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Setting a proxy on a tvOS device | Bad Gateway

Setting a proxy on a tvOS device | Bad Gateway

For the purpose of this tutorial, I used an Apple TV 4K running tvOS 13. Please note that since Apple Configurator is necessary to set a proxy on Apple TV, a Mac is needed to realize the following steps.
The first thing to know when you want to set a proxy on an Apple TV is that there is no sub-menu in the tvOS settings allowing you to do so.
Fortunately, it is possible to proceed using a configuration profile created with Apple Configurator 2. You can download this tool from the Appstore.
Creating the configuration profile
Start Apple Configurator and create a new profile (File > New Profile). Select the Wi-Fi section on the left then hit Configure.
Enter the name of your network (SSID), the security type (WEP/WPA2/…) and the password of your wireless network.
Then set the Proxy Setup to Manual and use the following values:
Host name: the local IP address of your computer running mitmproxy
Port number: 8080
Leave other fields blank or with default value
To get the local IP address of the computer serving as proxy, generally the easiest way is to open its network settings (Settings > Network on MacOS) and look for its local IP address, 192. 168. 1. 42 in this example:
Save this new configuration profile somewhere: the created file should have the. mobileconfig extension.
Uploading the file
We now need to send the configuration profile to your Apple TV. To do so, we first need to host it somewhere.
You can use Dropbox for example: send the file in the cloud and get the download link. You should get something looking like this:
Just replace the? dl=0 with? dl=1 and you get a link totally usable by your device.
Installing the profile
Go to Settings > General > Privacy, select Share Apple TV Analytics and hit the PLAY button on the remote.
You should get in the Profiles hidden menu. From there, click on Add Profile and enter the url from your hosted configuration profile.
Once you are done, hit Done and the profile should be added to your Apple TV. You might need to reboot your device in order to get the profile applied.
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The best Apple TV VPN 2021 | Tom’s Guide

Best Picks
(Image credit: Lebedev Yury/Shutterstock)
Apple’s no stranger to streaming devices, and the Apple TV is one of the smartest, most portable, most attractive options on the market. Combine it with an Apple TV VPN, however, and it’s practically you subscribe to any streaming service, you’ll probably know that what you can watch is determined by where you’re located. This is thanks to licensing restrictions, and it can be a real pain when you just want to watch your favorite shows and events. The best VPN is the an Apple TV VPN can help you avoid these geo-blocks, but it’s well worth noting that not every VPN is compatible with your Apple TV. You’ll need one that supports Smart DNS, or, at the very least, has router support. We’ll expand on this more makes a great Apple TV VPN? Your Apple TV doesn’t natively support VPN connections, so you’ve got a couple of options when setting up your Apple TV VPN. If you want full VPN protection, you’ll need to install a router VPN. That means your Internet connection will be encrypted and relocated before it gets to your Apple TV. However, setup can be complex, and it’s not usually the best option for stead, we’d recommend signing up to a service like list-topper ExpressVPN that offers a ‘Smart DNS’ service. While Smart DNS doesn’t offer the privacy benefits of a true VPN, it’s unlikely you’ll be doing much more than watching TV on your Apple TV device, so quick and easy setup alongside superb streaming functionality are likely to be your top priorities – and ExpressVPN is also the best streaming VPN ‘ll briefly outline how to set up an Apple TV VPN at the end of this guide, but before that we’ll run down the very best Apple TV VPN services available right now – all of which either support both Smart DNS and routers, or at least one option. 1. ExpressVPN – the best Apple TV VPN available
ExpressVPN is our top pick for an Apple TV VPN thanks to its easy MediaStreamer (Smart DNS) setup as well as its powerful yet simple-to-use router app. Plus, Tom’s Guide readers can now claim three months free on a 12-month Deal2. NordVPN – excellent for streaming on Apple TV
NordVPN is a close Apple TV VPN runner up, providing great streaming power along with useful apps for your other devices – although router setup is entirely manual. And, for what you’re getting, Nord offers excellent value, Deal3. Surfshark – bargain Apple TV VPN impresses
Surfshark is an excellent Apple TV VPN option if you want top streaming performance at a bargain price. With Smart DNS and the power to unblock tons of streaming sites, you get a lot for your money for less than $2. 50 a monthView DealThe best Apple TV VPNs today(Image credit: ExpressVPN)1. ExpressVPN The best Apple TV VPN you can getSpecificationsSmart DNS? : YesDedicated router app? : YesSimultaneous connections: 5Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, PeacockReasons to buy+Super simple Smart DNS setup+Excellent router app+Top security and privacy credentials+Supports tons of other devicesReasons to avoid-Only five simultaneous connectionsNo matter how you want to access extra content on your Apple TV, ExpressVPN delivers. Its Smart DNS feature (known as MediaStreamer) is quick and easy to get going, and it’s one of the few VPNs on the market that has a dedicated router might not sound like much, but if you want all of the good stuff an Apple TV VPN can offer, not just the freedom to stream extra content, you’ll need to install it on your router. For most, though, MediaStreamer will be plenty – and even setting up Smart DNS on your Apple TV sounds complicated enough. Thankfully, while it’s not a hard as it sounds, ExpressVPN also boasts some of the best customer support in the business. That means you’ll have comprehensive written guides to follow, and if anything doesn’t go as planned, the live chat support is second to ever, just because your main use for your VPN might be on your Apple TV, that doesn’t mean you can’t protect your other devices. With a reasonable five connections permitted simultaneously, you can protect your iPhone, PC, and even more devices as well. It’s not as generous as some, but it should be ‘s worth noting that a couple of months ago the VPN has trouble accessing BBC iPlayer, but that’s now been rectified. However, if that’s a deal-breaker for you, Express also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if it doesn’t perform as expected you won’t be out of three months free of the best Apple TV VPN
ExpressVPN is currently offering Tom’s Guide readers three free months – that’s 15 months for the price of 12. And, in the rare event that it’s not for you, you’ll also have a 30-day money-back guarantee keeping you safe. Not bad for the best Apple TV VPN.
View Deal(Image credit: NordVPN)2. NordVPN Big name delivers a good Apple TV VPN experienceSpecificationsSmart DNS? : YesDedicated router app? : NoSimultaneous connections: 6Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, PeacockReasons to buy+Great for streaming+Good speeds all round+Excellent privacy featuresReasons to avoid-No dedicated router appAs possibly the best-known VPN on the scene, NordVPN is likely to be most people’s first choice as a VPN for Apple TV. Thankfully, in our NordVPN review it delivered, you want to set it up directly on your device, NordVPN provides a simple and effective Smart DNS guide for Apple TV, which will allow you to expand your viewing. Again, although it sounds complex, it’s not, so don’t be afraid of giving it a ever, what’s missing is a dedicated router app like ExpressVPN’s, and this is what’s holding Nord back. While it’s absolutely possible to set the VPN up on your router, without any dedicated software it’s a much more involved process – so much so that many users choose to purchase a pre-installed you reckon you’re up to the task, though, once it’s installed you’ll have extra protection on all your devices. But, if you’re just after an Apple TV VPN, we’d recommend sticking with the Smart DNS. NordVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can test it out before committing, and if you want the superb VPN cover for a good price, it’s a great over to the NordVPN website to sign up(Image credit: Surfshark)3. Surfshark Incredible value, and great for streamingSpecificationsSmart DNS? : YesDedicated router app? : NoSimultaneous connections: UnlimitedStreaming sites unblocked: Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, PeacockReasons to buy+Great value+Excellent content unblocking+Unlimited connectionsReasons to avoid-Apps are simpler than competitors’Fancy a bargain? Sign up with Surfshark. With superb streaming performance, Smart DNS support, and unlimited simultaneous connections for less than $2. 50 a month, for the penny pinchers it’s a no ever, what we really loved in our Surfshark review is the fact it delivers a service virtually on a par with ExpressVPN and NordVPN for less money. While it’s priced like a throwaway app, it’s premium through and you just want to unblock streaming sites on your Apple TV, you guessed it – just find the on-site guide to setting up Smart DNS and follow the steps. If you wants an Apple TV VPN on your router, you can do that too, but as with Nord, there’s no dedicated app and the setup is you will notice a slight difference is when you come to make use of that unlimited connections policy. While the apps are attractive and stable, you won’t have quite the depth of configuration as the very best, but few people will be delving into those settings, if you want a cheap Apple TV VPN that’ll get the job done, Surfshark is an excellent over to the Surfshark website to sign up(Image credit: Future)4. CyberGhost Great streaming performance, but a little clunkySpecificationsSmart DNS? : YesDedicated router app? : NoSimultaneous connections: 7Streaming sites unblocked: Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, PeacockReasons to buy+Around 7, 000 servers+Great range of streaming services+Excellent valueReasons to avoid-Interface can be troublesome If you’re looking for a streaming VPN that’s comprehensive on both your desktop computer, mobile devices, and your Apple TV, in our CyberGhost VPN review we found the provider to be a good tons of servers worldwide and a functional Smart DNS service that’s not too hard to get up and running, it’s does pretty much all you need it to. However, again, there’s no dedicated router app to aid DNS function is pretty much the same across the board, but CyberGhost’s true VPN apps have a very interesting feature not often seen. You can sort your servers by which streaming service they can unblock, which takes a lot of guesswork out of finding a good apps are, however, a little less polished than the previous services, so if you like things to be absolutely perfect, CyberGhost might not be the best said, as an Apple TV VPN it’s a good choice, and seeing as it’s super affordable too, we’re happy to recommend over to the CyberGhost website to sign up(Image credit: Future)5. IPVanish Good router performance – but no Smart DNSSpecificationsSmart DNS? : NoDedicated router app? : NoSimultaneous connections: UnlimitedStreaming sites unblocked: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, PeacockReasons to buy+Decent speeds+Unique, functional apps+Unlimited connectionsReasons to avoid-No Smart DNS-Struggles with iPlayerFamous US VPN IPVanish rounds this guide off, and while in our IPVanish review we found it to have a couple of shortcomings, there’s still a lot it can offer. Featuring on our Fire Stick VPN guide, it’s clear that it’s a capable of unblocking streaming services, but unfortunately if you want to use it as an Apple TV VPN, you’ll have to install it on your ‘s due to the fact that IPVanish doesn’t offer any sort of Smart DNS support, which is unfortunate as it not only excludes a fair amount of Apple TV VPN users, but also Smart TV VPN users, ever, we’ve included IPVanish here because once set up on your router, it’s an excellent service, and the face you’ll be able to install it on an unlimited number of devices is just the icing on the up now on the IPVanish websiteApple TV VPN FAQsHow do you use an Apple TV VPN? Setting up an Apple TV VPN isn’t quite as simple as it is on other devices, and you’ll either have to use Smart DNS or install your chosen VPN on your router.
You chosen provider should have detailed instructions, but to set up Smart DNS, the process is fairly simple.
All you need to do is get the DNS address from your chosen provider – we recommend ExpressVPN – and open up Network from Settings on your Apple TV.
Head to Wi-Fi, and then click on Configure. Then change your DNS address from Automatic to Manual, and input the address given to you by your VPN.
Then, all you need to do is restart your Apple TV, and get watching! What is Smart DNS? Smart DNS is a way of spoofing your location when you either don’t want to, or simply can’t use a VPN connection. The most common reason to do so in this context is to unblock streaming services on Apple TVs.
Rather than how a VPN directs all of your traffic through a different server, Smart DNS only diverts your DNS (Domain Name Server) information. While this does not protect your privacy because your traffic is not encrypted, it’s enough to fool streaming services.
Another bonus is the fact that it slows your connection far less than a VPN. While we’d say most of our picks here are fast VPN services, Smart DNS is even about the best iPhone VPNSave your cash with a free VPNCheck out the best torrenting VPN
Mo is eCommerce Editor at Tom’s Guide. Day-to-day he oversees privacy and security content, and his product guides help his readers find the best software and products for their needs. When he’s not testing VPNs, you’ll find him working on his classic car or plugged into a guitar amp.
Setting up Charles Proxy on Apple TV (tvOS) | by Ryan Grier | Medium

Setting up Charles Proxy on Apple TV (tvOS) | by Ryan Grier | Medium

Update: This post is a little out of date. WillowTree has posted the most up to date version of this. Please check it out: use Charles Proxy as one of my development tools. I have done so for years. It’s invaluable to me. If you do any sort of client development that calls any sort of web service, you should look into Charles Proxy blog post is mostly taken from this excellent post on WillowTree development blog post called: 12 Steps For Setting Up Charles Proxy With tvOS. I recently tried to follow their steps, but was unable to get the SSL cert I needed from the the URL outlined (). You can now get the SSL cert directly from the Charles Proxy app. This post includes most of their steps, but have an updated step for getting the SSL cert. They deserve all of the credit here for the original order to set up tvOS, you need to use a profile to setup a wnload and install Apple Apple Configurator and navigate to File -> New your profile a name and a unique identifier. Typically you’ll be setting it up to go through the same PC you’re using, so indicating this is encouraged (e. g. Charles-JoeLaptop) Global HTTP Proxy* on the left and click your IP address of the machine running Charles and 8888 (default) for the port. *If you need SSL, you need to add the Charles SSL cert. (if you’re not tracking SSL you can ignore this part):Open Charles and navigate to Help -> _SSL Proxying -> Save Charles Root will save a * file containing the certificate you need. You need the certificate in a different format to add to your profile. (There are different ways you can do this, I found the simplest way was to add it to my keychain then export it as a * file. )Back in Configurator, select Certificates on the left and click brings up a dialog to select the relevant certificate, select the one described above and click may say, “This root certificate is not trusted. ” This just reflects the status of the user you’re using on the and close the order to be able to install profiles onto your Apple TV, the device needs to be prepared and the Apple TV turned on, connect it to your Macbook using the USB-C Apple Apple TV should show up under All the device and click on the Prepare button at the top of the the On Screen prompts. At the “Enroll in MDM Server” prompt, I selected “Do not enroll in MDM”. I selected the defaults for everything you will need to load the Profile onto the Apple TV. This requires a USB-C the Apple TV turned on, connect it to your Macbook using the USB-C up Apple Apple TV should show up under All the device and click on the Add button at the top of the Profiles and find the profile you created above, then click Add should start to see web traffic in Charles Proxy from your Apple TV. I’ve got another blog post about Charles Proxy and using it in a development/QA process. I hope to have that post out shortly, it’s still a work in progress. Updated June 9th, 2017: Added the Prepare Apple TV in Configurator section. Originally published at on September 28, 2016.

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How do I use a proxy on Apple TV?

Setting up DNS Proxy on Apple TV with iOS 5.1+Go to “Settings”Select “General”Select “Network”Select your Network Interface (If using wireless select “Wi-Fi”, if using wired connection select “Ethernet”.)Select “Configure DNS”Select “Manual”Change the “DNS” value to … Select “Done”More items…

Can I put a VPN on my Apple TV?

Your Apple TV doesn’t natively support VPN connections, so you’ve got a couple of options when setting up your Apple TV VPN. If you want full VPN protection, you’ll need to install a router VPN. That means your Internet connection will be encrypted and relocated before it gets to your Apple TV.Sep 8, 2021

How do I connect my Apple TV to Charles proxy?

Set up a profileDownload and install Apple Configurator.Open Apple Configurator and navigate to File -> New Profile.Give your profile a name and a unique identifier. … Select Global HTTP Proxy* on the left and click configure.Input your IP address of the machine running Charles and 8888 (default) for the port.*More items…•Sep 28, 2016

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