proxy, this your guy. Dependable, incredibly organized, and offers the most helpful information/reminders. This is the most dependable service in Vegas, and at $300, it’s a great value for the 100% dependability it comes with. –ALLDOGSGOTOHEAVEN
Professional and courteous, Tom is the best. Kentucky Docs
Tom, I want thank you for your great service. You always responded immediately and I will definitely use you guys next season, thanks again. Stanrush2112
Tom’s professionalism and communication is better than ANY proxy I’ve ever worked with. I’ll definately be using Tom at for all my future proxy needs! – 3 BLIND MICE
Professional, reliable, thanks tom. Sincerely BRIGHTSIDE STABLE
I have worked with Tom for years now on the Super Contest, he is by far the best at what he does!! Thanks for all your dedication!! See you next year! Alexanders In
This was my first time using Vegas Football Proxy and Tom did not disappoint. He was very reliable, accurate and prompt with all submissions. I’d use him again in the future. Mr. Bets
Easily one of the best proxy services out there. Not only do they do a great job of communicating, but they are very courteous to making sure you don’t miss your opportunity to pick! Almost forgot to submit and received a text to let me know I hadn’t sent in my picks! Thank you! Notorius Boi
Easy to work with and easy to setup. No better way to do the Super Contest if you don’t live in LV. Thanks Tom! -Axe Capital
Tom is fantastic, I would highly recommend his service to anyone thinking of a proxy service. He’s reliable, personable, and easy to deal with. Geeman1964
I highly recommend Vegas Football Proxy. Tom, the owner and chief operator, is very reliable in getting the picks submitted and relaying critical contest information. Even more importantly, he is very honest and trustworthy. He is quick to correct any mistakes and is helpful and flexible on the couple occasions I messed up in submitting timely and accurate picks. Relying on a proxy can cause anxiety given the amount of money involved, and there’s not many people I would feel comfortable with in that role. I will definitely continue to use Vegas Football Proxy, and give it my highest recommendation to anyone playing the super contest. -Glorious Empire
Highly recommend. It was my first year playing and Tom was very accomodating for the meetup (I flew in just for 1 night to register). Appreciated the email reminders every Friday night. Very smooth and easy to use service, will be back next year! Allybourne
First year using Tom and was the smoothest proxy service have used yet, very informative and good communication when submitting picks! Would recommend to anyone needing a proxy. Thank you Tom for a great year. Cheers FLIPACOIN
Tom’s the best. Waterboyzz
Vegas Football proxy is a great service this was my first year in the Super Contest and I will be back next year, because of how simple Tom and his staff make for an out of the state contestant. DHHGUY
I played the Westgate super contest this year for the first time. This experience was awesome! If you have ever considered using a proxy service for any contest, don’t hesitate to use Tom!!! The communication is awesome, any questions are always answered in a timely manner, and his processes are streamlined and efficient!!! I will definitely be using this service again! ~Just Enough
TOmaha is a Total gentleman. Was very responsive and accomdating in all aspects of the tournament. Could not ask more of a person who TAKES ON SO MUCH RESPONSIBILITY. Buzz Killers
The people at Vegas Football Proxy are intelligent, accommodating, reachable and reliable. They kept me informed of standings and lines. The cost for the service is very reasonable. In our face to face meetings, we’ve been impressed with their professionalism. We are not related to the people at Vegas Football Proxy. “I KNEW JON LOWREY” Madison, WI (Rookie season. )
I have used Tom Carroll for four years now And he has been great to work with, he is a Perfectionist. Best proxy in Las Vegas. Tino77
Tom was great to work with. He was very responsive and came through on everything he stated he would do when we first spoke. This was my first SuperContest and while I may have stumbled upon him (google) there is no question who I will be using in the future. Phil
It’s a great feeling knowing that Tom is willing to turn in your picks and to know that he will get them in on time for you, plus Tom’s a great guy just to talk to. “Black Knights”
Tom and his staff were amazing during the whole process. There were personal phone calls and texts during sign up to make sure everything was taken care of. They made you feel like you were there only client. The personalized service continued throughout the whole season. The best proxy service I have used. Gmans Horse
Did a great job never once had a problem. Lucky 7
Throughout the 17 weeks, I felt I was in the best hands possible. Couldn’t be happier with the service I was given – ANAGRAM (46-33-6; 59 points)
Tom this our 2nd year great job by you and your team. St Fluff
4th year now with Tom as my SuperContest proxy and will definitely be back with him next season! Couldn’t ask for better service, reliable and accurate. The Best in the business! CROWWINGKING
Very satisfied. Will continue to use for all Westgate contests! Better Call David
Best proxy around HANDS DOWN!! AAAA07091114
Best proxy out there –Lets Got Gary
Tom is great! Always attentive to any questions or concerns! I truly had a blast this season with this service! I will definitely be back in the future. Contest Kings
Great service I will be back next year Midland mad man
Tom was great. He was very much on top of placing my plays on time and constantly sending reminders to everyone. I would definitely use his services again. Thx Tom for being professional and a good friend from the first time I met you. LAIEBOY
Tom is THE BEST!!!! He was Johnny on the Spot for everything that we needed, including always sending reminders for all of us procrastinators. He never missed a beat. BMoney
Tom was great to work with. From sign up through weekly submissions, everything was always smooth. Thanks again Twin Bearz
Tom is professional, prompt to answer questions, accessible and friendly. I would strongly recommend using his services. He makes it easy and all you have to do is make the right pics. Bojcandy
Tom proved to be very professional and reliable. You can trust that your picks will be entered on time. I will use his service again. –Harry the Kraut
Tom and his partner were nothing short of professional. This was my first year in the super contest and wasn’t sure how the whole proxy thing worked at first. But after talking to tom the first time I felt I was in good hands. Team Kiki
I was skeptical, but after a solid referral from a friend, I met up with Tom and had a great conversation. He was really down to earth, knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable with the process. Would absolutely use again and refer to others! Saucy Chicken Jazz
Tom has taken care of me without fail. He clearly communicates and cares about service. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Westover Winners
This was my first year in the Super Contest. I must have called and spoke with Tom a dozen times before I signed up. I was cautious of trying to find the right proxy to handle something as important as this was to me. Tom put my mind at ease and was flawless in his approach. He would send lines and confirmations of picks like clock work. I have found the only man in Las Vegas I trust… and thats Tom and his team. Thank you again and I can’t wait for next year! Jvegas 216
Tom did a great job. Always available to answer questions. Text copies of submitted picks. Always prompt with lines and standings. Great year, will definitely work with Tom again. FloCro7
Everything you can ask for in a proxy service. –@wrightpicks
Tom’s professional services will ensure repeat business from me going forward. 807
You’re very responsive. Very quick at making sure things get completed if there is a change. Very friendly and personable.
Tom is great
This is a great service that is professionally run and very trustworthy
Working with Tom feels like a friendship…not a service! Looking forward to next season, thanks again.
Tom was awesome. He would reach out to make sure I got my picks in (after a few tough weeks I wasn’t as eager). Very reliable and wouldn’t use anyone else.
Vegas Football Proxy service exceeds expectations at every opportunity! Top shelf customer service from a true professional!!!
Great guy to do business with. Does what he says and makes it pretty easy to stay on task during the year. Definitely going back next year
I highly recommend Tom’s proxy service, all the way from signup and answering all my initial questions to delivering on service and reliability throughout the entire season. Loved the cell phone picture confirmation every week letting me know my picks were accurate and in on time. 5 Star service, thanks.
JOHN 3:17
Tom is the example of how every proxy rep should be Reliable Honest &friendly
Bank Robber
Tom’s been great. Used his service the last two years without any problems. 100% reliable and will be back again. Thanks
I found you very professional and quick to respond to my questions. I’ll be back
The 2017 Supercontest was my first time using a Proxy, so I had my reservations living 3, 000 miles away from Vegas. Those reservations quickly disappeared, as Tom was nothing but first class from the day we met and was flexible all season long. Highly reccomend.
Better service than I could have imagined Best money I ever spent on an exciting way to have an entertaining football season
Rain Man
Thank you so much for a great year. You were reliable, friendly and wonderful to work with from the initial contact through week 17 and beyond. I appreciate your help!
Tom runs a Great service, very personable, always available. I look forward to the next season.
Although I did not win the SuperContest in my first year, Tom provided a proxy service second to none. He’s response to any of my question/concern was answered in a very timely manner and with clarity.
TOM ‘s service is reliable and very hands on. Would not trust anybody else with my Supercontest entries
Tom has been a pleasure to work with ever since I signed up with him Three years ago. He is always there To answer any questions. He is very Prompt sending out the lines, and The best part is after he puts in your Picks he takes a picture of your ticket and sends it to you. Makes You feel like you are betting in Vegas With the ticket in your hand. Tom is Just an all round great guy to work With.
Pat A player # 11205
After emailing 3 other vegas proxies, Tom was the only one to email me back promptly and this was lke 6 months before the season started. He pretty much explained in detail his services, etc. and I was impressed with his response. The other proxies got back to me eventually, but I already booked my flight and hotel, and set up a date in July 2017 to meet up with Tom. Highly recommend this guy. Looking forward to the 2018 NFL season.. Don’t change anything. Your service was perfect.
Tyson’s Corner
great service
Incredible J. S
Tom did a great job, this was my first year and didn’t know what to expect but after the first week I was very comfortable
I appreciate the service you offer very much. My only wish would be that we could submit picks later. I know it’s tough with games starts earlier in Vegas but it’d be nice to submit them on Sunday.
Very pleased with Tom’s services, first time playing the super contest and he made the experience easy. Emailed me when I missed the deadline once and I was able to get my picks in. I would definitely recommend Tom and I’ll be signing up again next year.
Crew Runnin
Tom was excellent.
Another year, another season of excellent customer service. Vegas Football Proxy is the best service you can get when looking for a proxy. This proxy service is clear and responsive and willing to work around your needs.
No complaints. Four diamond rated services provided in the last two years.
Tom is the best in Vegas and doesn’t make mistakes if you are doing the supercontest use him!
This was my second year in the super contest and my second year using Tom as my proxy. The service provided is prompt and professional, second to none. I cashed in 2016 and was a half game out of the money in 2017. I wouldn’t want to trust anyone else with such a responsibility besides Tom, and would highly recommend him to anyone who asked. Looking forward to using his services again for the 2018 season.
Uncle J
Play in the Supercontest for the first time, I had some concerns about relying on a proxy service to submit the picks promptly and accurately. Vegas Football Proxy alleviated all these worries, entering my picks, along with confirmation, like clockwork. I plan to play in the Contest again next season, and my one certain bet is to stick with Vegas Football Proxy.
Keep up the good work!
Love the service
Tom is awesome, a great guy, and extremely reliable. I’ll keep joining the supercontest knowing I’m in good hands with him!
Vegas Chris Knights
It was my first year using the service and I could not have been more pleased. Tom was great, always accessible and it was a ton of fun.
Great service!! Tom has great communication and is extremely prompt!!
Steve Z
I originally had concerns about using a proxy. Tom and his staff totally surpassed my expectations! Job well done, thanks.
Tom is very professional and reliable. I’m very pleased with his service! Looking forward to working with Tom again in 2018 season.
Team ABQ
Tom is very precise in each step of the contest. Highly recommend his services.
Unbelievable service and extremely reliable. Would definitely utilize Tom again.
Tom’s service and professionalism was very impressive and, as a first-time player looking for a proxy, a big relief.
You guys are top Notch, love the service. I don’t have any criticism
Tom was easy to work with and a consummate professional.
Tom is as thorough as they come. He provides excellent customer service as well pictures of your picks. He also sends you the lines for the SC every week. He’s truly a pleasure to do business with time and time again.
C. M.
Service was great wouldn’t think about going anywhere else
Mike Mc.
I have been using Tom’s service for the last 3 years – in that time not once has there been an issue of any sort. Tom’s service is extremely reliable – and as a proxy service, that is really all that matters.
Thank’s Tom! 2017 was my first year participating in the supercontest. I really didn’t know how getting a proxy was going to work since I live out of state, but working with Tom was very easy and he was always there to answer questions and remind me when my picks should be turned in. Tom’s very quick to respond with any questions you may have, witch makes you feel very comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone that plans to play the supercontest, you couldn’t find a better proxy!! Thanks Tom!! See you next year….
It is has been a pleasure to have Tom as our proxy for the last few years. Extremely reliable. Never any issues. We couldn’t be any happier with the service!
Iced Tea
Made the whole Process Easy and Simple for a first timer.
Tom is a professional and excellent to work with. Have used his services for 3 years and would highly recommend!
Tom, Great job all season, see you in August.
Tom is as reliable as they come and always maintains a friendly and professional demeanor. Highly recommend using his service!
Brendan S.
Tom you guys did a great job
Tom is best in the business. Always goes above and beyond. Would recommend to everyone.
Darla Fund 3. 0 #FFS
I can’t imagine that their is a better proxy service available, really made putting my picks in easy and the reliability was fantastic. Thanks again,
Orange Crush
Great service
If you want someone that is trustworthy and a great guy, then look no further. I’ve told all my friends about Tom. Honestly, this is who you want for your Proxy.
Bolt Brady
Hi my name is Randy. I’m from San Diego. My alias is King of the Beach. Everything that is offered is at its best service. No need to change anything. My highest compliments.
Tom is Very Professional and has exceedingly excellent service!
7214 r skiba e dubay
Great overall service! Reliable and great response time for inquiries. Definite recommend!
Tom is the best you can get. I highly recommend using his service!
Exciting that we can be in a Big Contest in Vegas because of the great service that Tom provides. Thanks!
L and G
I would highly Tom’s service. He gets the job done.
Pat -baton rouge la
Tom is awesome. Very thorough and reliable. Can always count on him to do what he promises to do. Will definitely use his service for years to come! Thank you!!
Dwayne & Denise Tollefson – GOAT
Tom was reliable, responsive and followed through on everything he said he would do and on how his proxy service would operate. A true pro.
Jason A Pearland, TX
Reliable, professional, honest. There’s nothing more important than these three things and Tom excels at all of them. Being as remote as we are, we need someone we can rely on and Tom is that guy. We highly recommend him to everyone.
Brandon Honolulu, HI
I was very satisfied with the Vegas Proxy service. I can’t think of anything I would want more from a p

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