Almost Free: How to Get Aged Expired Twitter Accounts


expired twitter accounts


Looking to buy aged Twitter Accounts, at least 2 years old accounts with Page Authority (PA) > 50?
How about to save money and get those trusted twitter accounts almost for free? We say “almost” because the method below isn’t completely free. The only one thing you should pay for are private proxy servers (not shared ones!).

What You’ll need

  1. 1. Scrapebox (get it here )
  2. Private proxy servers (for hassle free Twitter scraping get them from ipFreelyProxies or LimeProxies or MyPrivateProxies )
  3. 20-30 minutes to read and understand the tutorial

What You’ll Learn

  1. How to find high authority expired Twitter Accounts. Step by step, how you can find some really nice high authority expired Twitter profiles
  2. How to re-register the expired Twitter accounts – gaining control over the accounts you found and like from the first section.
  3. How to prevent your Twitter accounts from getting suspended – things you need to be aware of in order to not get your brand new high authority Twitter accounts suspended

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