Free Proxy Detection Api


Free Proxy Detection API | Block Proxies, VPNs, Bots, & Tor ...

Free Proxy Detection API | Block Proxies, VPNs, Bots, & Tor …

Free Proxy Detection API | Block Proxies, VPNs, Bots, & Tor Connections
Block Proxies & VPNs with the Most Accurate Proxy Detection Tools
Score IP Addresses With Confidence & Without False-Positives
Online fraudsters hide their IP addresses through Proxies, Tor nodes, & VPN connections to conceal their location and true identity. IPQS free Proxy Detection service can prevent fraudsters with anonymized or spoofed IP addresses from accessing critical pages of your site, creating headaches such as credit card fraud & chargebacks, fraudulent accounts, advertising click fraud, evading country specific filters, or scraping sensitive content. Users that register or login with anonymized connections, such as with a proxy or VPN, are likely to create duplicate or fake accounts, post spammy comments, messages, & listings, use stolen credit cards, or perform similar types of high risk behavior.
IPQS Proxy Detection API is the most comprehensive tool online to identify IP address connections with a high probability of malicious intent. Assign IP reputation scores to any click or user. This includes IP addresses that are open proxies, anonymous proxies, Tor nodes, VPNs, hosting providers, spammers, malware & spyware, botnets, residential proxies, and other undesirable shared connections that are highly inclined to engage in malicious activity.
Tap into the most advanced data set for Proxy Detection & IP Address Reputation Scoring. Unrivaled detection rates for residential proxies, compromised devices, and connections favorited by the worst cybercriminals & abusers online.
IPQS Proxy Detection service can be queried via an API lookup, through our user dashboard, or by uploading a CSV file. Instantly reduce fraud by tapping into our real-time threat detection. For each lookup, an IP address and other forensic factors of the connection are analyzed to determine if the user is hiding behind a spoofed or anonymized IP, tunneled connection, botnet, or attempting to frequently change their device.
IP reputation scoring is automatically expanded to include VPN detection and all other types of anonymous IP detection. Accurately view risk analysis for all high risk tunnels.
Over 25 data points are returned for each Proxy Detection API lookup to provide a detailed risk assessment of the click, user, or transaction. IPQS threat blacklists are actively maintained and updated in real-time to include the latest emerging threats from hijacked computers, open proxies, residential proxies, botnets, data centers, private VPNs, & other sources of high risk connections.
Older data and IP addresses that are no longer threats are frequently purged from our blacklists to reduce the chance of a false-positive result. We understand how crucial it is to never impact your legitimate traffic and this is one of the many ways IPQS excels against other proxy detection service providers.
Duplicate & Fake Users – Identify fraudulent and high risk users including fake accounts and duplicate users. Automate user quality with less manual reviews.
Click Fraud & Ad Fraud – Detect fake clicks from bots and high risk proxies & VPNs in real-time before they can impact your advertisers or eat up precious ad budgets.
Payment & Transaction Fraud – Prevent chargebacks before they can negatively impact your business. Identify high risk transactions without losing money to fraudsters.
Account Takeover – Keep your users safe and prevent cybercriminals from hijacking accounts on your platform.
Geo Enforcement – Only allow users from certain geographic regions, such as for OTT/VOD streaming services, gaming and casino services, or access to products only available in specific regions. Accurate geo blocking prevents users from bypassing restrictions.
Bots, Proxies, VPN, & TOR Connections – Easily identify high risk connections likely to engage in fraud with the greatest accuracy in the industry.
Lead Generation & User Data Verification – Ensure data that you are collecting or purchasing is valid and accurate. In addition to the IP address, other data such as phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, and other user info can be scored for accuracy and assigned a risk profile.
IPQS is the Internet’s leading source for IP Reputation scoring and data. Identify abusive IP addresses with over 40% greater detection rates and less false-positives than similar services.
Unrivalled IP Intelligence Built For Your Audience
Most Accurate Protection, Optimized For All Countries
IPQS Proxy Detection is powered with the experience of over 10 years of anti-fraud technology. As new patterns of fraud emerge, IPQS is quick to adapt, to ensure our edge on fraudsters and cybercriminals is never diminished.
We Only Use the Freshest Data
Our secret to avoiding false-positives is using fresh data that was recently collected within the past few hours or days. This provides the best experience for your users, so legitimate IP addresses are never penalized.
Less Costs With Greater Accuracy
Access the most accurate proxy detection service without feeling like you are paying for it. Our prices are 10x less than similar services that offer inferior detection and less flexible settings. Cancel anytime without a penalty.
Detect Residential Proxies & Private VPNs
Even stealthy residential proxies can’t escape IPQS detection methods. Our team has developed very intuitive solutions for isolating risky users that other services cannot detect. Easily identify residential proxies, botnets, and other types of infected computers that allow tunneled connections.
Flexible Settings & Pattern Recognition
Adjust a wealth of settings and manage custom rules to personalize scoring for your audience. This ensures that our scoring is the perfect fit for your user base. Additionally, custom machine learning algorithms continuously learn from your lookup history.
Support When You Need It
IPQS is always here for you. From integration assistance to optimizing your settings, our team is always available to support you, even on weekends. Once your account is active, you can submit a support ticket or contact our tech support hotline at any time.
IPQS provides the most accurate proxy detection service in the industry. Through the use of proprietary honeypots & traps, blacklists, forensic analysis, and client feedback loops, we are able to detect compromised connections and risky users to a significantly higher degree than any other anti-fraud service. Score users beyond just the IP address for the best accuracy by passing additional data points such as device info, transaction info, and personal information (email address, physical address, phone number). IPQS also allows for the most flexible and customizable scoring settings to tailor the service to your audience. Never worry about false-positives again, IPQS detection will adapt perfectly to any site or app.
We welcome you to test our service as every user is awarded 5, 000 free lookups per month and additional lookup queries are the most affordable in the industry. Our goal is to help you prevent fraud, increase ROI, & save you money at the same time! Coding examples and plugins make it easy to integrate our service in less than 5 minutes.
Detect Proxies with the Highest Degree of Accuracy and Precision
Real-Time Scoring
Easy Integration
Detect Proxies & VPNs
Prevent & Block Bots
Take advantage of the internet’s best IP reputation data to make intelligent decisions about your users, clicks, purchases, and similar user behavior. Receive accurate results worldwide in any region of the world. With full support for detecting bot traffic and malicious behavior, you can feel confident that IP addresses processed by IPQS proxy detection are reliable and accurate. Smart scoring avoids false-positives that can occur for IP ranges shared by multiple users and frequently recycled.
The anti-fraud industry has different approaches for dealing with fraud. IPQS believes the best way to manage fraud is to completely prevent it from happening in the first place as this saves time and has a higher success rate in reducing fraud overall. Rather than review post-analysis reports or receive notifications after fraud has been committed, IPQualityScore can prevent fraud and high risk behavior in real-time. This approach allows you to block proxy and VPN connections and adjust scoring settings in real-time. Easy integration can offer complete ecommerce fraud protection or any other type of abuse by bad users.
All of our anti-fraud tools also return a real-time “fraud score” so that users with a fraud score in a high risk threshold are detected and blocked, flagged for review, or redirected away from critical parts of a site like a registration or payment page, comments section, click funnel, etc. This approach successfully results in fewer problems with managing users, clients, & advertisers. Let IPQS automate your quality control and greatly reduce time spent on cleaning up abuse such as manually detecting duplicate users, clearing user generated SPAM, and blocking high risk users. Enjoy less headaches so you can focus on more productive tasks like growing your business.
IPQS Proxy Detection API can accept additional information to enhance the “fraud score” accuracy. We recommend passing the user agent (browser), user language, and additional details found on the user dashboard into each API request. Full transaction info including billing, shipping, and credit card data can optionally be scored as well. This gives us greater insight than just examining an IP address so we can give you the most accurate prediction of fraudulent behavior for each lookup. IPQS fraud scoring combined with the status of the lookup as a proxy connection, VPN connection, or Tor connection is a proven solution to preventing fraud and abuse.
Feed IP reputation data directly into your preferred security platform featuring our API and on-premise threat intelligence feeds.
Stay on top of the latest threats by also detecting VPNs in every corner of the world. Fresh data ensures you can detect new IPs for popular VPN providers while also identifying private VPN networks used exclusively by certain fraud rings. Data centers and hosted/server IPs are also detected in the “connection type” parameter. View the full IP reputation API documentation for more details on specific data points included with each lookup.
Confidently detect proxies, VPNs, and bad actors with the best IP intelligence service. Detect high risk IP addresses faster than any other service with greater insight and data quality.
1-click plugins are available for popular ecommerce, CMS, SOAR, and firewall products to ensure a smooth integration process. Contact our support team if you need any assistance integrating our service with your platform.
Advanced Proxy Detection Service – Also Detect TOR & VPNs
5, 000 FREE Proxy Detection API Lookups Per Month
Prevent Chargebacks, Reversals, Duplicate Accounts, Click Fraud, & Fraudulent Users
Batch Process CSV Files & Lists
Manage Whitelist & Blacklist Rules
Support for Postback Conversions and Web Callbacks
Block Proxies, VPNs, Tor, Bots, & Other Malicious IP Addresses
Smart Fraud Scoring & Threat Blocking
Adjustable Quality Strictness to Adapt to Your Needs
Easy API Lookup Service with Documentation & Example Code
Reduce Fraud for Your Sales, Leads, Conversions, Sign Ups, Ad Campaigns, etc.
Powerful Reporting – Detailed Audience Metrics
Advertisers, Ad Networks, Affiliate Marketers, & Affiliate Programs
Online Retailers – Online Sales, E-commerce, & Sign Ups
Payment Processors, Merchants, & Financial Institutions
Lead Generation & Transactional Processing
Dating Networks, Social Platforms, & User Driven Content
Travel, Booking, Rental, & Ticketing Services
SaaS Service Providers
Fraud Monitoring, Compliance, & Security Systems… and any site with users or transactions
Block Proxies & VPNs
API Access & Detailed Reports
Export Data & Process CSVs
VPN & Proxy Detection API

VPN & Proxy Detection API

VPN & Proxy Detection API
Why do I need a Privacy Detection API?
Blocks malicious traffic to prevent hackers, attackers, spammers
Reduces fraud by displaying the user’s true identity
Enforces geoblocking rules and countrywide filters
Prevents bad bots from crawling and web scraping
Imposes access to limited or restricted content
Suppresses the creation of duplicate posts or accounts
What we have to offer
Blazing Fast Servers
Each of our many servers from around the world are at least equipped with 1Gbps connection.
99. 99% Uptime
Utilizing cloud computing, we have servers all across the world which guarantees speed and uptime.
Secured Data
Our API is encrypted with TLS to ensure a secure connection between the API and the client.
Simple and Easy Pricing
Always know how much you pay with daily limits and cancel at anytime, hassle-free!
Constantly Updated
Our data is constantly updating every second, checking for proxies, VPNs, and other malicious addresses around the internet.
Friendly Support
Our support team will guide you if any issue arises or respond to any questions that you might have.
API Pricing
A simple pricing plan that allows you to find the best option that suits your needs.
10, 000 daily queries
Country-level Data
Network Data
Blacklist/Whitelist IP Addresses
Start with Basic
50, 000 daily queries
Region-level Data
Start with Premium
200, 000 daily queries
City-level Data
Network Information
Start with Pro
What is
is an API service that provides netwrok information on an IP address whose specialty is to identify if an IP is either a proxy, TOR node, or VPN. Our goal is to prevent fraud, spam, and attacks by offering a form of protection to businesses and websites across the web.
Can I cancel or upgrade my current plan at anytime?
Yes, you can cancel or modify your plan at anytime. However, your plan will still remain active until the end of the billing period.
How do you get your data?
gathers network information all across the internet. Our servers constantly index network information all over the internet in search for IP addresses that uses common protocols for proxies, VPNs, and TOR nodes. Our algorithm then decides if certain IP addresses are potentially using these types of protocols based on their network, address range, and history.
Is caching data allowed?
Yes, we allow caching. However, we don’t recommand caching information for more than a few hours due to the nature of the internet, which constantly changes in a matter of seconds. Our servers are continuously crawls across the internet 24/7 making changes to our database every few seconds.
Is secure?
Our API uses TLS encryption in order to establish a secure connection between our API and its client.
How accurate is your VPN detection API?
Based on our personal and third-party tests we’ve scored between a 95% to 98% accuracy rate on detecting VPNs. One major strategy that we use in order to acheive a high success rate is due to our subscriptions to several VPN providers. With VPN providers constantly swapping out fresh IP addresses, our system connects to hundreds of VPN servers everyday in order to validate IP addresses that belongs to VPNs. Another major strategy that we use is constantly collecting data from across the internet. From obtaining databases from major providers to working closely with ISPs, we try to obtain the most accurate data to ensure our high accuracy rate.
Why am I still receiving spam and fraud?
Our API tries to prevent a majority of bad behavior across the internet. However, there may still be several users who will conduct these types of behaviors through their personal IP addresses such as their mobile carriers or residential IP addresses. Due to the nature of these IP addresses constantly being rotated between other users, our algorithm has a higher tolerance between these types of addresses; though they will still be labeled as a threat if certain requirements are met. Nevertheless, certain API plans allow you to manually whitelist or blacklist certain IP addresses through your control panel.
Free Proxy / VPN / TOR / Bad IP Detection via API and Web ...

Free Proxy / VPN / TOR / Bad IP Detection via API and Web …

The system is serving millions of API requests a week and growing as more people find it useful in protecting their online infrastructure. Our service is used by gaming communities, e-commerce websites, research universities & institutions, law enforcement, and large financial institutions. Not all proxy / VPN detection services are the same. The techniques involved can be vastly different and produce noticeable differences. Feel free to compare the results from this service to any other, including paid options from various vendors.
It is recommended that you thoroughly read the information below before implementation.
How It Works
Given an IP address, the system will return a probabilistic value (between a value of 0 and 1) of how likely the IP is a VPN / proxy / hosting / bad IP. A value of 1 means that IP is explicitly banned (a web host, VPN, or TOR node) by our dynamic lists. Otherwise, the output will return a real number value between 0 and 1, of how likely the IP is bad / VPN / proxy, which is inferred through machine learning & probability theory techniques using dynamic checks with large datasets. Billions of new records are parsed each month to ensure the datasets have the latest information and old records automatically expire. The system is designed to be efficient, fast, simple, and accurate.
The following assumptions must be met for the sake of accuracy and correctness.
It is assumed that the IP you’re looking up is making a request to your services on an application level. If you block IPs on a lower level, important services such as DNS maybe be blocked which is not desired. Be sure the source IP addresses are correct (not spoofed) if you’re trying to protect a UDP based service.
If your online services involve multiple servers or external services that interact with your online infrastructure, it is assumed that you do not look up these IPs or the IPs are whitelisted on your system.
A valid email that is checked frequently must be used in the contact field or else your service might be disabled without notice because there is no way to contact you.
If you are using the API interface, please do not exceed more than 500 queries per day & 15 queries per minute. Custom packages are available if you contact me. More information is available in the FAQs.
If you believe the results are incorrect, please contact me so I can look into it. I will happily correct any issues.
By using this service, you agree to the Terms of Service listed below.
Usage & Implementation
Web Interface
The web interface allows you to quickly lookup IPs without touching any code. It is assumed that the IP you’re looking up has made requests to your services on an application level. The web interface uses flags=f which requests full bad IP detection including compromised systems. If you wish to skip full bad IP detection, please use the API instead. A full lookup might take up to 5 seconds to complete because results are generated in real-time.
The full API documentation is available on the API page
Expected Input
The proxy check system takes in an input via HTTP GET request. The URL is and the parameter is ip. The system fully supports IPv4 with partial support for IPv6.
Include Your Contact Information
Include your contact information so I can notify you if a problem arise or if there are core changes. In some situations, people query the system in a wrong manner and assume everything is working (but due to the lack of or improper handling of error codes), it’s not the case. Since I only have the connecting IP address, I cannot help the person correct the error.
To include your contact information, add another parameter to your request called contact and provide your email.
A typical query looks like:
Do not use URL encoding on the input parameters.
All queries that do not contain accurate contact information will be rejected with an error or it’ll be dropped by the firewall.
Start with flags=m option if only proxy / VPN detection is needed. If flags=m does not have a noticeable impact, then use flags=b. The default query (no flags) is mostly used infront of a payment gateway to protect against fraud because bad IP detection is included.
If you are contacted, please respond in 2 days or the contact information could be considered as inaccurate. Your information will only be used for the purpose of communication with GetIPIntel.
Optional settings for Input
flags=m is used when you’re only
looking for the value of “1” as the result. The m flag skips the dynamic checks and only uses dynamic
ban lists. See Variations of Implementation and What are dynamic checks? for detailed explanation.
flags=b is used when you want to use
dynamic ban and dynamic checks with partial bad IP check. See Variations of Implementation for detailed explanation.
flags=f is used when you want to force
the system to do a full lookup, which can take up to 5 seconds. See Variations of Implementation for detailed explanation.
flags=n is used to exclude real
time block list. Append the character “n” if you’re already using flags=m, b, or f. For example, flags=nm.
oflags=b is used when you want to see
if the IP is considered as bad IP. Note that when using
flags option, this result can vary due to the included datasets. Please see the comparsion table for more information.
oflags=c is used when you want to
see which country the IP came from / which country the IP belongs to (GeoIP Location). Currently in alpha testing.
format=json returns the result in
JSON format with extra information.
Expected Output
On a valid request, the system will return a value between 0
– 1 (inclusive) of how likely the given IP is a proxy. On error, a negative value
will be returned. If format=json is used, a
valid JSON format will be returned with extra information, see below for
Interpretation of the Results
If a value of 0. 50 is returned, then it is as good as flipping a 2 sided fair coin, which implies it’s not very accurate. From my personal experience, values > 0. 95 should be looked at and values > 0. 99 are most likely proxies. Anything below the value of 0. 90 is considered as “low risk”. Since a real value is returned, different levels of protection can be implemented. It is best for a system admin to test some sample datasets with this system and adjust implementation accordingly. I only recommend automated action on high values ( > 0. 99 or even > 0. 995) but it’s always best to manually review IPs that return high values. For example, mark an order as “under manual review” and don’t automatically provision the product for high proxy values. Be sure to experiment with the results of this system before you use it live on your projects. If you believe the result is wrong, don’t hesitate to contact me, I can tell you why. If it’s an error on my end, I’ll correct it. If you email me, expect a reply within 12 hours.
Comparing the Different Flags
Data Sets Used
Response Time (No Network Latency)
Suggested Use Based on Requirements
dynamic ban lists
fastest, smallest chance for false positives
IPs that are not on blocklists will get through
<60 ms Least amount of false positives | fastest speeds | ok with letting some IPs through | only care about proxies & VPNs flags=b dynamic ban lists, dynamic checks, some bad IP checks fast, catches more proxy / VPN IPs than flags=m, skips some compromised system detection so complaints from residential users are reduced because most likely the user do not know they're compromised or they received a dirty IP from their ISP higher chance of false positives than flags=m < 130 ms fast speeds, want to let less proxy / VPN IPs through than flags=m | do not want to fully utilize bad IP detection | only care about proxies & VPNs no flags (default query) dynamic ban lists, dynamic checks, full bad IP checks fast, full IP check, a balance between speed and full IP check higher chance of false positives than flags=m | might require 1 more query after 5 seconds to be sure fast speeds, ok with making multiple queries with the same IP flags=f forces a full IP check which does not take additional queries to be sure higher chance of false positives than flags=m, slowest < 5000 ms ok with waiting for a full lookup that can take up to 5 secs Error Codes The proxy check system will return negative values on error. For standard format (non-json), an additional HTTP 400 status code is returned -1 Invalid no input -2 Invalid IP address -3 Unroutable address / private address -4 Unable to reach database, most likely the database is being updated. Keep an eye on twitter for more information. -5 Your connecting IP has been banned from the system or you do not have permission to access a particular service. Did you exceed your query limits? Did you use an invalid email address? If you want more information, please use the contact links below. -6 You did not provide any contact information with your query or the contact information is invalid. If you exceed the number of allowed queries, you'll receive a HTTP 429 error. Be sure to implement exception handling such as timeouts, HTTP 429 error, and the error codes listed above. Disclaimer No guaranatees, warranties, etc, is provided or implied. Use at your own risk. GetIPIntel is not liable for damages or claims of any kind. Terms of Service By using this service, you agree to: Not sell this service or information generated from this service, directly or indirectly, without explicit consent. Not use / reuse information generated from this service, directly or indirectly, without giving credit to the source (this website). Not exceed the query limits if you're a free user. Not look up random IPs / incremental IP lookups. The database changes very often so information becomes stale very fast. It just causes a higher server load for no reason. The Terms of Service may change at any given time, without prior notice. Contact You can find me on Twitter, GitHub, or email. If I do not respond to your email within 24 hours then something wrong, check your spam folder. Please send an email to my gmail address, or contact me via twitter. Ultimately, I want the system to be as accurate as possible, so please let me know if there are any inaccuracies, I'd like to fix the issue. Let me know if you have any custom requirements such as more queries per minute, skip cache so it always gets the latest data and recompute the result, etc.

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