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How to Improve uTorrent Download Speeds -

How to Improve uTorrent Download Speeds –

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Despite being one of the most used torrent programs with users across the world, uTorrent is not without its flaws and is sometimes not as efficient as we would like. Fortunately, a few minor adjustments to the program’s settings should suffice to get your downloads up to speed.
Download the Torrent With the Most Seeders
Start uTorrent Automatically
Give Priority to Downloads
Reduce the Number of Simultaneous Downloads
Check That There Are No Speed Limits
Change ports
Prioritise a Cable Connection
When searching for torrents, there are normally alternatives to download the same content. It is best to choose the one with the most seeds, as this will directly influence the download speed.
If you disabled this option during the installation process, re-enable it by going to Options> Preferences> General and checking the Start uTorrent at Windows startup checkbox. Then click Apply and OK. Launching the program automatically when Windows starts will allow you to gain positions in the virtual download queue, something especially useful if it is a file with few seeders.
Do you have other programs open at the same time? Are you watching something on YouTube while the downloads continue in the background? Unfortunately these are “stealing” bandwidth from uTorrent and inadvertently slowing down your downloads. To avoid this, you just have to right-click on the torrent you want to download quickly and select Assign bandwidth> High.
In the same way that it is not recommended to distribute your bandwidth among many applications, neither is it recommended to distribute it among too many downloads. The best thing, in fact, is to download the torrents one by one. To do this, go to Options> Preferences> Queue and put 1 in the Maximum number of active torrents and Maximum number of downloads active. Close this window by clicking Apply and OK.
If you have put the above tips into action and have still not noticed any changes, the program may have limited bandwidth without you knowing. For uTorrent to take advantage of the full speed of your Internet connection, go to Options> Preferences> Bandwidth and put 0 where it says Maximum download speed (kB / s). Then, as always, Apply and OK.
To avoid being blocked by your Internet provider, it is important to change the port for incoming connections that the program uses by default. Go to Options> Preferences> Connection and click on Random port (on some pages it is also recommended to use ports 45682 or 34914 specifically). Check the Toggle port with each start box, so you don’t have to repeat this process every time you open the program. Before closing this window by clicking on Apply and OK,.
Are you still experiencing slow download speeds? It may be that problem is your Internet speed that you have. If it is not very fast, a good way to get the most out of it is to connect your PC to the internet with an ethernet cable instead of via Wi-Fi. If the router is too far away, consider getting a WiFi repeater.
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uTorrent Port Checker Online - gHacks Tech News

uTorrent Port Checker Online – gHacks Tech News

by Martin Brinkmann on April 18, 2009 in File Sharing, Internet – Last Update: June 04, 2017 – 8 comments uTorrent Port Checker is a free online service that allows you to check whether ports are open on your computer for use by the BitTorrent forwarding is not something that needs to be configured in most situations. Basically, what it does is forward a connection to the local network to a specific local computer system. A computer router, firewall, modem or other hardware device that manages or controls traffic is involved in the process usually as traffic hits it first before it is routed to a computer. So, to make sure that certain traffic lands on the right system, port forwarding may need to be forwarding can be a big issue when you run P2P applications like uTorrent, as an incorrectly configured router or other hardware device may reduce or even block the traffic to the local computer running the P2P forwarding can be configured in the router or traffic controlling device. It involves setting up the router so that a certain port is always directed to a specific computer. This is done by specifying the computer you want the traffic to be directed to (using host name or IP), and the port that you want of easiest ways to check if a port is properly forwarded is to use an online port checker like the one provided by uTorrent. To verify the port forwarding open the following url in your web browser and change the number at the end to the port that you want to script checks if the port is forwarded properly:The screenshot above confirms that port forwarding is set up correctly. If it is not, an error message is displayed instead. If that is the case, you should go back to the router’s configuration panel to check the forwarding rules The port checker has now been integrated into the uTorrent client natively. You can open the port checker in uTorrent with a click on Options > Setup find the port listing at the bottom of the page. If you want to test a particular port simply enter it into the field and click on the run tests button program displays the connection status after a couple of seconds in the same interface. Here you are then either informed that the port is accessible, or, the whole process looks like this now:Open uTorrent, and open the Setup that the current port is correct, and hit the run tests you get the green light, everything is set up you don’t, you need to open the router or modem configuration to check the settings and adjust them mmaryArticle NameuTorrent Port Checker OnlineDescriptionuTorrent Port Checker is a free online service that allows you to check whether ports are open on your computer for use by the BitTorrent thorPublisherGhacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisement
How to increase uTorrent download speed -

How to increase uTorrent download speed –

uTorrent was very slow for me until recently I applied a few tweaks. Here’s what I did.
Note: Some of the settings mentioned below are optimized for 256k connection. If you want to calculate the optimal settings for your connection, check at the end of this tutorial. But I suggest you to read the entire tutorial for guidance on other settings.
First go to Options>Preferences>Network
1. Under `Port used for incomming connections’, enter any port number. It is best to use a port number above 10000. I use 45682.
2. Randomize port each time utorrent starts: UNCHECKED. I leave this unchecked because I have a router. If you do not have a router or a firewall, and want extra security, check this option.
3. Enable UPnP port mapping (Windows Xp or later only): UNCHECKED. I leave this unchecked because I have experienced it slowing down speeds. It is not needed if you manually port forward.
4. Add utorrent to Windows Firewall exceptions (Windows XP SP2 or later only): UNCHECKED (do this only if you have windows firewall disabled)
5. Global Maximum upload rate (kb/s): [0: unlimited]: 22 (for 256k connection)
6. Protocol Encryption: ENABLED. I would recommend everyone to enable this. This can help increase speeds with many ISPs.
7. Allow incoming Legacy Connections: CHECKED
1. Global Maximum Number of Connections: 130 (for 256k connection)This number should not be set too low or the number of connections made to your torrents will be limited. Setting it too high may cause too much bandwidth to be used and can cause slowdowns.
2. Maximum Number of connected peers per torrent: 70 (for 256k connection)If you see that the peers connected to a specific torrent are exactly this number, or very close, increase this number to improve speeds.
3. Number of upload slots per torrent: 3 (for 256k connection)This depends on how much you want to upload to other users. Do not set too low or it may affect download speeds.
4. Use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%: CHECKED 5. Maximum number of active torrents: 2 (for 256k connection) 6. Maximum number of active downloads: 1 (for 256k connection) 7. Enable DHT Network: CHECKEDThis is recommended to be checked to improve speeds. More people will be available for sharing if this is checked. 8. Enable DHT for new torrents: CHECKED 9. Enable Peer Exchange: CHECKED 10. Enable scrapping: CHECKED 11. Pre-allocate all files: CHECKED 12. Append.! ut to incomplete files: UNCHECKED Options>Preferences>Advanced
x_halfopen: 50
Know any other tricks to increase uTorrent’s download speed? Please share them here.

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You can open the port checker in uTorrent with a click on Options > Setup Guide. You find the port listing at the bottom of the page. If you want to test a particular port simply enter it into the field and click on the run tests button afterwards.Apr 18, 2009

What ports do I open for utorrent?

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