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The 7 Best Apps for Buying Sneakers

The 7 Best Apps for Buying Sneakers

That demoralising feeling of taking an L may feel the same, but the ways you can take them have certainly evolved over the past few years. The art of the line-up isn’t dead just yet, but the emergence of the e-commerce juggernaut has certainly made it a less attractive option when planning your next prized eaker marketplace apps are now among the most popular options for buying sneakers, both new and used. And while the online shift has also brought fresh challenges – most notably those pesky bots – the convenience of copping on your smartphone sure beats the hell out of lining up overnight in the like the sneakersphere, the app market can appear a little saturated and daunting for those new to game. Lucky for you, we’ve got some expertise in the field. Here are the five best apps for buying sneakers., StockXStockX have stamped themselves as the go-to platform for sneakerheads searching for secondary market cops. Specialising in sneakers, StockX also deals in the latest streetwear, accessories, and even portantly, peace of mind is assured, with the team’s ‘specialists’ authenticating all goods traded via the its name suggests, the platform functions as a stock market where sellers place asking prices and buyers place bids. When a bid and asking price meet, a transaction is put through instantly – easy as pie! The ask/bid structure has also led to StockX becoming a first point of call for checking average resale prices, all of which are tracked on the app’s economics – this is sneakernomics. BUMPBUMP is an up-and-coming marketplace for all kinds of hyped sneakers and streetwear. With hefty clout in Europe, the platform already has close to two million registered app is unique in that it encourages community engagement and social sharing. The interactive approach has led to the app becoming most popular among the Gen Z sneakerheads out there, with the average user age quoted as 15 years old. Unfortunately, the lack of authentication process can result in the occasional fugazi cop – an issue the BUMP team are continually looking to improve. That said, the app’s community always has your back, calling out shifty sellers and potential fakes. And if something phony does slip through the cracks, you’ve always got PayPal protection to fall back on. GOATGOAT live up to their namesake by offering arguably the biggest and best sneaker marketplace to its users, with over 125, 000 pairs of sneakers up for of the OGs when it comes to the secondary market, GOAT pride themselves on a simple user experience and product authenticity. A free-of-charge verification service is included with every pair sold, allowing you to cop without can buy sneakers at sellers’ nominated rates, or leave a bid and hope to get lucky. Once you’ve scored your pair, it’ll be sent to a GOAT verification centre for an authenticity check before being shipped out to your address. This process can result in longer delivery times, but waiting a couple of days longer sure beats receiving a pair of counterfeit ‘Red Octobers’ in the xifyKixify call themselves the ‘world’s largest sneaker marketplace’, and they’ve shifted focus from their desktop platform to their app in recent a commission-based sale framework, sellers from all over the world use Kixify to flip sought-after drops. The inventory is huge, but be sure to do your due diligence when it comes to combat scammers, Kixify have introduced ‘Select’, which guarantees your kicks are legit – similar to initiatives from StockX and GOAT. Products purchased from Select are acquired directly from the platform’s inventory, with an in-house team making sure the product checks out first hand. NTWRKOffering perhaps the most unique shopping experience of the bunch, NTWRK makes use of watchable shows featuring the biggest sneaker and streetwear brands. Products drop exclusively via ‘episodes’, with limited edition and rare sneakers often appearing among the app’s inventory. The NTWRK Drawings aspect of the app also allows you to enter raffles for the more coveted items. A coming together of entertainment and retail, NTWRK has brought on plenty star power to level-up their content, with the likes of Billie Eilish, Juice WRLD, DJ Khaled, Odell Beckham Jr, Eddie Huang, Blake Griffin, Alexander Wang, Jonah Hill, Gary Vee, A$AP Ferg, Wu-Tang Clan, and Doja Cat among some of the special pdate Copdate are a relative newcomer to the sneaker app landscape, rising to prominence in 2020 off the back of the Nike SB renaissance. Retailers can use Copdate as a platform to roll out the latest sneakers releases, with skate shops making use of the app for many of the latest Dunk drops, most notably the 4/20 ‘Reverse Skunk’. Essentially, Copdate aims to take away the crowds, lines, and hassle of the hyped sneaker drops, allowing the stores to deliver releases straight to the smartphones of hypefiends worldwide. Expect more shops to adapt the Copdate approach in the future., Nike SNKRSWhen it comes to app-based retail experiences, Nike continues to lead the way with SNKRS. The app gives users exclusive access to the latest launches, with plenty of product storytelling to can also sign up for raffles, and all transactions are done seamlessly in the super-chic app combat bots and improve user interaction, SNKRS have introduced a number of innovative ways to cop, most notably through augmented reality. The AR approach means you may need to leave the comfort of your home to cop a sought-after release, but it’s a small trade off to avoid paying you’re a US-based sneakerhead and you haven’t installed it already – just do it.
The 10 Best Sneaker Apps For Sneakerheads - ONE37pm

The 10 Best Sneaker Apps For Sneakerheads – ONE37pm

Once upon a time on the day of a hyped sneaker release, we would stand outside whatever store was offering that specific drop, and wait in a ridiculously long line before finding out whether or not the shoe was still in stock upon getting in. Those lines were full of adventures, surprises, disappointments, and While in-store drops are still very much a thing (the recent Carmine release for example), more and more of our sneaker transactions are being done not just online, but via specific apps.
Most sneakerheads have a love/hate relationship when it comes to sneaker apps as a whole. The ability to purchase online is supposed to make the process smoother, but a legitimate argument could be made that you stood more of a chance waiting in line outside of Nike to get the latest Dunks, then you now do on SNKRS participating in ‘drawing. ’ When you snag a W, it’s the most amazing feeling in the world, and when you take an L, it stinks (especially knowing that you are going to have double or triple the price via resellers).
We aren’t here to turn this into a conversation about bots, resellers, and the general inconveniences of dealing with online drops, we are here to help you navigate the process better by giving you the pros and cons of ten different sneaker apps that can help you out with getting your most desired sneakers. While we can’t guarantee a win, it is our hope that this list can make your life slightly easier. Here we go.
3. SNKRSWe know that you are probably rolling your eyes at the mere mention of SNKRs, but for the time, SNKRS still remains our best chance at being able to snag any pair of Nike and Jordan brand sneakers at retail value. To give you an example; the Nike Dunk High ‘Syracuse’ sneakers were released this past March on the SNKRS app for a retail price of $110. As of this writing, the lowest asking price on StockX for those Dunks is $195 for a size 8 in mens, and the highest asking price is $490 for a 4. 5 (which is considered a youth size). Based on your size, you could be spending anywhere from $100 to $400 more than the original retail price. So while we understand how much of a frustrating experience SNKRS can be, it is still our recommendation to try buying through the app first, because if you do get a W, it will save you from paying ridiculous resell prices. Ok, rant it outWhile there are other sneaker apps that you can use for buying, exploring, researching, etc., these were a few that we felt were the best. Whether you choose to use the apps listed in this article or not, we hope our roundup was helpful.
The 10 Best Sneaker Apps - GearMoose

The 10 Best Sneaker Apps – GearMoose

If you’ve been a sneakerhead for a minute, we might just be on the verge of changing your life with one of the 10 best sneaker apps. But let’s go back in time a bit. You surely remember the days of old when it comes to shopping for the best men’s sneakers (or rather, the not-so-recent past): Battling long lines, scoping out retailers in person, the rush of snagging the perfect pair of sneakers on release day (or after). And perhaps you remember the desperate search for a coveted pair you couldn’t get your hands on.
While the sneaker market rages on as fiercely as ever, for sneaker enthusiasts new and old, the best sneaker apps make it easier and more efficient than ever to find your new favorite pair of sneakers, whether a coveted Nike release or something more obscure or exclusive. These apps should be part of any sneaker fan’s rotation, and the more you use ‘em, the easier it gets to track down (and possibly sell) the kicks of your dreams. Say goodbye to the past, and hello to the future of sneakers. Your new favorite pair is just a few clicks away, and we think that’s great news.
StockX has been flipping the sneaker market on its head for a few years now, what with plenty of hype and plenty of outside interest from aficionados and newfound sneaker fans alike. Head to StockX for classic and coveted releases, from Jordan kicks to hard-to-find Yeezy sneakers, and stay in the know with the site’s frequently updated News section as you shop for fresh kicks.
The aptly named GOAT is the ideal place for the budding sneakerhead to dive right in and be amazed at the treasures that await a carefully curated sneaker search. You can pick up smooth streetwear to pair with your clean, crisp kicks, most of which focus on legendary models of the Air Jordan variety and beyond. The app also lists a timeline with prices of current and past releases, all yours for the taking.
Who better to come up with one of the best sneaker apps than a footwear giant with a reputation for stylish, iconic kicks that precedes itself? Make sure the Nike SNKRS app is on your phone and at the ready, all the better to keep up with exclusive releases and news from one of the best sneaker brands on the planet.
Kixify makes it mighty simple to dive right in and check out the coolest, best sneakers on the market, with a focus on everything from classic Nike Blazer high-tops to bold, fresh Air Jordan kicks to add to your collection. Buy and sell with ease across multiple categories, but keep an eye on your favorite pair or pairs before they sell out.
The sneaker market is, unfortunately, rampant with fakes and with sneakers that aren’t authentic or true to form (or even close to it, for that matter). How best to sort through the clutter and find sneakers that check all the right boxes in a legit way? Use the experts at CheckCheck, who are ready and waiting to verify your sneakers in as little as 30 minutes. An ideal way to get the most bang for your buck while getting the coolest, truest kicks around.
Adidas is also getting in on the action when it comes to the best sneaker apps for men, and what better app to download than one from a footwear pioneer? Consider this a fine complementary app to other sneaker apps you might have on your phone, and consider it the right way to go if you’re an Adidas diehard and need to stay on top of the latest and greatest.
Grailed is a pioneer in the streetwear and sneaker resale market, the subject of intense devotion from enthusiasts who haggle and barter over limited streetwear releases from the likes of Off-White or over sneakers from iconic brands like Nike. The site is an industry leader that each and every sneakerhead should keep handy when new, coveted releases hit the market.
Spend enough time reading KicksOnFire online, and you’ll realize why it makes sense that they’ve got a highly useful and seriously cool app. Anything and everything you need to know in the world of sneakers can be found through KicksOnFire, so we suggest you keep the refresh button handy on the Web site itself, and that you keep this app updated in the meantime.
Stadium Goods
Get instant access to the Stadium Goods world via an app you should download in a heartbeat. Keep an eye on tough-to-find releases, Stadium Goods exclusives and classic kicks that every sneakerhead worth his salt needs in his rotation. Fresh kicks are yours for the taking, folks.
The very aptly named Sneakers app finishes out our list, although the world really is your oyster if you’re hunting for new, fresh, or highly coveted kicks. Consider it another worthy contender and a fine weapon in your fight for the best men’s sneakers on the market, with a neat interface and a focus on sneakers, sneakers, and more sneakers (as the name suggests).
Disclosure: Clicking on these links and making a purchase may earn us a small referral fee, at no extra cost to you. Learn more here.

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What are some sneaker apps?

The 10 Best Sneaker AppsStockX. StockX has been flipping the sneaker market on its head for a few years now, what with plenty of hype and plenty of outside interest from aficionados and newfound sneaker fans alike. … GOAT. … Nike SNKRS. … Kixify. … CheckCheck. … Adidas. … Grailed. … KicksOnFire.More items…

Does adidas have a sneaker app?

Although adidas has discontinued its own version of the SNKRS app, adidas Confirmed, it’s now integrated its sneaker selection into the overall adidas app. The inspirational, branded design elevates the sneaker shopping experience to feel like you’re in a curated adidas space.Mar 14, 2019

Is Nike SNKRS on Android?

Nike has just updated its popular SNKRS app, in addition to making the platform available for Android users and enhancing the web experience on

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