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How to Watch BBC iPlayer With a VPN or UK Proxy

How to Watch BBC iPlayer With a VPN or UK Proxy

These days, watching TV on your computer is a cinch. It is so easy that many people eschew a regular TV altogether and exclusively use online services. Sadly, geo-restrictions limit some of the best content to certain countries.
BBC iPlayer is one such service. The BBC’s video streaming service is only available to viewers in the UK. Attempting to access BBC iPlayer from outside the UK displays an error message. However, there are ways to circumvent these location-based restrictions.
Here’s how you can watch BBC iPlayer with a VPN or UK proxy.
1. Watch BBC iPlayer Using a VPN
Your first option is using a virtual private network (VPN). You can use a VPN to make your web traffic appear as if it originates in the UK. Thus, when you attempt to access BBC iPlayer from another country, the service will show the content.
The BBC is no stranger to VPNs. At times, some VPNs struggle to maintain their connections to BBC iPlayer as the BBC blacklists known VPN server addresses. However, all is not lost; there are several excellent VPN providers that keep ahead of the blacklisting.
Are you new to the idea of VPNs? Then first read our explanation of what a VPN is and how a VPN works.
There are three VPN providers you should check out:
In our experience, these three VPNs consistently allow you access to the BBC iPlayer streaming service from another country. While traveling, I use ExpressVPN to make sure I don’t miss my favorite programs. You can grab a special MakeUseOf discount on an ExpressVPN subscription using this link!
Once you subscribe to a VPN provider, download and install the VPN software. Open the VPN software, input your user credentials, and then select a UK-based VPN server. After the connection establishes, you can watch BBC iPlayer.
2. Watch BBC iPlayer Using a Browser Extension
Unfortunately, the number of free UK proxy services able to access BBC iPlayer has fallen dramatically since the BBC stepped up enforcement against known proxy servers. It is a similar situation to the VPN services above, and the Tor exit nodes in the section below.
The BBC actively monitors known proxy server addresses for incoming data, and as such, it makes using a free UK proxy to watch BBC iPlayer incredibly difficult. Difficult, but not impossible.
One of the best proxy options at the time of writing is a Chrome extension called Beebs. Beebs is a simple proxy extension for Google Chrome that allows you to access BBC iPlayer, as well as ITV Player and 4oD (two other UK broadcast channels with similar geo-restrictions). You will achieve the best results using Beebs with a single browser window open.
Download: Beebs for Google Chrome (Free)
Another handy UK proxy option is Wachee. Wachee is also a Google Chrome browser extension that allows you to watch BBC iPlayer. Furthermore, Wachee enables you to view Netflix and Hulu, depending on your country of origin.
Download: Wachee for Google Chrome (Free)
3. Set Your Browser to Use a UK Proxy Server
Of course, you don’t have to rely on a browser extension. You can tell your browser to use a UK proxy server at all times. Sending all of your traffic through a UK proxy will allow you to watch BBC iPlayer. But if you are in a different country, any services and apps that rely on your location will cease to work.
That’s where a proxy switcher comes into play. With a proxy switcher installed, you can load up several different proxy servers to cycle through until you find one that works. After you finish watching your BBC iPlayer program, turn the proxy switcher off, and your settings return to normal.
Download: Proxy Switcher and Manager for Google Chrome (Free) | Opera (Free)
Download: FoxyProxy Standard for Mozilla Firefox (Free)
Then head to Xroxy and check out their massive list of UK proxy servers. You can copy and paste the details of the proxies into your proxy switcher of choice, then access BBC iPlayer.
4. Use a UK Tor Exit Node to Watch BBC iPlayer
As you can see above, the availability of free UK proxy services to watch BBC iPlayer is low. There is an alternative to a UK proxy server, though. You can attempt to use the Tor browser and the Tor network to access BBC iPlayer.
Please note that connections through Tor are slow. It isn’t like the regular internet, and as such, there is a strong chance you will struggle to watch a live stream. See other ways to unblock live TV streams while traveling for better methods.
Tor works by bouncing your data through different nodes around the globe. The process makes your data untraceable. If someone were to trace your data, they would find the IP address of the Tor network exit node, not your originating IP address. An exit node is where Tor network data re-joins the regular internet.
Here’s our unofficial guide to Tor. Read through it and set your Tor browser up.
Most of the time, you should leave your Tor settings well alone. A poorly configured Tor browser can expose your data. However, you can specify the exit node country. In this case, changing it to the UK (or, GB, as you will see) gives you a chance of watching BBC iPlayer.
After you first open and configure the Tor browser, it creates the “torrc” file. The torrc file contains configuration information, and you find it in the Tor installation folder. For instance, my torrc file is found at: “C:\Users\Gavin\Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Tor. ” You can edit the torrc file using a text editor, like Notepad or Notepad++. Right-click the torrc file and select Open with > Notepad. (Or your text editor of choice; I’m using Notepad++, but the process is the same. )
Now, you need to add the following lines to the torrc file:
EntryNodes {your country code} StrictNodes 1
ExitNodes {gb}, {uk} StrictNodes 1
You can find your country entry code using the Tor country codes list.
Save the file, overwriting the existing file. When you open Tor, your exit node preferences will update, and you should be able to access BBC iPlayer.
Yes, You Can Watch BBC iPlayer in the US!
As you can see, you can watch the fantastic range of programming from the BBC from wherever you are in the world, including the US.
The BBC is making it increasingly difficult to watch iPlayer, with geo-restrictions, limitations on programming, and known proxy and VPN server blocks standing in your way. However, by using one of the methods outlined above you will be able to unlock BBC iPlayer.
It isn’t just BBC iPlayer that comes loaded with geo-restrictions, mind. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and a heap of other video-on-demand services struggle with geo-licensing restrictions. In all honesty, a VPN is the best option to skirt those restrictions.
With that in mind, here is our guide to the best VPN services to get you started.
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Unblocking BBC iPlayer to Watch Abroad | Best Proxy Reviews

Unblocking BBC iPlayer to Watch Abroad | Best Proxy Reviews

Do you live outside the UK but want to watch BBC Shows on any of the BBC iPlayer platforms? Without proxies, you can’t. Come in now and discover the best proxies and VPN you can use to enable you to access BBC iPlayer anywhere in the iPlayer is quite popular among people interested in watching BBC Shows, catchups, and other UK broadcasting. The BBC iPlayer had been made to be available on a good number of platforms, including Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Tv, and a host of other platforms including game consoles such as the PS4, PS3, and Xbox. While they support a good number of platforms, there is an inherent problem and keep a good number of intending viewers away from this streaming service – the BC iPlayer is available only for viewing in the means that the moment you step your foot out of the United Kingdom, you won’t be able to make use of the BBC iPlayer service again. For some users, they can afford to forget about using the service, but for others, they cant, and they are on the lookout for techniques they can use to be able to make use of the BBC iPlayer service outside of the UK. If you are one of such person, then this article has been written for you. You will be learning how to unblock the BBC iPlayer service and access it outside of the UK. Some of the techniques to achieve that are discussed Private proxies choice: MyPrivateProxy, YourPrivateProxy, and Blazing VPN Server choice: NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and IPVanish VPNFree Choice (Not recommend for slow): Hola VPN, Beebs, and Unblocker for BBC iPlayerFree VPNs and Proxies for Unblocking BBC iPlayerWe are starting with the free methods you can use for accessing BBC iPlayer outside of the UK. One thing you need to know about the free options is that you cant be aggressive with the usage, and in some instances, it might not work for you the way it should. However, if you do not have a budget for any of the paid options discussed after this free section, then you can opt-in for one of the 3 free options discussed VPNThe Hola VPN is one of the free VPN in the market. With this, you can connect to the Internet through IPs in the United Kingdom, and as such, your access to BBC iPlayer will be granted. Hola VPN works quite great most times – thanks to the fact that it makes use of residential IPs gotten from its peer-to-peer network. Hola VPN will provide you unrestricted access to websites and provide you a lightning thing you need to know about Hola VPN free option is that your connection to the Internet is not encrypted, and they keep logs of your activities. For this, you need to make sure you only use it for BBC iPlayer and switch to another proxy or VPN for your regular more, Residential VPN: Get Best Free & Paid Residential IP VPN ServicesBeebsUnlike Hola VPN that is not a BBC iPlayer specific service, Beebs is quite specific in its usage as it has been developed to allow people outside of the UK to watch British TV from the comfort of where they are. Aside from the BBC iPlayer service, Beebs also has support for a few other services like the TvPlayer, iTv, and Channel is available as a Chrome extension, and you need to download it and access the service from your browser. Beebs acts as a VPN server that will route your requests through British IP addresses. It is fast enough to give you an uninterrupted streaming experience. Unblocker for BBC iPlayerThe Unblocker application for BBC iPlayer is a Chrome extension that you can use to unblock BBC iPlayer at the push of a button. With this Chrome extension installed in your Chrome browser, you can bypass the “BBC iPlayer only works in the UK” error message and access the service ass if you are accessing the service from the finitely, this service makes use of a proxy or VPN server behind the scene to get it to work. Unblocker is not completely free to use. It free option which we are discussing here only allows you to stream for 20-minute in a day. For unrestricted access, you will have to subscribe to their $12. 99 more, Using Proxies to Stream Netflix and YouTube From Any CountryPaid UK Private Proxies for BBC iPlayerUsing proxies is also one of the best ways you can unblock BBC iPlayer and access its content. However, not all proxies will work. You will have to make use of proxies with servers in the UK as only then will they be functional for this particular use case. While residential proxies are the best for this, they are generally expensive, and most come with limited bandwidth. For this, we are recommending private proxies for PrivateProxyLocations: US and EU region onlyConcurrency Allowed: Up to 100 threadsBandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedCost: $1. 49 per proxy for a monthMyPrivateProxy is one of the best datacenter proxy providers in the market. They make use of super-secure servers across a good number of North American cities and a few other locations in Europe. Interestingly, they have proxy servers in the UK. This, coupled with the fact that their proxies are very fast and come with an excellent uptime of 99 percent, makes it perfect for unblocking the BBC iPlayer service. It has been tested with the service, and it has proven to work. While it is paid, it is actually cheap. Make sure the proxy you buy from them is a UK rPrivateProxyLocations: 29 locationsConcurrency Allowed: 20 threads per IPBandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedCost: Starts at $6. 97 per proxy for a monthYourPrivateProxy is another provider you can get datacenter proxies that can be used for unblocking BBC iPlayer. Their proxies are strictly dedicated proxies, and you are guaranteed you won’t be sharing IP with someone else. With YourPrivateProxy, you can start using the proxies you paid for within 5 minutes. Their proxies have proven to be very fast, reliable, and comes with unlimited bandwidth just like every other datacenter proxies. However, unlike MyPrivateProxy, YourPrivateProxy datacenter proxies, especially when paying for fewer proxies. They have support for about 29 locations – make sure you just UK when making payment. Blazing ProxiesLocations: 9 countriesConcurrency Allowed: UnlimitedBandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedCost: $1. 20 per proxy for a monthFor a streaming service as BBC iPlayer service, speed is a very important factor in ensuring a fluid experience. Blazing Proxies provides the speed required to make sure you do not suffer from any form of interruption while streaming. Blazing Proxies is a brainchild of BlazingSEO LLC. Their private proxies are built on secure servers that come packed with lots of power. With Blazing Proxies, you will enjoy unlimited threads and bandwidth. Blazing Proxies proxy allocation is automatic and delivery instant – this means that you can start streaming immediately after payment. Make sure you choose the UK when making a VPN Services for Unblocking BBC iPlayerAnother option you have when it comes to unblocking BBC iPlayer is to make use of a VPN service. They work the same way proxies work, but you can be sure that your traffic is encrypted, and they are tailored toward personal privacy online – unlike proxies that are tailored toward Internet marketing. the VPNs recommended below are paid VPNs, but they are guaranteed to work with BBC iPlayer rdVPNLocations: 59 countriesBandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedSupported Platforms: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome, FirefoxCost: Starts at $6. 99 for a monthWhen it comes to the world of VPN service provision, NordVPN is arguably one of the best in the market. It provides users private and secure access to the Internet and will help you access websites on the Internet from locations you are not present. NordVPN can help you unblock BBC iPlayer effortlessly. One thing you will come to like about NordVPN is that it has support for multiple platforms, including many of the platforms supported by BBC iPlayer. This means that you can use it with your favorite platform – and you can use the same subscription for up to 6 devices at a more, What’s The Difference Between a Proxy and a VPN? ExpressVPNLocations: 94 countriesBandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedSupported Platforms: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Routers, Chrome, FirefoxCost: $12. 95 for a monthExpressVPN is one of the trusted VPN service providers in the market because of its readability and compatibility with many websites on the Internet. ExpressVPN has VPN servers in a good number of locations around the world, with the UK being one of the key locations it supports. Because of this, it can be for streaming BBC iPlayer service without any problem faced. ExpressVPN provides you unrestricted access to the world wide web, and it is available on the major operating systems and platforms. It makes use of ultra-fast VPN servers and provides you powerful protection against censorship. IPVanish VPNLocations: 75 countriesBandwidth Allowed: UnlimitedSupported Platforms: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, Amazon Fire TVCost: $10 for a monthThe last on the list of VPN services you can use for circumventing the “BBC iPlayer only works in the UK” error message is IPVanish VPN service. It might not be a very popular choice among Internet users, but it works excellently. IPVanish will provide you an unmatched private connection to the Internet at a fast speed and unblock a good number of geo-targeted content that has locked you out. IPVanish is quite affordable and still get the job done. Just like every other one discussed above, IPVanish provides you 30 days money-back about BBC iPlayer ProxyWhy Can’t I Access BBC iPlayer Outside of the UK? According to the information provided on the BBC UK official website, the main reason why you cannot access the BBC iPlayer service outside of the UK is due to rights agreements. However, if you have already downloaded content in the UK, you can watch it anywhere in the world. The did state that they are looking forward to letting UK license fee payers access the service when they are abroad. For now, there are some technical issues that need to be resolved before that is BBC iPlayer Allow the Use of Proxies or VPN Services? BBC iPlayer does not permit the use of any proxy service or VPN service. In fact, they are actually on the lookout for proxy/VPN through traffic to block, and they have succeeded in blocking traffic from many of these sources. However, some of the services have turned out undetectable to BBC iPlayer anti-spam system, and as such, they still work Must I Use Proxies from the UK? This is because you must either be surfing the Internet from the UK or appear to be surfing from the UK before you can access the BBC iPlayer service. Since you are outside of the UK, then using proxies or VPN service that routes your requests through UK IP addresses is the only option to Find and Track an IP Address? What Does an IP Address Tell You? ConclusionBBC iPlayer tries to derive people living outside of the UK access to its service. Unfortunately for it, the Internet has gone past that stage of deriving users access based on their location as there are techniques one can use to mimic surfing from any location in the world. Some of the popular methods you can use to unblock BBC iPlayer outside of the UK and access its content are discussed 20 Free Web Proxy Server to surf website anonymouslyHow Do I Unblock Facebook Using Proxies? Proxy Buying Guide: How to Choose a Proxy Provider!
8 Best VPNs for BBC iPlayer to Watch Abroad (Working in 2021)

8 Best VPNs for BBC iPlayer to Watch Abroad (Working in 2021)

We explain how to watch BBC iPlayer from abroad (outside the UK) with a VPN and the best VPNs to use. With BBC iPlayer detecting and blocking more VPNs, we’ve updated this article for 2021 with the latest working VPNs.
@pabischoff UPDATED: July 27, 2021
BBC iPlayer is a popular streaming service that lets viewers watch some of the best free and legal content on the web, ranging from TV shows and movies to live sports like the Euro 2020 Championship. Much of that content, however, can only be streamed on devices with a UK IP address. This means a workaround is needed if you want to watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK. Due to content licensing restrictions, certain videos are restricted by geography. This applies to viewing on the iPlayer website as well as through the iPlayer app.
The simple solution is to employ a VPN to unblock BBC iPlayer which will allow you to watch as normal from the USA or anywhere else abroad. However, not all VPNs work with BBC iPlayer.
We’ll cover eight BBC iPlayer VPNs in detail, but for those of you looking for a quick answer, our testing showed these to be the best options.
We found these to be the 8 best VPNs for BBC iPlayer:
NordVPN Best option for accessing BBC iPlayer from anywhere. Extremely fast and secure, with a large selection of servers and a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.
Surfshark Our top budget pick. Speedy VPN with no connection limit that unblocks various streaming services including BBC iPlayer.
CyberGhost Works well with BBC iPlayer and other streaming services. Easy to use.
PrivateVPN Good up-and-coming VPN that works well with BBC iPlayer and other streaming services.
Hotspot Shield A solid budget option that offers fast speeds and unblocks BBC iPlayer and other services.
ExpressVPN Stream geo-blocked content from anywhere in the world with no restrictions. Veteran provider with excellent security credentials.
Private Internet Access Works well with BBC iPlayer and Netflix.
VyprVPN Unblocked BBC iPlayer in our tests.
GET A 30 DAY FREE TRIAL OF NORDVPNNordVPN is offering a fully-featured risk-free 30-day trial if you sign up at this page. You can use the VPN rated #1 for BBC iPlayer for a month, without restriction. As such, it’s ideal for anyone looking to binge their favorite shows as they travel.
There are no hidden terms—just let support know within 30 days if you decide NordVPN isn’t right for you and you’ll receive a full refund. Start your NordVPN trial here.
Short for virtual private network, a VPN service encrypts a device’s internet traffic before routing it through an intermediary server in a location of the user’s choosing. In the case of BBC iPlayer, the user just needs to pick a British server. They’ll be assigned a UK IP address to make it appear that’s where they’re located.
But this workaround is getting less effective by the day as BBC iPlayer starts cracking down on the circumvention software and detecting when a VPN is used. The site has followed in the footsteps of Netflix when it comes to banning VPN users. For this reason, it’s important to subscribe to a VPN service that bypasses iPlayer’s firewall and will actively work to fix the problem if it gets blocked.
Often only some servers from a specific VPN service can accomplish this, so if one VPN server is blocked for you then just try another or ask customer service which ones work.
We’ve curated the following list of the best VPN providers for watching BBC iPlayer outside the UK based on the following key criteria:
Servers in the UK – to be able to watch BBC iPlayer you need a UK IP address which you can get by connecting to a server in the UK.
Works with iPlayer – it might sound obvious but due to BBC iPlayer’s region blocking not every VPN always works with iPlayer so we will keep this list up to date with working options.
Fast connection speeds – there’s nothing worse than your connection dropping mid-stream or not loading in the first place. Fast and reliable connection speeds are key for a quality streaming experience.
Competent customer service – useful and speedy customer service from your VPN provider is necessary in case you have any issues with your VPN. There’s little point in paying for a service if you can’t get help when you need it.
If you would like to understand exactly how we analyze and rank VPNs you can find out more in our article on how we test VPNs.
Best VPNs for BBC iPlayer
These 8 VPNs will work with BBC iPlayer outside the UK. Just connect to a suitable UK server and start streaming.
1. NordVPN
Oct 2021
Unblocks iPlayerTested Oct 2021
Apps Available:
NordVPN is a reliable service for watching BBC iPlayer abroad with plenty of UK servers to choose from. In fact, it operates almost 700 servers in the UK, and some of them are even optimized for streaming. Check the NordVPN website’s official knowledge base to find out which servers currently unblock BBC iPlayer content. Live chat support can be contacted 24/7.
This service scored one of the highest results in our speed test, so you shouldn’t have any issues streaming in HD or even 4K. Security is excellent thanks to strong encryption, and a strict zero-logs policy means your personal information (including your IP address) remains private. What’s more, public wifi users will love NordVPN’s automatic wifi protection feature. Servers are available in over 60 countries. NordVPN allows up to six concurrent internet connections on a single subscription, making it a great option for a small household or office.
Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux, and Android.
NordVPN speed test data
NordVPNAverage Connection Speed – North America (USA)111. 7 MbpsAverage Connection Speed – Europe (UK)122. 3 MbpsAverage Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong)112. 0 Mbps
Plenty of servers in the UK unblock iPlayer from almost anywhere in HD
Also great for unblocking a wide range of UK geo-blocked content
Strict no-logs policy and solid security on apps
Connect up to 6 devices at the same time
Live chat support 24/7
Desktop app can sometimes take a while to connect
BEST VPN FOR BBC IPLAYER ABROAD:NordVPN is our top choice. for an iPlayer VPN. Works reliably with BBC iPlayer and most popular streaming sites. Connects up to 6 devices simultaneously. App doesn’t offer server switching choice. 30-day money-back guarantee.
Read our full NordVPN review here.
NordVPN CouponSAVE 72% + 3 months freeGet Deal >Discount applied automatically
2. Surfshark
unblocks iplayerTested Oct 2021
Surfshark currently has over 1, 700 servers in 60 countries, including the UK. It’s fast enough to stream live HD content with no noticeable buffering, and can reliably access major services including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, and Netflix US. Best of all, though, Surfshark has no connection limit, meaning you can secure every one of your streaming devices simultaneously.
This service uses 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and protection against DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leaks to keep your online activities private at all times. There’s also a zero-logs policy and the option to block ads, trackers, and malware automatically. With 24/7 support available over live chat, you’re never more than a few seconds away from help with any problems
Surfshark offers apps for Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. It can be manually installed on supported wireless routers.
Surfshark speed test data
SurfsharkAverage Connection Speed – North America (USA)170 MbpsAverage Connection Speed – Europe (UK)230 MbpsAverage Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong)220 Mbps
Decent speeds
Strong unblocking ability
Powerful security and online privacy features
Secure every device you own simultaneously
Very affordable
Has the occasional slow server
Doesn’t have the largest network
Read our full Surfshark review
BEST BUDGET VPN:Surfshark is our favorite low-cost option. It’s quick, versatile, and able to unblock a huge number of streaming services from abroad. Better still, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Surfshark CouponSAVE 81% on a 2-year planGet Deal >Discount applied automatically
3. CyberGhost
CyberGhost makes unblocking geo-locked content easier than most other VPNs. Instead of contacting customer support or guessing at which server to connect to, CyberGhost’s apps let you choose a server based on the video site you want to unblock. Clicking the streaming option upon opening the app will bring up a lengthy list of popular streaming sites, including BBC iPlayer. Just click that option to get connected, and the app will even open iPlayer in your browser for you.
CyberGhost also boasts a strong security and privacy pedigree, which is perfect for security-conscious users. It keeps no logs and uses strong encryption with perfect forward secrecy. Leak protection and a kill switch ensure none of your internet traffic ever leaves the encrypted tunnel. CyberGhost boasts solid speeds that should be more than sufficient for streaming video in high quality.
A single plan allows up to seven simultaneous connections. Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.
CyberGhost speed test data
CyberGhostAverage Connection Speed – North America (USA)78. 7 MbpsAverage Connection Speed – Europe (UK)54. 7 MbpsAverage Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong)39. 3 Mbps
No issues unblocking BBC iPlayer from various test locations
Operates a global network of more than 5, 900 servers in 90 countries
Low-cost option with beginner-friendly apps
Very good speeds
Doesn’t work reliably in UAE or China
May not be customizable enough for experienced users
easy-to-use apps:CyberGhost has a simple set up. CyberGhost has a simple set up and offers high speeds at a low cost. Good on privacy. Streams BBC iPlayer in HD video reliably and works with other popular streaming services. 45-day money-back guarantee.
Read our full CyberGhost review.
CyberGhost CouponSAVE 83% and Get 2 Months FREE on the 2 year planGet Deal > Discount applied automatically
4. PrivateVPN
PrivateVPN is a zero-logs VPN with a good track record for streaming BBC iPlayer, Netflix and other content. It makes short work of BBC iPlayer’s VPN firewall, and also works with other streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. It boasts extremely high speeds and round-the-clock live chat support in case of any issues.
Speeds are excellent despite the comparatively small network of servers. Security doesn’t fall short, either, sporting 256-bit and 128-bit encryption options guarded with perfect forward secrecy. PrivateVPN stores no logs of user activity and won’t record your IP address.
You can connect up to six devices on a single plan. Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.
PrivateVPN speed test data
PrivateVPNAverage Connection Speed – North America (USA)94 MbpsAverage Connection Speed – Europe (UK)56. 7 MbpsAverage Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong)61. 7 Mbps
Unblocks BBC iPlayer at decent streaming speeds from abroad
A growing reputation for unblocking popular streaming sites from anywhere
Keeps no logs whatsoever
Privacy and security are high-grade
Doesn’t have 24/7 live chat
GREAT SPEED:PrivateVPN is a good family choice. Unblocks many popular UK shows and allows up to 6 devices on the same account. Small network of servers but fast, encrypted connections. 30-day money-back guarantee.
Read our full PrivateVPN review.
PrivateVPN CouponSave 77% on the two year planGet Deal >Discount applied automatically
5. Hotspot Shield
Hotspot Shield is an excellent choice for streaming. It works with BBC iPlayer and lots of other popular streaming platforms, including Netflix UK and US, ITV Hub, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. Plus, it has blazing fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth so streaming HD video is no issue. Live chat is available 24/7 should you run into problems.
This service has a checkered privacy past but has improved its policy and doesn’t log any personally identifiable information past your session duration. It backs this up with strong security features, including military-grade encryption, perfect forward secrecy, and a kill switch (in the Windows app). Additional security features include automatic wifi protection (in the mobile apps) and protection against DNS and WebRTC leaks.
Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS and you can connect five desktop or mobile devices at a time.
Hotspot Shield speed test data
Hotspot ShieldAverage Connection Speed – North America (USA)48 MbpsAverage Connection Speed – Europe (UK)49 MbpsAverage Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong)48 Mbps
Large global network of servers
Very fast speeds for streaming HD content
Strong encryption and other security features
Allows 5 simultaneous connections
45-day money-back guarantee
Had past digital privacy issues
Doesn’t accept cryptocurrency payments
Great low-cost VPN:Hotspot Shield comes at a low price and its fast speeds and excellent unblocking abilities make it a great option for streaming content from BBC iPlayer and other platforms. It even comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee.
Read our full Hotspot Shield review
Hotspot Shield CouponSpecial Deal – save 77% on the 3 year planGet Deal >Discount applied automatically
6. ExpressVPN
ExpressVPN has a good server choice with six locations in their server network across the UK alone. While it’s one of our favorite all round VPNs, ExpressVPN has been less reliable with BBC iPlayer recently. Its speeds remain exceptional, though, plus it offers live chat-based support 24 hours per day.
ExpressVPN logs no identifying personal information and boasts top-notch security standards. It operates servers in over 90 countries, each optimized for maximum speed. If you want to watch iPlayer on a streaming device that doesn’t natively support VPNs, ExpressVPN makes its own router firmware which customers can either download and install free of charge or purchase with a pre-flashed router on the website.
Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and certain wifi routers.
ExpressVPN speed test data
ExpressVPNAverage Connection Speed – North America (USA)135. 7 MbpsAverage Connection Speed – Europe (UK)134 MbpsAverage Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong)136 Mbps
Servers in the UK are great for streaming in HD quality
Unblocks most popular streaming sites with ease
Best-in-class encryption makes for solid security and privacy
24/7 live chat support staff are on the ball
Not the cheapest choice on this list
Worth trying, but less reliable at avoiding the VPN ban than it once was
RELIABLE SPEEDS:ExpressVPN is fast and secure, making it perfect for unblocking popular services. Offers top-notch security, reliable download speeds, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Read our full review of ExpressVPN here.
ExpressVPN CouponSPECIAL OFFER: 49% off plus 3 months Free! Get Deal >Coupon applied automatically
7. Private Internet Access
Private Internet Access boasts dedicated streaming servers for the UK, and unblocks BBC iPlayer without breaking a sweat. Speeds are fast enough for live HD streaming, and there are no bandwidth limits at all. Further, PIA has a generous 10-connection limit and offers live chat support around the clock.
This service offers plenty of security features, including adjustable encryption (up to 256-bits), a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and even support for the extremely fast Wireguard protocol. There’s a strict no-logs policy in place too, so your privacy is in good hands.
PIA apps are available for iOS, MacOS, Linux, Windows, and Android.
Private Internet Access speed test data
Private Internet AccessAverage Connection Speed – North America (USA)116. 3 MbpsAverage Connection Speed – Europe (UK)50. 3 MbpsAverage Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong)38 Mbps
Generally fast connections with unlimited bandwidth
True no-logs policy
Works wide a wide range of streaming services
Streaming speeds can be inconsistent
SOLID ALL ROUNDER:Private Internet Access achieves decent speeds although they can be variable. Reliably unblocks geo-restricted content and has great digital privacy credentials. Lacks some popular features. Includes 30-day money-back guarantee.
Read our full PIA review.
Private Internet Access CouponSave 83% on the 3 year planGet Deal >Discount applied automatically
8. VyprVPN
VyprVPN has high-speed servers making it a great option for unblocking the BBC iPlayer streaming service. It also works to stream content from other popular sites, including Netflix. This VPN even works in China, where most of its rivals are blocked outright. As a bonus, plans include access to online storage and encrypted messaging apps.
This VPN service uses strong encryption and includes DNS leak protection and a kill switch. It does store some logs, including the user IP address which might be a turnoff to more privacy-conscious users. It scored well in our speed tests, so you should have no problem streaming the latest season of Peaky Blinders in HD.
Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.
VyprVPN speed test data
VyprVPNAverage Connection Speed – North America (USA)41 MbpsAverage Connection Speed – Europe (UK)44. 3 MbpsAverage Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong)47. 3 Mbps
Unblocks BBC iPlayer and plenty of other streaming sites
Operates servers in the UK
Great unblocking capabilities, even works well in China
Marginally more expensive than some VPNs
Lacking options for advanced configuration
No cryptocurrency payment options
EASY TO USE:VyprVPN is user friendly. A solid choice. Stores no logs, offers great security and unblocks most streaming services. More pricey than some. 30-day money-back guarantee.
Read our full VyprVPN review.
VyprVPN CouponSAVE 87% on the three year planGet Deal >Discount applied automatically
No valueNordVPNSurfsharkCyberGhostPrivateVPNHotspot ShieldExpressVPNPrivate Internet AccessVyprVPNUnblocks BBC iPlayerimage/svg+xmlimage/svg+xmlimage/svg+xmlimage/svg+xmlimage/svg+xmlimage/svg+xmlimage/svg+xmlimage/svg+xmlReccomended for other streaming servicesHulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO MaxHulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO MaxHulu, Netflix, Disney+, HBO MaxHulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO MaxAmazon PrimeNetflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO MaxHuluAverage speed (USA)111. 7 Mbps70. 3 Mbps78. 7 Mbps94 Mbps48 Mbps135. 7 Mbps43 Mbps41 MbpsSimultaneous connections6 devicesUnlimited7 devices6 devices5 devices5 devices10 devices3 devicesMoney-back Guarantee30 Days30 Days45 Days30 Days45 days30 Days30 Days30 DaysLowest monthly cost$3. 49$1. 99$2. 25$1. 89$2. 99$6. 67$2. 85$5. 00
VPNs to avoid using with BBC iPlayer
Our tests show that the following VPN providers do not unblock the BBC iPlayer, according to our tests.
Perfect Privacy
VPN Master
Although many of the VPN providers in the above list may be excellent for other online activities, you would be wasting your money with them if your main aim is to get videos from the BBC iPlayer over the internet while abroad.
How to use a VPN with BBC iPlayer (video)
Getting a British IP address and unblocking BBC iPlayer is simple if your VPN supports doing so. Sign up with one of the recommended VPN providers above and follow these easy steps.
Here’s how to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK with a VPN.
Download and install the VPN for your device from your provider’s site or an official app store. We recommend NordVPN.
Run the app and choose a VPN server in the UK that works with iPlayer. If you’re not certain which to choose, consult your provider’s website or customer service.
Connect to the VPN.
You should now have a UK IP address (check here).
Clear your cookies and your browser cache. These can store location information from previous sessions.
Open BBC iPlayer and start watching!
If you encounter any issues, contact your VPN’s customer support. You might need to adjust some settings on your device.
What can I watch on BBC iPlayer?
Some of the most popular TV shows you can watch on BBC iPlayer with a VPN include:
Top Gear
Doctor Who
His Dark Materials
Planet Earth
Killing Eve
The Graham Norton Show
Normal People
Our Girl
A Suitable Boy
Inside No. 9
Euro 2020
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VPN for BBC iPlayer FAQs
Will free VPNs work with BBC? We’ve yet to find a free VPN that works reliably with BBC iPlayer. VPN services invest considerable sums into keeping their services working with streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video so it’s unsurprising free ones are not up to the iPlayer not working with your VPN? Try thisNote that we can’t guarantee these VPNs will work on the iPlayer website or the iPlayer app. If you run into trouble, it’s often simply a case of disconnecting and trying a different VPN server. If that doesn’t work, there may be bigger issues.
If you’re using the BBC iPlayer app, you should know that apps for iOS, Android, streaming media boxes, smart TVs, and game consoles can force a device onto your internet service provider’s DNS servers instead of the VPN’s. One way to get around this is to set up the VPN on your home wifi router or a virtual router instead of using the VPN app. Check out our tutorials on how to configure VPN-enabled virtual routers using both PC laptops and Macbooks.
Even after you connect to a VPN server, BBC iPlayer might have stored your previous “location” in a cookie that’s still active. If you still see a warning that the streaming content is not available in your location, you might need to clear your cookies. You can do this either in your browser settings or using an extension like EditThisCookie.
Sometimes when using a VPN, the BBC iPlayer page might not load at all and instead return an error page. If this is happening to you, you might need to flush your DNS cache. On Windows, type “cmd” into your search bar and open Command Prompt. Type in the following command and hit enter: ipconfig /flushdns. For Mac users, find the instructions for your version of OSX here.
Finally, clear any cached data that might allow iPlayer to see your real location. You can clean out your entire browser cache in the settings, but usually it’s enough to hold CTRL and hit F5 to perform a “hard” even more troubleshooting tips see our guide on VPNs not working with BBC if I don’t have a UK TV license? When trying to access BBC iPlayer, you might get a notification informing you that a UK TV license is required to watch any program on the site. When prompted, many sources report you can simply click “I have a TV license”.
BBC apparently depends on the honor system to keep viewers honest and does not require actual proof that the user has a TV license. This message was added to iPlayer’s terms of service in September 2016.
Access to the BBC iPlayer streaming service now requires viewers to register a BBC account and input a valid UK postcode. The form does not seem to verify whether or not the registrant actually lives within the postal code they input, so as long as you have a UK IP address, you should be I watch Planet Earth II on BBC iPlayer? Yes, Planet Earth II and Blue Planet 2 are both on BBC iPlayer and available for free. It’s even in HD! Just make sure you have one of the VPNs above if you’re outside of the country. You’ll need plenty of bandwidth to watch the wildlife in stunning high I use a free proxy to access BBC iPlayer? Unlikely. BBC iPlayer is notoriously difficult to access with most VPNs and proxies. It will likely detect that you’re using a proxy and prevent you from watching the show. Stick with the VPNs recommended above for the most reliable access to BBC iPlayer from much Internet does BBC iPlayer use? BBC iPlayer can stream in different resolutions and will adjust quality according to your available bandwidth. The highest resolution is 720p, which requires at least 5 Mbps of available bandwidth. You will need a minimum of 3. 2 Mbps to watch TV shows without I Watch BBC iPlayer in Australia, Canada and USA? Yes! But without a VPN, you can only access the international version, which doesn’t include most of the on-demand TV shows and catch-up content. You can use one of the VPNs recommended above to access the full UK version by connecting to a server in the United Kingdom first. Make sure to clear your browser cookies and cache does BBC iPlayer detect and block me when I’m overseas? BBC iPlayer, like many other streaming services, users your IP address to determine your location. Your IP address is a unique sequence of numbers and decimals used to identify your device and its approximate location. A VPN hides your location by changing your public IP address to that of another country, such as the UK.
If you’ve attempted to access BBC iPlayer from abroad and failed, the site might store your blocked status in your web browser. If you’re using one of the VPNs above and still can’t access iPlayer, be sure to clear your browser cookies and web cache.
BBC iPlayer also prompts new users for a UK postal code in order to use the service. The code a user enters is not verified, though; it accepts any genuine UK postal do I stop my ISP from throttling BBC iPlayer? If you believe your internet service provider is specifically throttling BBC iPlayer, then a VPN can help. By encrypting the contents of your internet connection and routing it through an intermediary server, your ISP won’t be able to see what you’re doing online. In turn, it won’t be able to discriminate against a specific type or source of data, such as a BBC iPlayer stream.
However, if your ISP is throttling all your data and not just BBC iPlayer, then a VPN won’t help much. If you’ve reached your monthly data cap, for example, then throttling will be applied to all internet traffic whether it goes through a VPN or does BBC iPlayer Radio block some programs when I listen from outside the UK? Like TV shows and movies, radio content is also restricted according to your location. While most BBC Sounds content is available worldwide, some sports and music can’t be accessed from outside the UK without a VPN. This is usually due to licensing restrictions.
If BBC iPlayer blocks you from listening to radio content, you’ll hear one of two messages:
Live content: “This content is unavailable due to technical or rights reasons. ”
On-demand content: “Sorry, this content can only be played in the UK. ”
Has the BBC iPlayer blocked NordVPN? NordVPN works with BBC iPlayer as of time of writing. That being said, BBC iPlayer occasionally blocks connections from known VPN servers. This might result in BBC iPlayer being temporarily unavailable. This can happen to any VPN, however, and isn’t specific to NordVPN.
If you’re unable to access NordVPN through BBC iPlayer, you can contact customer service so they can start working on a fix. Access is usually restored within a day or ‘s new on BBC iPlayer? Below are just a few of the newest titles available on BBC iPlayer.
Reclaiming Amy
Tokyo Olympics 2020
Baptiste Season 2
Mayans Season 3
Lady Bird
Pretty Little Liars Season 1-7
The Watch

Frequently Asked Questions about bbc iplayer proxy

How can I watch iPlayer abroad for free?

The Best Free VPNs for BBC Player (Updated October 2021)ExpressVPN – Try Risk-Free With a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Try ExpressVPN > … CyberGhost: 24-Hour Free Trial with Full Access to Premium Features. Try CyberGhost VPN > … Windscribe – 10GB Free Data Each Month. … Speedify – 6 Free UK Servers to Access BBC iPlayer.Aug 17, 2021

How do I get BBC iPlayer VPN?

How do I unblock BBC iPlayer with a VPN?Sign up for and install your chosen VPN.Pick the fastest available server in the UK and connect to it.Visit the iPlayer website – you’ll need to make an account if you haven’t got one already.Pick a show to watch and relax!Sep 22, 2021

Is it illegal to use a VPN to watch BBC iPlayer?

Can I watch BBC iPlayer legally on a VPN? Perhaps you’re in another country and want to catch up on a BBC iPlayer show from back home. … A VPN can simply make you appear to be in the UK by bouncing you through a UK based server. There’s nothing illegal about this.Apr 13, 2021

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