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10 Best LinkedIn Email Extractor and Finder Tools 2021 (Pros ...

10 Best LinkedIn Email Extractor and Finder Tools 2021 (Pros …

Are you looking for a LinkedIn email extractor and finder tool but confused about which is the best one for your business needs? Then, you are at the right place!
We have done our research and compiled a list of the best LinkedIn extractors for you. In this comparison list, you will know about the best LinkedIn email extractor software in the market and be able to compare their pros, cons, features, and pricing.
So, what is a LinkedIn email finder?
A LinkedIn email finder, also known as a LinkedIn email scraper or extractor, is software that helps you find and extract emails from LinkedIn profiles.
These tools can be either standalone software or Chrome extension that adds a button or functionality to the user interface when viewing individual profiles or the search results page on LinkedIn.
Did you know that there are almost 740 million members and over 55 million registered companies on LinkedIn?
Many businesses use LinkedIn email extractors to find the email addresses of promising prospects and contact them as part of their sales outreach campaign.
By choosing the right LinkedIn email scraper, you’ll be able to find prospects, qualify them effectively, build a strong email list, engage with them via email instead of the frustrating LinkedIn InMail system.
Also, with most LinkedIn email extractors, you can:
Modify your search criteria
Generate a list of relevant and active email addresses
If we agree that these tools are quite useful, then let’s see the best LinkedIn email extractor software.
LinkedIn Email Finders
Starting Price
Available As
Email Verifier
$29/mo for 1000 credits
Chrome Extension, Web App

$39/mo for 1000 credits
$49/mo for 1000 emails

Free plan/$49/mo
Chrome Extension
Separate paid service
$49/mo for 1000 credits
Free plan/$39/mo
AnyMail Finder
Free plan/$50/mo
Lead Leaper
describes itself as an email search engine. It also provides the opportunity to send email enrichment and drip campaigns. One of the best features that distinguishes it from other competitors is that it also finds personal email addresses.
Linkedin Sales Navigator Support
Finding Personal Emails
Affordable Prices
Credits Resets Every Month
Get Started to Find Linkedin Emails
Available As: Chrome Extension, Web App
is one of the best LinkedIn email extractor tools. It is actually a CRM for contact management and cold outreach, but lead generation is one of its prominent features. It helps you:
Find more convertible leads
Verify contacts
Automate cold outreach
Track your leads’ progress
’s Social URL Search feature allows you to find email contacts from social profiles such as LinkedIn.
Versatility: You can use it either for a definitive purpose, such as finding and extracting email addresses, or as an all-in-one platform for your CRM needs.
Scraps LinkedIn profiles data very quickly and saves your time
Reliable email validator
Ability to get people’s emails without being connected to them
Lacks in in-app onboarding
The credits that you buy expire in only one month. The number of credits charged depends on the tool you use, such as email finder, email verifier, or email drip campaigns.
The tool is a bit expensive.
It doesn’t show the most used email from each contact when you find many email addresses.
Capterra Rating: 4. 7/5 (96)
Pricing: works with a credit system. For the email finder tool, it charges one credit if an email is valid, one credit for each single domain search, one credit for every prospect found on social media. The starting plan is $39/mo for 1000 credits.
Available As: Web Extension, Web App
helps find the B2B email addresses of people, whether from LinkedIn, company websites or using in-app features.
Its Web Extension integrates with your LinkedIn or Sales Navigator to find verified email addresses of your leads. This extension can work with either Chrome or Firefox.
Free for 150 emails and one user per month
Searching through company domain to find the email addresses of the people who work there
When you enable the extension within the browser and visit the profile of your prospect, you can simply click on the Skrapp icon. It shows you the email address.
Less data accuracy than other LinkedIn email extractors
Its UI/UX is not easy to understand for users.
Skrapp Capterra Rating: 4. 4/5 (10)
Pricing: Free version available. The starter price is $49/mo for 1000 emails and two users.
Available As: Chrome Extension
Getprospect is an easy-to-use LinkedIn email finder tool with CRM features. Some use cases of this tool are lead generation, prospecting, searching for relevant job candidates, and preparing cold email sequences.
During our research, we saw that most people recommended Getprospect or since Hunter, which is one of the most popular email finder tools, has removed its LinkedIn integration.
Outstanding features:
Free email verification
Duplicate detection
API for integrations with other tools
Bulk email finder
Free plan for 100 discovered emails per month
Ability to save prospect details inside a list automatically
70-80% accuracy in general
Negative customer support
Inability to archive easily of export to companies
Capterra Rating: 4. 6/5
Pricing: Free plan available. Starting price plan is $49/mo.
Available As: Chrome Extension and Web App
is a LinkedIn email extractor and B2B lead generation tool. It allows you to find emails and phone numbers through LinkedIn profiles.
Best Features:
Direct CRM push into Salesforce, Hubspot, or download as CSV
Save leads and business profiles
Multiple Gmail connections
Easy to create custom filtered prospecting lists and drip campaigns
Direct-dial functionality (click-to-call)
The price is a bit high if you want the unlimited lead option
Changing the credit limits for purchased plans without prior notice (some customers experienced this)
Capterra Rating: 4. 1/5 (25)
Pricing: Free plan available for 150 email credits per month. The starting plan is $49/mo.
is a lead builder and prospector tool for B2B. With +250, 000 users and 100 million corporation contacts, this tool provides intuitive filters and a high-quality B2B database.
It can integrate with the leading CRMs as well.
Easy to use
Tutorials for users
Email-finding without needing to connect to people on LinkedIn
Ability to track emails for follow-up purposes
Free plan available
Sometimes it gets blocked by LinkedIn
Email tracking function needs to be improved.
Sometimes the tool doesn’t work and keeps rotating without generating email addresses. (Some users have experienced this problem)
Capterra Rating: 4. 2/5 (25)
Pricing: Free plan available for 100 Credit free per month.
$49 per month to 500 find emails.
$149 per month to 2000 find emails.
Best for: Sales and marketing teams globally.
AeroLeads is a prospect generation software for finding emails and phone numbers of businesses and individuals. It allows you to export data as CSV or transfer it to other CRM and marketing software.
Positive customer support
Find emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn
Pre-existing email templates
Inability to separate or organize leads in the list
Sometimes lags and takes long to process
Capterra Rating: 4. 6/5 (35)
Pricing: Starting plan is $49/ mo for 1000 credits and one user.
SalesQL is a LinkedIn email scraper tool that helps to find personal and business email addresses and phone numbers on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd+ LinkedIn connections.
With this tool, you can automatically validate and classify emails and phone find the email address or phone number of a person on LinkedIn, you need to install the chrome extension, visit the person’s profile, and click on the SalesQL icon, then the plus button.
Easy-to-use interface
Optimal percentage of accuracy
Provides multiple emails to test, rather than just one
Fast load time
Easy copy-paste options
Email validation feature needs to get improved
Some emails are out of date
No automation or crawling features, all manual process
Capterra Rating: 4. 8/5 (21)
Pricing: Free plan available for 100 credits/mo. The starting plan is $39/mo for 1, 500 credits and one user.
Best for: Recruiting agencies, hiring managers, lead generation agencies, and B2B sales teams.
Anymail Finder email verification and finder tool with features such as bulk search, search by job title, name, and company.
Charges for the verified emails only
Easy to use User Interface (UI)
Subscription credits roll-over
Year-long credits
It doesn’t charge for duplicates
Unlimited team members
What is the difference between UX and UI?
Expiration of credits (30 days)
Credits roll over only if you stay subscribed
There are issues when finding global searches. Their global database needs improvement.
Capterra Rating: 4. 5/5 (23)
Pricing: Free trial available for 90 verified emails. The starting plan is $49/mo for 1, 000 verified emails.
Best for: Businesses of all sizes, such as recruitment agencies, lead generation companies, email marketers, sales teams, start-ups, and cold email experts.
Available As: Chrome extension, Web App
Wiza is a LinkedIn email finder and extractor that allows you to turn any LinkedIn Sales Navigator search into verified emails for outreach. The best thing about this tool is that Wiza has a forever-free, “pay as you go” plan, unlike others on the list.
With this plan, you only pay $0. 15 per valid email. However, naturally, the free plan is limited in terms of features. But it’s an excellent option for small businesses.
Simple, effective, and fast
Free scans on data with no emails
Clean UI, easy to learn
CSV download
Gives good results from LinkedIn business email scrapes
The quality of results following a scan can be improved.
Capterra Rating: 4. 8/5 (15)
Pricing: Free plan available (pay as you go. ) The starting plan is $50/mo for 300 verified emails and credits roll-over.
Best for: Businesses of all sizes.
LeadLeaper is another LinkedIn email finder and extractor that provides verified business email addresses from LinkedIn searches. It can integrate with CRMs like Salesforce.
This tool is not as advanced as some other tools on our list, but it’s an affordable option. You need to visit the LinkedIn profile of the person whose email address you want to find and then click the LeadLeaper icon.
The product team continually updates the tool.
Effective tracking of emails and links opened.
Allows you to pull down multiple LinkedIn profiles quickly
Ability to check specific client behaviors such as open rate, link clicked and opened time.
You might like: Increase Email Open Rate: Email Marketing Guide For Beginners.
It doesn’t keep track of the email messaging used, just the title of the email.
No annual discount among the subscription plans
Capturing leads one by one instead of the entire page of leads on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, making the tool time-consuming.
Capterra Rating: 4. 1/5 (15)
Pricing: Free plan available for 100 credits a month. The starting plan is $39/mo for 3, 000 credits per month.
Best for: Individuals and companies of all sizes
We hope you found this list of the best LinkedIn extractor tools. Here are some the other useful articles that might benefit your marketing efforts:
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What is your favorite LinkedIn email extractor? Tell us in the comments below!
How to Find Emails from LinkedIn | Demand Curve Blog

How to Find Emails from LinkedIn | Demand Curve Blog

(This advanced blog summarizes real growth insights Demand Curve has acquired from running marketing for hundreds of companies. )Extract an email address from a LinkedIn profileMethod 1 (free): ‍Install the Google Chrome extension ContactOut from the Chrome Web Store. You can use it to extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. Use ContactOut to get anyone’s email address from their LinkedIn profileGo to the LinkedIn user profile. ContactOut shows you their contact information like email address and phone number automatically. It comes with 50 free credits and works most of the time. Method 2 (paid): The Chrome extension is another effective tool for extracting emails from LinkedIn profiles. It’s exceptionally accurate because it pulls from multiple email databases. Here’s how to use it:Sign up for and install the Chrome extension. Go to the LinkedIn user profile. Click the down arrow next to the “Send InMail” button and select “Save to PDF. ” The extension will automatically display email and social media information. Find emails with GemAlthough Gem’s tool isn’t free, you can test it out with a free trial. Find an email address manuallySometimes, an email extractor like ContactOut won’t be able to determine a LinkedIn account’s email address. Here’s one way you can deduce their business email through trial-and-error. First, find the domain name of the company that person works for. Typically, most companies use the same email pattern for all of their employees. Here are some examples of common email, like, like, like mChances are, your target email address follows one of these email patterns. We recommend a couple of ways to check:Email finder lets you enter a company domain name and it returns the most common email pattern associated with that company, as well as the email addresses it can find. Email finder tool a free account for 50 complimentary searches per month. LinkedIn Sales Navigator LiteType your guesses for your target’s email address into Gmail. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lite uses LinkedIn’s internal data to determine which guess has a LinkedIn profile associated with it. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lite to detect emails with LinkedIn profilesExport email addresses in bulk from LinkedInIf you’re trying to extract emails from LinkedIn profiles for prospecting and lead generation, it can take a while to do them one at a time. Here’s how to do it in bulk:Use LinkedIn Search to find a list of people based on their job title, industry, company size, seniority, and much more. Use a Chrome extension like Skrapp to determine which of those people it can automatically determine an email address for. Use Skrapp for bulk email exports from LinkedInYou can export that list of emails as a CSV to manipulate in Excel or import to your to do if the email address doesn’t workNot every email you find will actually work. If you run into this, you can try doing one of the following:Different Chrome extensions and email finder tools use their own unique email databases. If one method gave you a non-functional email address, try another to find the person on other social media platforms. Or see if they have a personal website. They may have their email address listed there. If you still can’t find their email address, you could send them a LinkedIn connection request. If they accept, you should be able to see their email address on their profile. ‍Learn advanced email scraping techniques with Demand Curve’s Growth Training.
10 Best LinkedIn Email Finders and Scrapers (2021)

10 Best LinkedIn Email Finders and Scrapers (2021)

With the right LinkedIn email finder, you can capture almost anyone’s email address and add it to your outreach list.
So what is a LinkedIn email finder or scraper, and which ones are the best?
Glad you asked!
Table of ContentsWhat is a LinkedIn Email Finder? The Best LinkedIn Email Finders and Scrapers1. Apollo. 2. Voila Norbert. 3. Wiza. 5. LeadLeaper. 6. Getprospect. 7. LeadGibbon. 8. Aeroleads. 10. Email nclusionRelated posts:
What is a LinkedIn Email Finder?
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just extract email addresses from people who fit your target audience on LinkedIn?
The solution is to use a LinkedIn email finder, otherwise known as a LinkedIn email scraper.
Whatever you want to call it, this type of tool can help you extract emails from LinkedIn profiles.
These tools usually are a Chrome extension that adds buttons or functionality to your user interface when viewing pages on LinkedIn (usually individual profile pages or LinkedIn search results pages).
They let you click a button to find email addresses of people on LinkedIn, so you can contact them as part of your sales outreach campaign.
With the right LinkedIn email finder or scraper, you’ll be able to find more prospects, qualify them more effectively, and engage with them via email – instead of LinkedIn’s frustrating InMail system.
And you can usually accomplish this with just a few clicks. You’ll type in or modify your search criteria, then generate a list of relevant, active email addresses that match those types of profiles.
Sound fun?
Wait ‘til you try it for yourself.
The Best LinkedIn Email Finders and Scrapers
There are a lot of LinkedIn email finders and scrapers to choose from.
Here are some of my favorites.
Note: Most of these tools probably are not compliant with LinkedIn’s Terms of Service (I haven’t read the Terms of Service so I don’t really know). But LinkedIn doesn’t want people scraping their data. Decide for yourself if you want to risk your LinkedIn account being suspended or banned by using any of these tools.
1. Apollo.
Kicking off our list is Apollo. Part of its package includes a Chrome extension that lets you find anyone’s email address on LinkedIn with a click. It then adds the email address to a list you can browse, filter, and export as needed. It’s my top-ranked LinkedIn email finder because its pricing is a reasonable $50/mo which gets you unlimited email credits.
Many of the other tools on this list limit your email credits per month. Unlimited is awesome.
2. Voila Norbert.
Voila Norbert is a popular email finding tool with a Chrome extension that integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn. Norbert is priced at $49 for 1000 leads per month, and is known in the industry for being one of the most accurate email finders available.
Reply is a one of our top ranked sales engagement platforms and email outreach tools, so it makes sense that they’d find their way near the top of this list as well. It’s a Chrome extension that makes it easy to find email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. It makes it easy to automate outreach to those email addresses since it’s also a fantastic sales engagement tool and CRM.
It’s got a generous free plan of 200 email credits/month, and 5000 email credits per month at $50/mo.
4. Wiza.
Increase Your Sales by 16% With EmailAnalytics35-50% of sales go to the first-responding llowing up within an hour increases your chances of success by lespeople spend an average of 13 hours per week on IT FREE
Wiza is one of the more expensive options on this list, but you get what you pay for. Wiza is slick, user-friendly, and satisfying to use. Like most tools on this list, it has a Chrome extension that lets you scrape email addresses from peoples’ LinkedIn profiles with a click.
And it automatically validates those email addresses and lets you export them conveniently. It’s main drawback is its price – for $50/mo, you only get 300 verified email credits. Beyond that, it’s $0. 10 per extra email.
5. LeadLeaper.
LeadLeaper is one of the cheapest options on this list, but it’s a great value. As with the other tools on this list, it’s a Chrome extension. You just perform a LinkedIn search (either in LinkedIn basic or Sales Navigator), and then activate the LeadLeaper bot, and it’ll go through each page (10 pages at a time) and scrape LinkedIn email addresses, validate them, and add them to a list in your LeadLeaper account.
You can then sort, filter, and export those email addresses as needed. For $29/mo, you get 3000 email credits. The drawback is that while the bot is running, you can sometimes interrupt it by just working on other things. So it might be best to run it on a separate PC or laptop.
6. Getprospect.
Getprospect is another Chrome extension that makes it easy to find email addresses on LinkedIn. It’s got a slick user interface, a generous free 100 emails per month, and a decently-priced paid option of 1000 emails per month for $49.
7. LeadGibbon.
LeadGibbon is yet another Chrome extension that lets you find email addresses on LinkedIn. It includes basic and usual functionality such as lead exporting and filtering, and email validation. It’s $49/mo for 1000 monthly email credits.
Skrapp uses a combination of different tools to help you find all the email addresses you need to make your lead generation strategy work. You can look for email addresses on the web using data matching algorithms, find prospects on existing company websites, and of course, collect email addresses from LinkedIn using its Chrome extension.
It’s reasonably priced at $49/mo for 1, 000 email credits.
9. Aeroleads.
Aeroleads is another Chrome extension that lets you collect email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. It includes automatic email validation and list sorting/filtering/exporting. For $49/mo you get 1000 credits per month.
10. Email Finder.
It’s also worth mentioning Type in the person’s name and website domain, and it’ll give you their email address. This tool doesn’t work with LinkedIn directly, but it’s compliant with LinkedIn’s terms of service.
The pricing is not great, at 500 searches for $49/mo. But at least it’s compliant with LinkedIn’s TOS.
Found a LinkedIn email finder on this list that you like? Awesome!
Now you have the power to find email addresses and conduct cold email outreach.
But wait… How many emails are you sending and receiving? How fast are your email response times?
Without a tool like EmailAnalytics, you’ll have a hard time answering these questions.
EmailAnalytics plugs into your Gmail account directly. Once integrated, it will pull tons of data, including behavioral metrics, to help you analyze your sales success. Interactive data visuals will make it ridiculously intuitive – so at a glance, you can see how you’re doing (and learn how you can improve).
But don’t just take my word for it. See it for yourself! Sign up for a free trial today!
Jayson is a long-time columnist for Forbes, Entrepreneur, BusinessInsider,, and various other major media publications, where he has authored over 1, 000 articles since 2012, covering technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship. He keynoted the 2013 MarketingProfs University, and won the “Entrepreneur Blogger of the Year” award in 2015 from the Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs. In 2010, he founded a marketing agency that appeared on the Inc. 5000 before selling it in January of 2019, and he is now the CEO of EmailAnalytics.

Frequently Asked Questions about free linkedin email scraper

How do I scrape emails from LinkedIn for free?

You can use it to extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles.Use ContactOut to get anyone’s email address from their LinkedIn profile.Find emails with Gem.Email finder tool LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lite to detect emails with LinkedIn profiles.Use Skrapp for bulk email exports from LinkedIn.

Can you scrape LinkedIn for emails?

With the right LinkedIn email finder or scraper, you’ll be able to find more prospects, qualify them more effectively, and engage with them via email – instead of LinkedIn’s frustrating InMail system. And you can usually accomplish this with just a few clicks.

What is the best free email scraper?

List Of The Best Email ExtractorAutoPark Software.Email Extractor Chrome Extension.Cute Web Email Extractor.Email Extractor 14.Email Extractor Pro.Email Checker | Email Extractor.Y-Leads Extractor.Top Lead Extractor.More items…•Sep 27, 2021

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