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Fix: Instagram – Signup Blocked | Instazood blog

Fix: Instagram – Signup Blocked | Instazood blog

Problems & ErrorsAugust 20, 202035155 views0If you’re trying to create a new Instagram account on your mobile device (iPhone or Android), you may receive this error that prevents you from signing up a new account when you get to the create username ling you to “keep trying” can be very frustrating and wouldn’t help in any way as the error usually persists. Instagram shows you this error if you have created too many accounts using the same device or have added too many accounts using the same, if you are a business and need multiple Instagram accounts, then here we’ve brought some methods that can help you create multiple Instagram accounts from one device. Just follow these methods:Can’t create an Instagram accountIn the first step, we better consider why Instagram sign up blocked may occur. The reason you cannot create an Instagram account can be:Network connectionDevice is blockedEmail address is blockedPhone number is blockedUsername is not available, or it is already in the block listInstagram bugsCreating multiple accounts is not the only reason behind this error, it can happen due to different reasons such as if you are using a VPN to signup then it may show you Sign Up Blocked error. Instagram blocks the device to stop spam and automated you’re trying to create an account from the blocked IP Address, then you can face the Sign Up Blocked error. Fixing the Sign Up Blocked error is very easy; you just have to go through the guides below to know 1: Change the email address/phone numberIf the email address is already blocked, you cannot sign up again with it. You might already use the email address, and if the related account got blocked, you are no more can sign up with that email address. So, better you try with any other email address. You can also change the device and try it can also try with another device and phone number. If Instagram blocks the amount, you should be able to sign up successfully with a new 2: Try Instagram for DesktopIf you get the error on a mobile device, you can try the Desktop to sign up for Instagram. To use the Instagram desktop, you should simply go to and click on sign up. Follow the on-screen 3: Change your BrowserThe easiest way to fix Sign Up Blocked error is by changing your browser. For example, if you are using Instagram and getting the Error in Google Chrome browser, then you can apply some other browser such as Firefox or Opera to create the account, and you won’t receive the error 4: Use VPNIf changing your browser doesn’t work out, then you can use a VPN to fix the error. Just download any Free VPN and connect it with any server. Create a new Instagram account and then disconnect the VPN and enjoy 5: Change your DeviceSometimes Instagram takes stern action and blocks the IMEI Number with the IP. In this case, you can’t create an Instagram account from the device no matter which browser you’re using. So, you have to change the method or use the Desktop for signing up for Instagram. Once you’ve created the new Instagram account on any other device, then you can use it on any device, whether you’re blocked from creating the account or 6: Incognito modeSometimes using Incognito Mode on the Google Chrome browser may work to fix the error. If you are blocked from creating the account on the Instagram app, then you can create a new account in the Incognito Mode of the Chrome. It works mainly when you are blocked from the app, not the 7: switch off/on your network connectionSometimes resetting the network connection may fix Instagram errors. So, you can turn off/on your mobile data or Wi-Fi to see if the problem is fixed. You can also turn the device on and 8: Sign up using a Facebook accountIf you already have a Facebook account, that is good. You can sign up using a Facebook account. If not, you can create a Facebook account first, then use that to sign up to InstagramMethod 9: Add account using a previous Instagram accountIf you have already had an Instagram account, and you are going to sign up for the second one, you can use the last once. To sign up using previous Instagram account:Open the Instagram appLog in to the first Instagram accountGo to a profile by tapping the small profile picture on the bottom right cornerTap three-line iconGo to SettingSelect Add accountFollow the on-screen instructionIf you could not fix the issue, you should wait for some time, and try again. It can be an Instagram sum upIf you know a better way to fix this error, then please share it with us in the comments below. Also, remember to share it with your friends if it has helped you in any mmaryArticle Name Fix: Instagram – Signup BlockedDescription If you’re trying to create a new Instagram account on your mobile device (iPhone or Android), you may receive this error that prevents you from signing up a new account when you get to the create username thorWilliam finaly Publisher NameInstazoodPublisher Logo Was it a good article? (New added)I’m a writer. a specialist working on social media marketing
Instagram Won't Let Me Make Another Account How To Fix

Instagram Won’t Let Me Make Another Account How To Fix

The giant social networking site will sometimes block you from creating a new account or after creating only one account, you’ll be blocked from creating another account.
Instagram supports creating multiple accounts because within the app there is a feature that allows you to connect multiple accounts, and you can switch between the added accounts with just a few clicks.
When trying to create another account, you might end up with messages like “Keep Trying” or “Sign up Blocked”, in some cases it can be other forms of error messages.
They’re all a sign that you’re blocked from creating a new account which could be for various reasons; it could be that your device is blocked or another thing else.
Instagram offers creating up to five accounts and still, you can be blocked after creating just one account, why then are they blocking you?
We’ll explain it to you in this article and then show you how to fix the problem of sign up blocked on Instagram. Instagram supports multiple account creation and we’ll share a hint that will allow you to create as many accounts as you wish by following a few simple steps.
Reasons Why Instagram Won’t Allow You To Create Another Account
Instagram Won’t Let Me Make Another Account How to Fix
Network problems
Connection problems are one of the major reasons why your account creation isn’t successful, this is the cause especially when you’re receiving the message “Try again”.
If it’s a network problem you can still receive a message notifying you that there is no internet or the app couldn’t connect to the internet, but in some cases, you won’t receive any notification saying your network has a problem.
You’ll just have to check your network connection and ensure that everything is working smoothly.
If you ever face the problem of Instagram won’t allow you to make another account, you should first check internet connection to ensure nothing is wrong before you even proceed with other troubleshoots.
Device is blocked
Once you install the Instagram app on your phone, the device connected to the Instagram account you’re using can be tracked. They can decide to block you from using their services forever.
If you’re unlucky you bought a used phone that Instagram has already blocked, you’ll find it difficult to create an Instagram account on that device. Under normal circumstances Instagram won’t block your device, you might have violated their rules so much that they consider blocking your device from using their platform.
An IP address is blocked
Once you’re doing the wrong activities on your Instagram account and they track your Ip address, they can decide to block the Ip address from using their platform. One of the main reasons that will cause your Ip address to get blocked is creating a lot of accounts using the same IP address.
Another reason could be that you ended up performing massive actions like massive comments or likes using automation. In most cases, the Ip address is blocked when you can’t create a new Instagram account.
Email address is already in use on another account or the email address is blocked
Even though Instagram supports creating multiple accounts, they only allow using one email address for each new account you create.
If it’s the problem of the email address has been used on another account, you’ll probably receive a message notifying you that another Instagram account is using that email address. In that case, you just need to use another email address.
On the other hand, there are email service providers that are blocked on Instagram. Most of the email providers blocked are the ones that offer temporary and disposable emails.
Once such services are detected, you’ll not be able to create a new account on Instagram, and the worse part is that they won’t notify you that the email provider is blocked. Instagram won’t send you an email verification link nor details on how to proceed with the account signup.
Phone Number is blocked
If the phone number you’re using is already used on another account or the mobile carrier is blocked, you can’t create another account with such a phone number.
Even if you have managed to use a different email address but you’re using the same number that has been used on other accounts, you will not be able to create a new account on Instagram.
Instagram servers are down
The Instagram servers are responsible for processing your request to create a new account. Once the servers aren’t available like during maintenance, you cannot create a new account.
It could also be that the Instagram servers aren’t accepting new account creation, you’ll have to wait for the situation to be resolved on their part before you can proceed with creating another account.
You’ve exceeded the limit for account creation
As mentioned, Instagram officially allows creating multiple accounts, but it’s not that you can create any number of accounts you like.
On the Instagram app, there is a provision to connect up to five accounts, and I guess once you reach the limit of five accounts, you’re no longer allowed to create new accounts by using the app.
You’ll just have to find a way to bypass this limit, if you also try creating multiple accounts and your IP is detected, you will end up with an IP block.
That means the IP address will be blocked from using Instagram services, and in such cases, all the accounts created with that Ip address will be blocked.
You’re using an Outdated Instagram app
Using an outdated version of the app won’t allow you to communicate with the Instagram servers effectively. That’s why using outdated Instagram on your phone can block you from creating a new account.
Missing out on a few updates shouldn’t really affect the performance of the app, but if you have spent months or years without installing any updates, you should expect problems from using the app.
There are technical problems with your app
If your Instagram app can’t work properly due to bugs or any other technical issue, you can’t create new accounts on Instagram. Not only that, you’ll be having problems trying to perform different actions on Instagram.
When the app has a technical problem, you’ll find that you can’t add likes and comments on other people’s accounts. You have to get rid of every potential problem causing the app to malfunction, like clearing cache or app data, fixing bugs by installing updates, and so on.
These are all the possible reasons why you cannot create a new Instagram account, let’s now share how to fix Instagram won’t let me make another account.
How To Fix Signup Block On Instagram
Close the Instagram app and restart your phone
This is the first thing you want to do in an attempt to fix the signup block on Instagram. If the problem is caused by your device, restarting will help fix the potential causes that are blocking you from using the Instagram app.
So just close the Instagram app and hold the power button to restart your phone. After the restart, you can now try creating a new Instagram account to see if it works.
Check and fix internet connection
The next thing now is to check whether your internet connection is working or not. First, launch your browser and visit a website to see if it’s able to load. If you can’t load websites on your browser, chances are your internet has a problem.
You should consider switching to another Wi-Fi network or use your mobile data when your Wi-Fi fails to establish the connection. Even if your internet connection is working fine, you want to make sure it’s not slow.
Change Ip address
If an Ip address is blocked from creating a new account, you cannot create another Instagram account no matter what you do. Changing Ip address is simple; you just need to use a VPN or consider using another internet service provider that will provide you with a new IP address.
Another option you have is using a proxy, I don’t however recommend this because Proxies are slow and will change your network and device settings.
Stick to using VPN services like NordVPN or ExpressVPN, you can also find some free apps on App Store or Play Store that will help you switch between IP addresses.
Confirm that Instagram Servers aren’t down
If Instagram servers aren’t available, no fix you can apply that will let you create a new Instagram account because Instagram servers operate the activities of every account, the process every request sent from your Instagram app or browser.
You should start by checking with the people around you to see if they’re able to use their Instagram app. If not, it means the servers aren’t available and you have to wait for some minutes, sometimes it can last for some hours.
Fix your Instagram app
Bugs, cache and other technical problems as mentioned can interfere with the Instagram app. If you want to use the app smoothly you should now consider Installing updates that will help fix bugs.
Then you proceed with clearing Cache because Cache files are known to corrupt the app. Thirdly, you should consider reinstalling your Instagram app, delete the app from your device and make sure to remove all data, then install the app again from your app store.
Use a browser
By using the Instagram app, they can track all your activities and it’s possible that you’re blocked from creating a new account using the app. What you should then do in such a case is using a browser to create the new account.
If you’re able to do so, it means your app is blocked and anytime you want to create a new Instagram account, you should consider using a browser.
Change a different browser or use private browser/incognito mode
If you have used the same browser to create multiple Instagram accounts, your activities have been tracked. Instagram has stored cookies tracking your browsing activities on their site, they can detect when you’re creating multiple accounts using your browser.
That’s why we’re now recommending you switch to a browser you haven’t used to create any Instagram account before or you can use private browsing/incognito mode.
Most browsers have these options, it allows you to browse in a completely new private mode, your browsing activities aren’t tracked and data stored on a normal browser won’t affect your browsing either.
If you’re a Chrome user, you should switch to incognito mode. If you’re using Firefox, you should switch to private browsing and check to see if you can create a new account. Even after changing the browser, you should make sure you’re using a new Ip address as mentioned above.
Use a different device
Use another device to create the new account, we have mentioned that the device can be blocked. If that’s the case, all fixes applied won’t work provided the blocked device is used.
You can just try using a friend’s phone and create a new account, then you can use your device to log in. Or if you’re using a Smartphone or a tablet, you should switch to using your PC.
Sign up using Facebook
As you might already know, Facebook is the parent company that owns Instagram and they support login into Instagram using Facebook. What you need to do is create a new Facebook account and then use the login details to access Instagram.
Contact support
The support team is there to help you if you’re facing any problem on the platform. Provided you haven’t violated their rules and guidelines in the past, am sure they’ll guide you through the account setup.
Just submit a ticket and let them know you’re blocked from creating a new account, provide your phone number or email so that they can initiate the process for you if things are still difficult on your part.
The Best Way To Create Multiple Accounts On Instagram
If you want to open unlimited Instagram accounts, you have to avoid using the App. Here is how to create unlimited Instagram accounts:
Use a browser and should use private browsing mode available in your browser.
Use new email and phone numbers that have never been used to create an Instagram account.
Use a VPN so that you can always use a new IP address when creating the new Instagram account. Don’t use free VPN because a lot of people are using them and the IP addresses used are already blacklisted, you’ll find yourself blocked using such IPs. You need an excellent VPN service with thousands of unique IP addresses from different countries. The options we suggest are NordVPN and ExpressVPN.
These simple steps will allow you to create a new Instagram account any time you want and you can do that over and over again.
Each time you’re going to create a new Instagram account, you’ll need to launch a new private browsing mode, use a new email address and phone number, and also use your VPN to generate a new IP address. This is the best method for creating new accounts not only on Instagram but on every website out there.
I can't create an Instagram account - Reddit

I can’t create an Instagram account – Reddit

I was in the process of creating my very first Instagram account (on my phone) when I was interrupted and had to leave the I try to create an account it says I can’t use my email or cell-phone number because they’re already associated to accounts. So then I went to “forgot my password” to try and recover the account, but then Instagram tells me that there is no account associated with my email address and there anything I can do short of creating a new email address and getting a new phone number? Thanks in advance for the help.

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