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How can I check my BeautifulSoup version and revert it to an ...

How can I check my BeautifulSoup version and revert it to an …

I am using beautifulsoup, and I am getting some htmlparser errors with start tags etc.
I read on crummy’s site that one suggestion is to go back to an older version (3. 08).
I am using Ubuntu, where I did:
sudo apt-get install python-beautifulsoup
to install it.
how can I check what version I have now?
how can I force a specific version using apt-get? (and how to uninstall what I have now)
thanks (i’m newish to ubuntu)
latest version of ubuntu 10. 04
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asked Aug 9 ’10 at 0:21
BlankmanBlankman241k304 gold badges722 silver badges1133 bronze badges
In Beautiful Soup 4 its like this:
>>> import bs4
>>> bs4. __version__
‘4. 4. 1’
answered Oct 4 ’15 at 18:08
i run in the same problem on mac osx 10. 5
and i removed the current version of beautiful soup with
sudo apt-get remove python-beautifulsoup
then i installed 3. 0. 7 from this address and all is now working fine.
To know the current version of you module:
import BeautifulSoup
print(BeautifulSoup. __version__)
answered Aug 9 ’10 at 0:38
MermozMermoz13. 1k16 gold badges55 silver badges82 bronze badges
Answer to your first question: at your shell prompt, type
python -c “import BeautifulSoup as bs; print(bs. __version__)”
answered Aug 9 ’10 at 0:39
John MachinJohn Machin76. 6k11 gold badges127 silver badges181 bronze badges
For your first question:
BeautifulSoup. __version__
And for the second:
You can’t. Maybe you should use easy_install or pip instead.
answered Aug 9 ’10 at 0:41
satorusatoru28. 1k27 gold badges83 silver badges129 bronze badges
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Beautifulsoup Installation - Python - GeeksforGeeks

Beautifulsoup Installation – Python – GeeksforGeeks

Beautiful Soup is a Python library for pulling data out of HTML and XML files. It works with your favorite parser to provide idiomatic ways of navigating, searching, and modifying the parse tree. It commonly saves programmers hours or days of work. The latest Version of Beautifulsoup is v4. 9. 3 as of now. PrerequisitesPythonPip How to install Beautifulsoup? To install Beautifulsoup on Windows, Linux, or any operating system, one would need pip package. To check how to install pip on your operating system, check out – PIP Installation – Windows || Linux. Now, run a simple command, Attention geek! Strengthen your foundations with the Python Programming Foundation Course and learn the basics. To begin with, your interview preparations Enhance your Data Structures concepts with the Python DS Course. And to begin with your Machine Learning Journey, join the Machine Learning – Basic Level Coursepip install beautifulsoup4Wait and relax, Beautifulsoup would be installed shortly. Install Beautifulsoup4 using Source codeOne can install beautifulsoup, using source code directly, install beautifulsoup tarball from here – download the Beautiful Soup 4 source tarball after downloading cd into the directory and run, Python installVerifying InstallationTo check whether the installation is complete or not, let’s try implementing it using python
Download Beautiful Soup - Crummy

Download Beautiful Soup – Crummy

Beautiful Soup: We called him Tortoise because he taught us.
[ Download | Documentation | Hall of Fame | For enterprise | Source | Changelog | Discussion group | Zine]
You didn’t write that awful page. You’re just trying to get some
data out of it. Beautiful Soup is here to help. Since 2004, it’s been
saving programmers hours or days of work on quick-turnaround
screen scraping projects.
Beautiful Soup is a Python library designed for quick turnaround
projects like screen-scraping. Three features make it powerful:
Beautiful Soup provides a few simple methods and Pythonic idioms
for navigating, searching, and modifying a parse tree: a toolkit for
dissecting a document and extracting what you need. It doesn’t take
much code to write an application
Beautiful Soup automatically converts incoming documents to
Unicode and outgoing documents to UTF-8. You don’t have to think
about encodings, unless the document doesn’t specify an encoding and
Beautiful Soup can’t detect one. Then you just have to specify the
original encoding.
Beautiful Soup sits on top of popular Python parsers like lxml and html5lib, allowing you
to try out different parsing strategies or trade speed for
Beautiful Soup parses anything you give it, and does the tree
traversal stuff for you. You can tell it “Find all the links”, or
“Find all the links of class externalLink”, or “Find all the
links whose urls match “”, or “Find the table heading that’s
got bold text, then give me that text. ”
Valuable data that was once locked up in poorly-designed websites
is now within your reach. Projects that would have taken hours take
only minutes with Beautiful Soup.
Interested? Read more.
Getting and giving support
If you have questions, send them to the discussion
group. If you find a bug, file it on Launchpad. If it’s a security vulnerability, report it confidentially through Tidelift.
If you use Beautiful Soup as part of your work, please consider a Tidelift subscription. This will support many of the free software projects your organization depends on, not just Beautiful Soup.
If Beautiful Soup is useful to you on a personal level, you might like to read Tool Safety, a short zine I wrote about what I learned about software development from working on Beautiful Soup. Thanks!
Download Beautiful Soup
The current release is Beautiful Soup
4. 9. 3 (October 3, 2020). You can install Beautiful Soup 4 with
pip install beautifulsoup4.
In Debian and Ubuntu, Beautiful Soup is available as the
python-bs4 package (for Python 2) or the
python3-bs4 package (for Python 3). In Fedora it’s
available as the python-beautifulsoup4 package.
Beautiful Soup is licensed under the MIT license, so you can also
download the tarball, drop the bs4/ directory into almost
any Python application (or into your library path) and start using it
immediately. (If you want to do this under Python 3, you will need to
manually convert the code using 2to3. )
Beautiful Soup 4 works on both Python 2 (2. 7+) and Python
3. Support for Python 2 will be discontinued on or after December 31,
2020—one year after the Python 2 sunsetting date.
Beautiful Soup 3
Beautiful Soup 3 was the official release line of Beautiful Soup
from May 2006 to March 2012. It does not support Python 3 and it will
be discontinued on or after December 31, 2020—one year after the
Python 2 sunsetting date. If you have any active projects using
Beautiful Soup 3, you should migrate to Beautiful Soup 4 as part of
your Python 3 conversion.
the Beautiful Soup 3 documentation.
The current and hopefully final release of Beautiful Soup 3 is 3. 2. 2 (October 5,
2019). It’s the BeautifulSoup package on pip. It’s also
available as python-beautifulsoup in Debian and Ubuntu,
and as python-BeautifulSoup in Fedora.
Once Beautiful Soup 3 is discontinued, these package names will be available for use by a more recent version of Beautiful Soup.
Beautiful Soup 3, like Beautiful Soup 4, is supported through Tidelift.
Hall of Fame
Over the years, Beautiful Soup has been used in hundreds of
different projects. There’s no way I can list them all, but I want to
highlight a few high-profile projects. Beautiful Soup isn’t what makes
these projects interesting, but it did make their completion easier:
Type”, a work of digital art on display in the lobby of the New
York Times building, uses Beautiful Soup to scrape news feeds.
Jiabao Lin’s DXY-COVID-19-Crawler
uses Beautiful Soup to scrape a Chinese medical site for information
about COVID-19, making it easier for researchers to track the spread
of the virus. (Source: “How open source software is fighting COVID-19”)
Reddit uses Beautiful Soup to parse
a page that’s been linked to and find a representative image.
Alexander Harrowell uses Beautiful Soup to track the business
activities of an arms merchant.
The developers of Python itself used Beautiful Soup to migrate the Python
bug tracker from Sourceforge to Roundup.
The Lawrence Journal-World
uses Beautiful Soup to gather
statewide election results.
The NOAA’s Forecast
Applications Branch uses Beautiful Soup in TopoGrabber, a script for
downloading “high resolution USGS datasets. ”
If you’ve used Beautiful Soup in a project you’d like me to know
about, please do send email to me or the discussion
Development happens at Launchpad. You can get the source
code or file

Frequently Asked Questions about check beautifulsoup version

What version of BeautifulSoup do I have?

The latest Version of Beautifulsoup is v4. 9.3 as of now.Mar 13, 2021

What is the latest version of BeautifulSoup?

The current release is Beautiful Soup 4.9. 3 (October 3, 2020). You can install Beautiful Soup 4 with pip install beautifulsoup4 .

How do I know which version of bs4 I have?

Here Is How You Can Check Yourself If Your Car Is BS4 Or BS6Check The Registration Certificate.Check RTO Form 21.Check The Manufacturing Date.Last But A Bit Difficult – Decode The VIN Number For Manufacturing Year.May 25, 2020

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